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AO Realty Bellevue in Andheri East, Mumbai


AO Realty Bellevue in Andheri East, Mumbai

Last updated: June 27 2019
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  • AO Realty Bellevue in Andheri East, Mumbai

    Hi Everyone,

    Starting this discussion as dint find any thread for this property. A&O Bellevue is an ongoing-project in the Gundavali Locality of Andheri East (Off Western Express Highway). Maharera: P51800005944.

    It has various 1 BHK offerings with starting price ranging from 95 lakhs to 1.20 crore.

    - 37.03

    - 41.16

    - 40.48

    It is currently is a very populated area which is surrounded by slums in Gundavali. I had a DP road right in front which is yet to be completed and connected to further ends.

    If there are any buyers who have purchased in this project then pls reply or pm me your numbers pls for the whtsapp group.

    Also, I had one question in regards to this project. If you check the MahaRERA page for this project, it mentions the 'Date of Completion' as 31-Dec-2020 however the 'Revised Date of Completion' section mentions the date as 31-Aug-2019.

    This is the only project which has 'pre-poned' their completion date (as claimed by the builders).

    My Question here is, is the 'Revised date of completion' section in MahaRERA enforceable? If the builder doesn't deliver by the said date, can we go approach RERA?? It shouldnt be the case that RERA says that we needed to go by the actual 'Date on Completion' instead of the revised entry which is only 'aspirational'!

    Your views?
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