They claim to complete the first phase of the project by Sept-10. I have been reading the media articles that around 250 units are booked on the very first week of opening. The price at 1998/sqf- Superbuilt up area. Is this worth buying ? Has anyone booked the flat here ? Learnt that Lodha is a reputed builder.
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  • My self I am thinking to buy, planning to visit next week to see the site, from my point of view it will be worth buying, I had word with one of the reputed realestate agent axiomestate and they claim will be appreciate 50 t0 100 % after 5 years.

    If you will get any updates, please post it. I am also looking for it.
  • Hi just got a e-mail from all check deals that builder had increased the rate from 1998 to +143. I think he is getting good response in market.

    Friends, please advice is it wise to invest in this project.

    Waiting for valuable response from all members.

    Thank you.
  • For end user this could be an opportunity. The reason is people will not buy only to invest near the place like Dombivili which is typically meant for middle to up middle class people. The total cost including all black and white payments come around 19Lacs and to this add the floor rise price of Rs.9/- psf per floor. So 14 lacs flat will cost you 19lacs and 24 lacs 3BHK will cost you 30Lacs. Given the fact that new international airport will be near to this place, looks like currently this will be sold like hot cake...but as more and more people come out with facts, the things will become clear. Also 747 sqft area is super built up and "saleable" per the brochure. So 25% space is not sold out to the buyer.
  • NOt sure why one should pay 2100 psf in a area whichis outside muncilpe limit. so no development of road and no water supply. Need to pay toll twice even to go to Navi mumbai.
  • Originally Posted by mahesh pune
    NOt sure why one should pay 2100 psf in a area whichis outside muncilpe limit. so no development of road and no water supply. Need to pay toll twice even to go to Navi mumbai.

    well said! the irony is that such a reputed builder is selling open space for parking.. which is not allowed by law!.. but wait. the law does not apply here.. the project is so far away from civilization!
  • So when open parking space selling is not allowed then why people keep quiet and don't come out and oppose this ? They happily give money to the builder w/o asking the questions...Builder does not make such transactions in cheque but with cash.

    Why MHADA does not take any action against such builders ? If 10 people speak out then 100 more will come to know...Isn't it :)
  • Good Thread , keep it going!


    Guys very enlightening points, i must say. keep it up. Good for my types...
    I just came acrosss this forum and just got hooked! :) signed up in no time..

    Acually I am just an avg 1st homeseeker looking for 1st home buy..but am fearful of making a bad judgement, so absolutely love these kind a discussions..

    Thanks again for ur inputs and You'll see many more guys like me....keep the good talk going.;)
  • hi homeseeker joined the same way as you. being a first time home buyer i too appreciate the posts here. wary of making a wrong decision with a limited budget. i also thought of lodha's dombivli. is it really worth it?

    any suggestions for good estate agents to help me with my purchase. someone in Kharghar side.
  • Hello,

    can someone please advise if this is worth investing and would there be a good return in the long term. i have visited the site and seems too far from dombivli station and is a desserted place on the highway................
  • casa Bella - Dombivili

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the insight. I too am a kind of first time buyer and concerned that we do not burn our fingers. do admit was impressed enough with Lodha's rep to go ahead and put in my initial down payment, but am a bit worried have not acted in haste. Concede Lodha Group are pretty reputed but..... anyone else out there also invested in this complex - please do reply. Thanks - Raymond
  • Lodha casa-bella

    Per their website and also Indian express news there are 1000 bookings already done by 16th June. Looks like this gathered the momentum. So many have invested the project and hence unlikely that someone will burn the fingers so easily. Many real estate companies have taken the best advantage of recent rally. My fear is same greed of 2006 should not return because in this exercise the genuine buyer will suffer. There are examples of big ticket players goofed up the plans but then this was in the downturn of 2006 through 2009. The things have come to slightly normal level now and may be throughout this year the real estate players will play around the prices to attract the customers. Once this is done then they will again try to go to the top of the world !! (This project was prices at 1998 at the launch and within a month it came to 2088 so what does this signify ? Builders won't bend down...)So although your concern is genuine, other 999 must be in the same state of mind !! Hold your nerves..time will tell :-)
  • Thanks Harshad - appreciate your insight and info.....
  • Lodha casa-bella dombivili

    The price is moved upwards for the third time since launch. The initial offer price was Rs.1998. Within a month it was raised to Rs. 2043, then Rs.2088 and now the latest is Rs. 2133/- So the psf prices are increased by 7% on the basic within 3 months.

    Morale: Those who say (Media,analysts,experts...) that property prices are coming down are simply wrong. I have not quoted the "floor rise" which was earlier Rs.9/ floor. I hope these are still the same on basic price. So at one point the media said that the bubble is going to burst and property prices will crash down by 30%. True...that the prices have come down to a level but never touched the bottom and now look at the pace of increase of the prices. The prices have gone up and size became who benefitted ?? Builders again !!
  • Hi All! Me too a first time buyer and like to invest on Casa Bella because of the well known builder. However I heard a few negative points about it and not very sure how dangerous it may be. I ll write those points below: 1) The land acquired by Lodha builder is a low lying area and there is a chance of water clogging during heavy monsoon. 2) The land is still under the panchayat so not to expect any infrastructre. 3) The escalation clause is there which means the builder can increase the price once the construction starts. 4) Project is at ground zero still and it is doubtful that it will get completed by 2010. So the load of pre emi will be large. 5) The society charges of Lodha builders are always at the high end. So even after possession one may end up with huge society charges without getting a proper rent (in case if let out) or without any infrastructure (if self occupied). 6)What proposed was a large township which will take quite some time to get completed till then every thing will be in the hands of the builder. I am confused about all these issues and need advice from an experienced buyer. Thanx in advance. -Sunder
  • Hi Sundhu 13,

    You have indeed raised some very valid pertinent points, which reflects the concerns of all of us interested in investing as well as invested in this project - i think the best is to approach them with the quieries directly and hope they will come clean. Having said that though the Lodha group have a reputation to maintain and hopefully would not indulge in such short term monetary gains. But we could try and get some confirmation from them to troubling issues.