They claim to complete the first phase of the project by Sept-10. I have been reading the media articles that around 250 units are booked on the very first week of opening. The price at 1998/sqf- Superbuilt up area. Is this worth buying ? Has anyone booked the flat here ? Learnt that Lodha is a reputed builder.
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  • Hi, can anyone who stays in CBG share their general experience of staying in Palava.. For ex:
    - commute to work and mode of transport..
    - typical profile of buyers in Palava who have purchased for end use - are they IT guys or businessmen or retirees or people who use it as a weekend home ?
    - how do people commute to say BKC or Lower Parel?
    - entertainment?
    - how are the facilities within the township and are guests of the owners etc. allowed to use these?
    - wAter and electricity problems if any?
    - how easy are the apartments to rent out and rent for a 2.5 Bhk
    - are there plans to build a hospital as well.. And if so, where?
    - any further updates on the dumping ground issue?
    - is CBG better than Rio or bella and why? Else which is the best cluster out of the ready ones?

    Any other noteworthy positives and negatives of the project based on actual user experiences..

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  • How come so many people stay in these buildings which don't have OC? Is the water supply from the municipal corporation or from some other source? Can someone who stays in Cash Bella Gold please clarify?
  • Originally Posted by ajaysharma58
    Really frustrated with Lodha.. today i got there letter in which they have mention that possession for Platina C cluster will start in November 2015,, is there any1 from CBG platina C cluster who got communication from Lodha for there possession.

    Hi Ajay - I have apartment booked in platina c ... I have not yet got possession.. Have you?
  • Hi. Can anyone please enlighten the current fair market rate in CBG. I see ridiculous amount being quoted by Lodha. I stay in Dombivli and commute daily through this route so i have a decent idea about the project. Any idea about the maintenance cost for the clusters who have formed a society. Thanks!