Does anyone know if the "City of Joy" development in Mulund by Nirmal builders comes under the Forest Land issue?

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  • Hi, Akshay here. Have you opened the Facebook account against the builder? Please send me the link for the same.
    I am also one of you, who have invested in Nirmal Kalyan project.
  • Originally Posted by Sailor 1234
    Construction for 2 buildings Thrill and Triumph is delayed for 3 years as of now, expecting more!!. So US open has no scope for the next 5 to 6 years at least. Take a look at the builders reputation in various blogs. Go for a smaller flat if required, but ready ones.

    Dear Sir - There is a group of nearly 200 members if Triumph n Thrill on WhatsApp. You can register there and become a formal member if their Asscn that us getting registered shortly.
    • guddu22 years ago
      how to join this WhatsApp group?
  • Thrill n Triumph

    Those desirous of joining an active WhatsApp group with nearly 200 members if TnT may join there. Their formal Asscn registration is under way.
  • Originally Posted by anup1500
    This really looks like a big too alongwith my brother booked a flat in triumph (mulund) in 2009 and was told it will be ready by 2012 - 2013 , however looking at the current scenario even 2017 does'nt look anywhere near.
    Is any one aware whether any legal complaint being filed against builder for this scam ?? This is really a mental harassment !!

    keeping the finger crossed.

    You may like to contact the WhatsApp group comprising some 200 members of T and T bldgs.
    • RTawde2 years ago
      How to join the Thrill n Triumph WhatsApp group ?
      I have invested in a property in Triumph.
      Kindly help.
  • What rates are they quoting now?
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