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Redevelopment : Open pocket terrace flat


Redevelopment : Open pocket terrace flat

Last updated: October 8 2020
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  • Redevelopment : Open pocket terrace flat


    - 13 apartment 4 floored building in Kandivli west, Mumbai area
    - we are owner of open pocket terrace flat since 1986 and size of terrace is 160 sq ft carpet
    - we have purchase it from builder at 1/3rd price of the flat and have it documented in the purchase agreement
    - Society is proceeding with redevelopment with a builder and is not willing to compensate us carpet area towards the terrace in the new flat

    1. is it fair to expect carpet area in return for the terrace?
    2. If yes, how much?
    3. If builder /society does not agree to it, is there anything that can be done legally?

    Any inputs are highly appreciated. My father is the owner of the house and it is the only thing he has for his lifetime. He is 75 years of age and very tough to face this situation with builder and all society members as they have all ganged up against him

    Please advice.
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