Dear friends,

Hiranandani Panvel will be launching by next week at the rate of Rs 3600 psf on builtup area.

I was reading through the new housing bill legislature passed by and was signed by Hon. VILASRAO DESHMUKH (Chief Minister) dated 23 July 2007, that builder have to sell the property on carpet area rate and not on builtup or super built up.

For those who are intrested in buying an apartment/villas/penthouse in Hiranandani panvel project please insist the builder to book on carpet area.

Here are the official link for Housing bill legislature:

Also see the very intresting article in Indian express about the (the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1963,)

This mail is just to educate investors and the individual buyers about the new option.


This mail is just to educate investors and the individual buyers about the new option.

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  • Sonu78 and others,

    You can not exchange the email id on this site.
    Please go to that google doc and add yourself to the "Members List".
    Please also visit the other tabs "Bank Transfer Instructions" etc...

    There is committee who is already looking into hiring the lawyer and there is been
    regular tele-conference.
    Also please sign the following petition that this group have started.
  • I announce 1 lakh rupee award for any employee of Hirco, Sunny Vista or PNB who can confidentially explain how this scam was organised and executed. He should give concrete evidence to prove the scam.

    This can turn out to be a very big reward for any one if all flat owners reward him collectively with 50000 per flat. There are more than 2000 apartments. It makes 10 crores for a person. No company can give him this much money.
  • can some one explain about the 382 flats listed- my flat is listed. Are they going to auction my flat. I have registered it.
  • Some of the recent posts from new members about collecting money sound very fishy. Please be careful before parting with your hard earned money. If any ex-employees wish to help, they should declare so openly and not try to further scam the victims here.
  • Top Rs 1-crore projects in Gurgaon and Bangalore Video -

    Watch this TV show......mentions HIRCO Panvel project we have rights under consumer forum.....need class action......
  • Malkotia - how do i send you a private message......?? i am also in Selene......please see the video above we have rights and need to start class action suit in consumer court ASAP
  • Dear all, I am paying for legal advice .....join me to defeat these so called champions of industry who talk the talk....BUT have have no moral conviction!!
  • Notice from PNB

    Did anyone outside of those 383 listed in PNB auction notice, received a letter from PNB? I received one yesterday.
  • Would be useful if you can let us know what was written in the letter from PNB ?
    My flat is not listed in auction notice and havent got any letter yet.
  • Letter from PNB


    There are hundreds of us investors in a similar boat and this is causing us a lot of stress. Every new bit of information is useful.

    Could you please let us know the contents of that letter (without your personal details).

    Many Thanks

  • PNB Notice

    See the attached images of notice.
  • This is very bad indeed, how can bank just ignore the other 700 odd investors??? How did we know that NOC had to be obtained this is simply "fraud" perhaps thats why Firdose Vandrevala (MD of HIRCO developments) left for a job with Essar Steel.........!!! Thats why a strong Real Estate Bill is required which favours the purchaser and not the builder community! Yes prices may go up as result BUT at least you will get something at the end of the day!!!
  • Just a point to note, some of us including me would have entered into the deal with HIRCO before 02.02.2010 when PNB did the loan agreement.
  • Hi Bktote, How could I join the legal fight? Whom do I need to pay? I am in USA.


  • nilu,

    I am from USA too. Boston.

    Check this out. There is detailed instruction on various tabs.

    Enter yourself in the 'MemberList'.
    Let me know your name and I will add you to the e-mail list that we are discussing this.