They claim to complete the first phase of the project by Sept-10. I have been reading the media articles that around 250 units are booked on the very first week of opening. The price at 1998/sqf- Superbuilt up area. Is this worth buying ? Has anyone booked the flat here ? Learnt that Lodha is a reputed builder.
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  • As per my knowledge this site is coming just next to bridge over konkan railway track and if I am not wrong toll plaza is coming up between this aite and Dombivali so for each visit need to pay toll and wait for paying toll. Website looks good and river (crick) is shown like Thems river in london. Rooms looks very small with master bedroom 10*11 and other 10*8. Does any one know what is super buildup factor (carpet to saleble ratio) ?
  • Hi Harshad,

    Lodha is a good and reputed builder and after lot of research i have booked a 3 BHK flat in Casa Bella.. Its close to my Reliance office too.. Its worth to buy especially for who wants to use it for living.... investment is good paln but lucrative return only after 5-7 yrs...
  • Selling of Flats without Approval

    Lodha is building 50 towers in total, out of which 36 towers are of 8 storeys and 14 towers are of 18 storeys. For this 18 storeys towers, the builder has not got permission for building above 8th floor. But the builder has sold the flats above 8th floor. And once the buyer buys flat above 8th floor, and due to unavailability of approval, if he cancels the booking, then buyer will lose about 2.5 lacs rupees for 2BHK ultima. Also if builder cancels booking after payment of approx. 12.5 lacs for 2BHK Ultima, then builder will return the money within installments. The customer care manager tells that approval will be available within 2-3 months, but on paper he binds the buyer with terms and conditions which are RISKY. Builder shows on location map and plan, a river passing near. But it is actually only branch of river, and seems like 'nala' when visiting to site. The land is of grampanchayat.
  • Lodha don't have approval for construction?

    Hello all, Lodha Casa Bella has 36 towers of 8 storeys each and 14 towers of 18 storeys each. I have booked a flat in Casa Bella on 12th floor. I have found that builder hasn't received yet permission for construction above 8th floor(reason may be it is grampanchayat area), as told by its sales persons. But still they are selling flats above 8th floor. As per terms and conditions I have to pay additional 2.5 lacs rupees soon,( I have already paid booking amount of Rs. 27000). I am confused whether I should go ahead? If after paying Rs. 2.5 lacs, and I am cancelling in future at any time due to unavailabilty of approval, I have to loose Rs. 2.5 lacs. Please suggest me.
  • You need to take a wise decision to have 27000/- recovered after some deductions or spending 2.5 lacs which will be difficult to recover. Yes the river does not exist and probably one can see it when it will rain heavily. I don't know how others are going to tackle this (those who have booked in 18 storey bldg). Probably the 8 storey 2bhk/ 1bhk optima people will not face any problem and majority of the buyers belong to this section.
  • Lodha casa-bella, dombivili

    Dear all,
    I am glad to have found this forum. I am a fresh homeseeker as well. I hope that this website will serve as a good guide for people like me in making right decisions. Could anyone be kind to post a link for the projects you are discussing?
    Thanks a ton.
  • Bad idea to book CASA Bella

    I have booked here a 2BHK and canceled it. As many people have canceled as booked, due to various reasons (They will never say how many have canceled).

    Actually one should look into the past whether Lodhas kept the promises made in their CASA projects. And the answer is NO e.g. in a recent Thane project (not a low cost CASA project) they have not build the swimming pool promised but made a POND instead besides other deficiencies. Actually legally u cant do anything if they do not provide u these facilities, until they mention this exclusively in the sale agreement.

    Whats the use of the making a Paris in isolation? It takes about an hour to get into Kalamboli and airport further away.Theres no good connectivity.

    Current max. rate at Dombivili is Rs. 2100 psf but they r charging more with high society charges (these r bound to go up to Rs.5/-). At this rate u may get one flat in N. Mumbai near the Harbour line and easily go to the airport.

  • How to get the booking amount of Rs.27000/- back

    I have cancelled the booking in CASA bella but they r refusing to return the money back. Any Suggestions as to how to get the booking amount of Rs.27000/- back?
  • Lodha has got approval upto 12th floor

    I have heard last week from customer care manager that they have got approval upto 12th floor. So it seems that approval for 18 storey building may not be problem but it may be just some formalities of paper which may take time.
  • Beware... sometimes formalities are just not formalities....!!!!! Trusting each and every work of the Builders had led many people inot trouble.

  • Has anyone who has booked the flat got the copy of the "agreement to the sale" ? Also any idea when they will start the agreement registration process so that those who has bought the flat can apply for the loan ? As of now looks like there are only selling..and probably will wait for Diwali to close the deal...
  • casa--concerns

    Originally Posted by amit_2009
    well said! the irony is that such a reputed builder is selling open space for parking.. which is not allowed by law!.. but wait. the law does not apply here.. the project is so far away from civilization!

    yes...good point. they are charging for parking..that also open and demanding cash. and the propesed usarghar stn??? anyone have any idea about that station? when it will be functional? and is that got a govt. aproval?
  • Carpet Area Fraud

    Lodha is cheating on carpet area. They actually calculate the walls etc. as part of carpet area. If you grill them, they agree that they do not calculate carpet area as per legal definition. They use an internal approach which is confidential. The difference between the actual legal carpet area and what they promise is 10% to 15%
  • Hi Harshad,I too have booked a 2 BHK ultima flat & I have got a copy of the agreement.....which i told them to send is very comprehensive which i have forwarded to my lawyer to check.
  • I think 2BHK Ultima belongs to 18 storey bldg for which they did not have any clearance. Since now they have sent you the copy, this means the clearance has been obtained mentioning the legal rights of land purchase. Pls go through this and get it reviewed by the lawyer. They have also mentioned about the service tax clause which bldrs can't claim per IT rules. Any idea when the agreement to sale process will start ? It is now more than 6 months that the project is launched and only prices are increased from 1998 to 2242/-psf. Banks will start hiking the interest rates now and most of the buyers will miss the bus for low interest rates!!