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Cancellation of resale flat refund charges


Cancellation of resale flat refund charges

Last updated: August 13 2019
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  • Cancellation of resale flat refund charges

    Hi, I am Vijay bought resale property in Mumbai in month. In this property we had agent who show me flat which was 1 BHK we make property deal X amount and i paid to sellar 50% amount and remaining will be pay by bank loan. Property buying details as below:

    1) First transaction: July-2018: 0.5% booking amount, 5 % payment same day

    2) 2nd transaction: August-2018: 15 &

    3) 3rd Transaction: Sept-2018: 10%

    4) 4th Transaction: oct-2018: 10%

    5) 5th Transaction: nov-2018: 10 %

    6) given 0.5% agent fees to agent by me as well as seller.

    concern: This flat is on first floor and adjacent to this flat there will be opening nursing home as per plan. Upon first meeting we told seller that if there is any other changes or other nursing home shop open then we will cancel the flat deal. He also agreed. But we the nursing home work fully done then they opened as general hospital so i surprised and cancelled the deal. After cancellation, we did meeting said we need our money return by 2 months. Seller said we will return all your money but now that money i already given to somebody. So, once he will return then only I will. We said there should be some timeline, but he refused. So, he agrees on 3 months slot to return money step by step. But he gave me first 15 % money on March 19. then i continuously followed up with him but he said same reason once i will get from opposite party i will return. then i also chased with the person who blocks seller’s money he is builder of same building. Seller booked the 2hk flat in same apartment. So, builder also said same thing that i will return money to seller in that process almost 7 months finished. He returns my balance money in month of July-2019 without interest also seller deduct my booking amount 0.5%. Also, agent also not return 0.5 % agent fee etc. he said we will do our best. So total i loss 1%. Hence i said seller to return my 0.5% but he refused to give. Most of my friends said me to put case against him and ask for interest for the money he blocked for 7 month which is almost more than he deduct also flat rent etc. What i do in this case please suggest?

    We didn’t make any sales agreement for this deal. It’s our mutual understanding ...
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    Re : Cancellation of resale flat refund charges

    Since there is no formal/written agreement, this has to be resolved mutually, if it needs to be resolved quickly.

    Any sort of litigation might drag this for years.

    Sit down with the concerned & sort the mess out.
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      Still if want to file case against seller under which law it will come and what is process to lodge file?
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