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Plot 7/12 in Vagni near Badlapur


Plot 7/12 in Vagni near Badlapur

Last updated: August 29 2019
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  • Plot 7/12 in Vagni near Badlapur

    I have 3 plot in Vagni (After Badlapur) station,and in that 3 plot 2012 builder ask me that he is planning to do NA if I want to do for my plot I can pay, so I paid amount for Na,that paper after many follow up he send me but there is no name of mine.he told me in paper name will appearl for him I want to know is it true.and now I am planning to do Make 7/12 for all 3 plots under my name only. And he told me he will do for me,And I said payment I will not pay Advance.i want to know About Na what he is telling its true, and I am making 7/12 under my there anything else need to be done else
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