My parents are living in Pagdi System flat for last 40 years in a 50 year old building where they pay nominal rent every month along with water, electricity etc etc.
The building is almost to collapse and municipality has already stuck such a notice.

There are 60 tenants and all of them together are in negotiation with the landlord for redevelopment from last 2-3 years but nothing conclusive is coming out of any discussion.

My question is what if the building collapses before any conclusive discussion? Will the padgi tenant get anything?
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  • Landlord is not bound to give them anything in case something like this happens . The Tenancy right is over the individua Flat Unit and not over the LAND.

    I am assuming that the building you are talking about is in Mumbai only. If the building is under Repair Cess by BMC ( BMC undertakes repairs and maintenance ) then write to BMC to repair it .

    If Not then send notice to landlord that the building is in bad shape and if it falls down and if anything happens then it will be their responsibility .
    If building collapses it becomes a criminal liability on the Landlord . While discussions for redevelopment are going on its best to send these repair notices to landlord OR the BMC so that you inform them and that you have your right taken care of.

    The purpose of above notices is more to safeguard rights of tenants rather then getting the actual repairs done. I feel that since BMC have themselves slapped a notice it may not be under their Repair cess.