Dear friends,

Hiranandani Panvel will be launching by next week at the rate of Rs 3600 psf on builtup area.

I was reading through the new housing bill legislature passed by and was signed by Hon. VILASRAO DESHMUKH (Chief Minister) dated 23 July 2007, that builder have to sell the property on carpet area rate and not on builtup or super built up.

For those who are intrested in buying an apartment/villas/penthouse in Hiranandani panvel project please insist the builder to book on carpet area.

Here are the official link for Housing bill legislature:

Also see the very intresting article in Indian express about the (the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1963,)

This mail is just to educate investors and the individual buyers about the new option.


This mail is just to educate investors and the individual buyers about the new option.

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  • Originally Posted by malkotia

    full form of HIRCO ...Savvy might come to the rescue ..

    For viewers & forum friends,


    Hirco PLC is one of India’s largest real estate investment companies. The company was formed in 2006 to co-invest in large scale mixed-use township developments in suburban areas outside city centres in India. These townships will be predominately residential and provide high quality affordable housing for India’s growing young and affluent working population. They are building on the legacy of the Hiranandani Group’s mixed use township model successfully developed over the last 25 years.
    Hirco is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. At the time of its admission to trading, Hirco was the largest ever real estate investment company IPO on AIM and the largest AIM IPO in 2006.
    Hirco's ticker is HRCO.

    There are many realator who attract buyer by FOOLING ..Dont get trapped on this following ADD by people who will make people fool.....;)

  • Originally Posted by malkotia
    Kalbinder, Sorry I don't know where to read private messages.

    Well MALKOTIA,
    Welcome as new forum end user friend...

    U can read PVT messages...

    Just follow following steps;
    On top of IREF TABS are there ,like HOME, NEWS, USER CP....
    click to User CP

    Then on left side, u will see PRIVATE MESSAGE, click & open & view...

    Like this QUOTE:
    Dont Walk Behind me; I am not LEAD, Dont walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me & be my friend.

    I hope this suffice u.
  • Originally Posted by p_satiani
    If people have doubts over HPG Panvel, I would sincerely request people to read about horror stories of people invested in Indiabulls Panvel. You would change your opinion. And if that does not, then I would give you a free advice in this not so free world - EXIT from HPG Panvel and dont look back.


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  • Well Savvy_v just want to correct you....HIRCO stands for "Hiranandani Infrastructure & Real Estate Company".
    HIRCO PLC is an investment arm which invests in to Real Estate projects in india.
    HIRCO is promoted by Priya Hiranandani Vandrevala and Cyrus Vandrevala.
    All the Projects of HIRCO are managed in india by "HDPL" which stands for "HIRCO Developments Private Limited".

    This is the same company whose office is in Olympia Building 2nd floor.

    Their Panvel project is an SEZ cum Township in the name of "Sunny Vista Realtors Pvt. Ltd."

    You guys must have seen this name in the Quotation that you received after Blocking the flat.

    Hope this helps.
  • If not increase For the next 7 years rates will not fall in indian realty especially wide inflation etc and Indian inflation are not the cost etc will be inflated for the next 7 years...Panvel will give every one good returns especially feud or not , delay is good for investors....banks are lending 1 cr 1.5 cr is no big deal for an apartment in hirco...once the 1 st phase is over with a super market... 2nd phase is gonna fly at 7000 per sq.feet if not more..(just in another 15 months)watch out...I am happy booked into Selene even if is not built for the next 15 months...thank god I am not with IB which I nearly signed....if the airport comes or not that is another story....
  • It will take at least 2-3 years for that project to command a rate of Rs per the current trend HIRCO is finding it difficult to sell their new building Flora @5K.....everything depends upon the kind of social infrastructure that will be in place and how commercial development shapes up
  • Flora is being sold in USA to a decent response from what I am given to understand,since they are big space and the ticket size is 2 bhk in mumbai especially ,it will pick up...higher floors are 6300 starting thus the delay?nevertheless we WILL LOOK AT 7K IN ONCE 1 PHASE IS DELIVEREED THAT IS IN MID 2014... So at 7 k I am looking at Selene with notional gross profit at I once delivered in 2017 will be looking at 75 lacs notional profit which is a better deal thn anything ( please note I am being conservative) so my friends don't worry at all.... Stay invested...wish I had some extra funds I will close my eyes and invest in another 3 bhk...
  • Just remembered IB TOOK 95 BOOKING IN DUBAI ON THE DAY OF EXHIBITION AROUND 5000 per sq feet was a frenzy ...they were offering everything except a wife with the apartment!!!I am sure flora will sell out as well...only issue is flora want 40 percent on booking which is 100k US dollars..maybe this maybe the issue...with all those US dollars being printed with qe1 and QE 2...maybe the Americans will buy...
  • Originally Posted by realebuyer
    Well Savvy_v just want to correct you....HIRCO stands for "Hiranandani Infrastructure & Real Estate Company".

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks REALEBUYER for correcting me.... & useful information, Appreciate.

    seems ur RELATIONSHIP MANAGER of HPG-precisely HIRCO... he he. just joking...;)
  • Everyone here is talking about the Residential Part of "Palace Gardens Panvel"
    But what about the SEZ?.....guys any info regarding the status of their SEZ?

    I feel that SEZ is a crucial part of this Project....
  • Originally Posted by Chrisindia
    Flora is being sold in USA to a decent response
    Great to hear, Actually Cities like this , NRIS can get better deal, of peace & calmness rest assured. from what I am given to understand,since they are big space and the ticket size is 2 bhk in mumbai especially ,it will pick up...higher floors are 6300 starting thus the delay?nevertheless we WILL LOOK AT 7K IN ONCE 1 PHASE IS DELIVEREED THAT IS IN MID 2014... So at 7 k I am looking at Selene with notional gross profit at 7-5.3=1.7x2210=37lacs....

    I Invested in VENUS in 2009, Now almost My floor at 29th Skyhigh has almost paid me {Floor rise 45 considering+ ACTUAL gain wud be 7-4.4=2.6 k x 1500= 39 lacs}.
    :bab (51):

    .so I once delivered in 2017 will be looking at 75 lacs notional profit which is a better deal thn anything ( please note I am being conservative)
    I think 7 k after 3 years will look like INR always depreciates, so by my logic, overall payement of 80 laks will feel less after 4-5 years,when u invest in CLP{Construction linked plan}.;)

    so my friends don't worry at all.... Stay invested...wish I had some extra funds I will close my eyes and invest in another 3 bhk...

    Well Chris. My answers in BLUE...
    have a nice time
  • thanks savvy. Well I am not a new user but became active user only recently. Was a passive member earlier. Also I m not an end user at the moment but might seriously consider settling there when area comes up well. I don't see any private messages in my mailbox. May be there are some prerequisites for the same.

    Thanks for the full form of HIRCO. Just wanted to confirm if H stands for hiranandani or not.:):)
  • I am pretty optimistic about this project but don't count your chicken before they hatch.

    BTW... how do u get smiley faces.
  • Originally Posted by Humour
    I am pretty optimistic about this project but don't count your chicken before they hatch.

    BTW... how do u get smiley faces.

    I think everybody who has invested in the project has done due deligence and is pretty optimistic ...After investment is to keep a close watch on the progress ....:):) On the right hand sides of the message box you will see number of smilies ..just click on the same ..if you are not seeing those the click on "go advanced button next to submit query and you will get the same.. you need these most as are "Humour""
  • Lo bhai, now HIRCO panvel also has issues

    Realty firm in dock for ‘grabbing’ forest land
    Realty firm in dock for