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Good resale flats - How to find them


Good resale flats - How to find them

Last updated: August 4 2020
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  • Good resale flats - How to find them

    Where can I find good resale flats in Andheri to Vile Parle area?

    I have tried Magic Brickes, No Broker, , Makaan sites like that, but not too happy with them.

    I am looking for newish building say maximum 3 years old.

    What do you pay when you buy a resale flat, besides the actual price?

    Stamp Duty? - How much

    Registration? - How much

    GST??? - Do you pay that on resale? How much

    Broker/Agent fees or commission? - Is it usually 1% of the flat cost?

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    Re : Good resale flats - How to find them

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      Re : Good resale flats - How to find them

      Yeah, for some reason those online sites dont seem to have regularly updated info. Not sure why so many shady agents are still in business. More buyers and sellers should prefer online sites. I guess the '*****' lobby is too strong.
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        Re : Good resale flats - How to find them

        Magicbricks, housing, make an etc all fake listings and stale listings. Fake low prices and fake carpet area just to attract the buyers.I

        They lie about status also. UC flats are advertised as RTM flats.


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