Hi friends,

The project selling is going on very well. I just got the messages from axiomestates and allcheckdeals that the builder had increase the rates by 145.00 (i.e. previously 1998 to 2143).

I call them to check the availability in 18 storey building from 10 floor to 18 floor, they told me that the apartment from 10 to 18 floor are completely book and only availble below 8.

Friends, I would welcome everyone in this forum to reply that isthis a wise investment. With the radius of Navi Mumbai, Hirnandani and Kalpatru are offering at 3500 which is definately not wise to invest as what they claim that it is close to the proposed airport. The project is at pune NH 4 road, which is the same distance as LODHA.

My prediction says that this project will definately give the appreciation as the amenities and the development they wrote is very good.

Please suggest.
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  • lol! you must be kiddin right! The project is a total failure and you can register a flat in any floor if you just talk to them assertively.

    They are only selling the lower flats to get the money rolling in to fund the project and then planning to sell the higher floors in a better market.
  • The flats in any floor is available. they are fooling people. i have booked in the month of augest...that time the flats are available almost in all floors...if u enquire now, it is very much available. one should seriously take up the issue of charging for open parking.
  • Carpet Area Fraud

    Lodha is cheating on carpet area. They actually calculate the walls etc. as part of carpet area. If you grill them, they agree that they do not calculate carpet area as per legal definition. They use an internal approach which is confidential. The difference between the actual legal carpet area and what they promise is 10% to 15%
  • hello kutty!
    Whats about Infrastructure charges in CASABELLa project? Is it different from electricity, water supply ?
  • yes..it is diffrent

    mr. Prabhakar...
    yes...the water and electricity charges are diffrent from infra. charges
  • What is the outcome of the IT raid on LODHA? any news?
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