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consumer dispute redressal commissions


consumer dispute redressal commissions

Last updated: July 25 2019
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  • consumer dispute redressal commissions

    My Friends had invested in one commercial property in year 2013, for which they Paid Rs.3,00,000 and signed one allotment agreement with Promotor (Land Owner). After that so many people inveted their money in same project which has yet not completed. When they approched Promoter who was developer too in 2016 he promised to complete project as soon as possible but he failed to do so. Then they told him to refund their investment but he didn't and handed over that project to another developer without anyones knowledge. Now promoter who is still land owner of that survey no. is absconding and new developer is saying he is not liable to pay that money which that promoter took from them.

    They approched to MAHARERA and did complaint against new developer as promoter is absconding, there also builder is saying he will not refund that money which is taken by promoter, though that plot and survey no. is still belongs to promoter and my friends invested money on project which has to build on same plot. So kindly guide what shall be next step to get positive result from MAHARERA court.
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    Re : consumer dispute redressal commissions

    Can you name the Builder & the Project? An thread may already exist on the Project and there could be other members facing similar issues. If an thread on the Project exists already, this thread would then be required to get merged with the original existing thread .
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