They claim to complete the first phase of the project by Sept-10. I have been reading the media articles that around 250 units are booked on the very first week of opening. The price at 1998/sqf- Superbuilt up area. Is this worth buying ? Has anyone booked the flat here ? Learnt that Lodha is a reputed builder.
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  • Dear Mr. Singh,

    Good Evening!

    As per the discussion we had, request you to go through the below break up which gives the details of the tentative amount that needs to be paid and request you to feel free to revert for any further queries.

    Platina C 506
    Towards CV
    Society Formation & Cluc Charges
    Legal Charges
    Water & Electricity Charges
    Civic Governance Charges
    Approximate Service Tax (As per the applicable rates at the time of fit out)
    45000 to 50000

    orignal what they promise its almmost double.

    if any one have coast sheet of 2010 pls upload.
  • All of those living in casa bella, guys pls share ur experiences and concerns with others.
  • Originally Posted by RANJITBHAI
    This possession has been delayed by almost 18 months and still LODHA is not sure about the actual date of possession .Lodha is delaying the possession due to their own reason, now they are coming with the reason about non availability of row material and manpower,this is not the excuse should not be given by reputed builder like Lodha. I would like to know from a member who has been given interest due to delay in possession.It is my life time saving which is now in stake.

    Hi Ranjit, I had few questions regarding the same. Lodha builders have been doing the same with me for the past year and half and am yet to get apt possession. When I emailed them asking about it, they gave me the exact same reasons you wrote above. Did you secure yours? I have booked one in Casa Bella Gold Elitra A-Wing
  • Hi Surya, what is the final amount they ask while giving possiession.. i am still waiting to get possesion for casa bella gold Palatina C cluster 603.
  • Really frustrated with Lodha.. today i got there letter in which they have mention that possession for Platina C cluster will start in November 2015,, is there any1 from CBG platina C cluster who got communication from Lodha for there possession.
  • Hi Residents of Palava,

    Last week I went through Dombivli area including Casa Bella. Buildings are mostly occupied, may be by tenants. It is beautiful township. People told me that lodha have also arranged efficient transport arrangement to nearby railway stations....nice...Residents are mostly working in Mahape side..many even in Andheri Seepz..seems Dombivli is becoming a town of townships....

    Now my query is that how is your living experience there. Please do response.

  • List of names who brought flat in Casa Lodha
  • yogeshraja; This list is for the Lodha's Kolshet project.
  • I am looking to buy a 1 BHK Flat in Casa Bella Gold.
  • This is a note to all people who are waiting for possession.

    I booked a 2 BHK Ultima apartment in Elitra C Wing in June 2012. The possession timeline provided to me at that time was April 2013. This was delayed multiple times due to various reasons and after numerous follow ups / rude conversations / stinker e-mails, I was finally provided possession of the apartment in Feb 2015, and the apartment has been on rent since June 2015.

    The Lodha customer experience during this time can be very painstaking and frustrating. But their handover process is very professional and well-managed & the PCMA does a good job of attending to issues in the house. It takes care of the property and its residents well. So in the long run this experience will change for the better.
  • Dear Friends,

    There is lot of silence in this thread since quite some time, many of us taken fit out possessions of our flats and rented out also.

    I see overall a good development happened, particularly in CBG which is quite close to main road, mall etc. Have seen many of flats filled with lot of people movement around during my couple of days stay over there.

    Also friends can u plz. start putting the details of clusters who received OC.

    That will be helpful.
  • I received the OC for my apartment in Dec 2015.
  • Hi ,

    I have an apt at CBG. I don't live in the city. Does any one who live in CB/CBG/CRG know when the Lodha mall is opening?

    Thanks in advance
  • Are Lodha Casa Rio+-Gold and Lodha Bella+- Gold completely different projects. Can people use each others amenities?
  • I am planing to buy an apartment here. Any feedback about the property?