Hi All,

I have a question regarding stamp duty. I purchased a flat in 2004/5 from someone (say Mr. Govind) who was the 1st buyer as he purchased it from the developer back in 1995.

When I purchased the flat in 2005 from Mr. Govind, I paid the full stamp duty as was applicable at the time. And I have been living in the said flat since then.

Now, I'm in receipt of a letter from the District Stamp Collector's office addressed to Mr. Govind. The letter states that Mr. Govind didn't originally pay the appropriate stamp duty when he purchased it from the developer and is asking him to make good on the payment.

A few people I asked said I'm liable to make this payment even though I wasn't even a party to this transaction. They're saying it might become difficult to sell the property later, if I choose to do so, because Mr. Govind didn't originally pay the duty.

Now, I have no way to contact Mr. Govind nor do I even know if he's alive. So my question is, am I really liable to make this additional payment of stamp duty on a transaction that I wasn't even a party to?

I know the Bombay High Court passed a judgement in Dec '18 on a similar case, but I don't know if it applies to me...here's the link:


Appreciate any help/guidance that anyone can provide. Thanks a lot in advance!
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