So now its official. Some time ago one of my friends was jokingly told me that any thing 'Italian' is most expensive. Italian , suits, food , you name it.

Now , the city with TOWERS which remind Italian history, is the most expensive city in the world.

Guess it is already too late even to roll back it. Industries deserting Mumbai by dozens because of the mad real estate prices. There is neither logic nor reason why prices are 5 to 6 times their actual value. Some smart ones may have possible explanation ?

But the biggest fallout is the average mumbaikar whose job is at stake because as companies move out of the city, he/she has to either relocate or look for other options of livelihood.
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  • Congratulations…..We did it !!!!!!!!
  • American consulate has sold their Lincoln house property for thousands of crores. What more evidence does one need