They claim to complete the first phase of the project by Sept-10. I have been reading the media articles that around 250 units are booked on the very first week of opening. The price at 1998/sqf- Superbuilt up area. Is this worth buying ? Has anyone booked the flat here ? Learnt that Lodha is a reputed builder.
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  • hello,
    i heard Lodha Gruop about to bring next phase of project CasaBella. Is it right? any one confirm.
  • Per the website, 6 new towers are being launched. I am curious to see how the response comes during Diwali. The project was launched at Gudhipadwa and saw some initial rush. Then bkgs went upto 2000+ and later I have heard about some cancellations and also about the 18 storey non-clearance. The 8 tower bldgs are clear. Now looks like they are streamlining the procedure and also their Rs.2800 crorers IPO is on the cards. If that IPO gets a good response then they'll have money to dispose for the projects including this one. So unless Maharashtra elections and Diwali are over, it is to wait and watch for the project to take off.
  • casa bella project by Loadha at Dombivli.

    Originally Posted by amitd453
    I have cancelled the booking in CASA bella but they r refusing to return the money back. Any Suggestions as to how to get the booking amount of Rs.27000/- back?

    Hi Amit,

    May I know, why are cancelling this booking. I also booked one in Domivali (E) casa project. I'm new in this area. Is there any problem in booking homes in casa bella by Loadha group. I thought this is ISO certified company and all things will be genuine and as discussed by sales manager. Please suggest me.
  • Concerns

    I am also one of the buyers in the Casa – Bella project purchased a so called 3(2 ½ ) bed room flat - I invested only because of the reputation of the builders - and have been closely following the various discussions here – frankly very worrying to say the least as I’m sure like, me most of the investors here are doing it as either end users and even for the first time and have decided on the basis of the brochures and the builders reputation and the tour of the sample flat – surely if the certified product catalogue lists certain amenities they need to fulfill the promises, how else are the buyers to decide on the validity of the product? There must be some law or forum that protects the buyers from unscrupulous practices? India is a developed country and not some kangaroo state that can rip off honest investors by falsehood.
    Another very worrying factor is the point raised by Reddy quote below – as it is the total carpet area itself is not too large and now this? If true this must be indeed investigated and an answer sought immediately.
    1)Lodha is cheating on carpet area. They actually calculate the walls etc. as part of carpet area. If you grill them, they agree that they do not calculate carpet area as per legal definition. They use an internal approach which is confidential. The difference between the actual legal carpet area and what they promise is 10% to 15%

    2)Hi Harshad,I too have booked a 2 BHK ultima flat & I have got a copy of the agreement.....which i told them to send is very comprehensive which i have forwarded to my lawyer to check.
    Thanks AkashM – at least you have something – was it emailed do you or did you get a hardcopy? Please do keep us posted on the site once you hear back from your lawyers- much appreciated….. or maybe we even need to get together here and form a forum amongst ourselves as collectively we might be better able to represent ourselves and share expenses

    4)Chiragomshanti - Aug 2009
    Hello all, Lodha Casa Bella has 36 towers of 8 storeys each and 14 towers of 18 storeys each. I have booked a flat in Casa Bella on 12th floor. I have found that builder hasn't received yet permission for construction above 8th floor (reason may be it is grampanchayat area), as told by its sales persons. But still they are selling flats above 8th floor. As per terms and conditions I have to pay additional 2.5 lacs rupees soon,( I have already paid booking amount of Rs. 27000). I am confused whether I should go ahead? If after paying Rs. 2.5 lacs, and I am cancelling in future at any time due to unavailabilty of approval, I have to loose Rs. 2.5 lacs. Please suggest me.
    Hopefully Chiragomshanti your fears are now allayed, and they have the necessary permits to build beyond the 8th floors – I too have invested on the 10th floor and am hopeful all will go well if for whatever reason it does not, Lodha will have to provide us with alternative suitable options, I don’t see why you think you would lose any of your money for failure of them to deliver as promised. On the contrary ……
  • concerns and actions

    How many of you expressing concerns and opinions in these columns are buyers in the Casa Bella complex? can we form some kind of forum so together we could possibly action our fears?
  • Lodha casa-bella

    I have booked one 2BHK-Ultima 1998/psf. I was told that the AFS process will start in May. Till now no indication. The price has gone up by 225psf in past 6 months. Although this is an appreciation, it is still on the paper. You can't realize the gains unless you sell it, which I'm not going to do becoz I'm an end user. Now they have launched CASABELLA Gold yesterday and probably will take another 6months to sell all the units. Who knows one day CASA BELLA Diamond, platinum, copper..etc will be launched. The question is those who have booked the flats in March09 are still waiting for the agreement to sale process and loan application. The loan rates are bound to increase by Jan-10, though marginally. So you have got the appreciation over your booking but it is like patting your own back. As of now, you have nothing to prove.
  • Hi All

    I need to metion some positive points
    1. its junction place for Dombivli (15 mins drive), Kalyan(20 mins drive), Panvel(40 mins drive), Vashi(40 mins drive), Belapur (50 mins drive) & Thane (30 mins drive)
    2. Rate are low compare to others
    3. cost of living is low compare to mumbai
    4. Basic Facilities are there like school, collages & hospital & transport.
    5. Panvel Airport will be in place in 2012 (just imagine what will be the rate after 3 years, aprox 6000/- Rs PSQ) Good for investment.
    6. Panvel Metro rail line should be taken in consideration.
    7. Maharastra water board providing water supply there so water facility is 24 hrs (the water charge by them is 11.50 Rs quite high but ok as setting can be done)
    8. Electricity is ok, 6 hours load sheding but u can use " Power Invertor".
    9. Due to grampanchayat the property tax is 1 rs per SQ P.A.
    10. Lodha complex should be felt under TMC Thane municiple & no more part of Dombivli.

    These are the one side of coin. soon i will post other side of coin, thanks
  • Thanks

    =""]Thanks Malvank - waiting eagerly for your other side as well to make an informed decision.Sincerely hope though this side outweighs the other side. :)Thanks Malvank - waiting eagerly for your other side as well to make an informed decision.Sincerely hope though this side outweighs the other side. :)
  • Hi Malvank

    still awaiting the continuation of your earlier posting.... you did list a few of the positives thanks for that! :) but now can we also hear about the downside as wel l:(..... thanks a lot
  • Hi Malvank, me too waiting for the continuation of your last post.
  • Malvank, thank you very much for highlighting the positive points. I request you to please post your other view as well.
  • same rates for all flat sizes or different????

    Lodhas are saying that the rate they are advertising (Rs. 2223/-) is only for the 1 bhk units and rates for the other (2 bhk/ 3 bhk etc) are different are with premiums.
    Is this true???
    Was it the same at the time of launching of original casa bella? (i mean 1998 for 1 bhk base rate and higher rates for 2 bhk 3 bhk flats?)

    please advise.
  • guidance request

    please let me know which is the best option for 1 bhk flat, either lodha casa bella in dombivali or a similar priced property (though not as luxurious as loadha) at Kalyan or Kamothe?

    please guide.
  • Originally Posted by ganrebh
    Hi Malvank, me too waiting for the continuation of your last post.

    Yes Malvank you must disclose all details.....
  • Originally Posted by fray54
    How many of you expressing concerns and opinions in these columns are buyers in the Casa Bella complex? can we form some kind of forum so together we could possibly action our fears?

    Ya lets do that...