Anyone has news of Royal Palms, Goregaon? Has anyone bought an apartment there or seen the place? Is it worth purchasing an apartment there? How is the location and reputation of the builder?
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  • Had checked the place about a year back .. the surroundings are nice .. lush green .. weekend home .. probably yes but definitely not a primary residence in Mumbai .. the damned place is just too isolated and far off from everything .. construction quality was also semed so so .. some of the buildings had a half completed, deserted look .. some buildings which were ready seemed to have been ready for quite a while but with no sign of anyone dwelling in them .. not sure what the rate was / is but it was definitely in the 7000 mark .. we didn't bother for a second lookie

    Originally Posted by devroop.dhar
    Anyone has news of Royal Palms, Goregaon? Has anyone bought an apartment there or seen the place? Is it worth purchasing an apartment there? How is the location and reputation of the builder?
  • The rates have come down to less than 5000 now...Probably not many takers. Will chk the place next weekend..!!
  • royal palms.. deserted

    I went to see royal palms in one of the building just next to entrance and emerald club.

    The building looks deserted and locality looks bit dead, seems no one cares of the beauty of the locality. The construction work is still on. Guess not many people have taken up the place, the builder shows on their website that its completely sold out.

    I loved the view from one of the high rise floors.

    The Floors look more like a HOTEL / HOSTEL, than like a resident apartment. Don't know if this european idea of community block works in India. Guess most of the people are living on rent out there.

    The flats are more box like and rooms small. They claim the 1bhk is 535 sq ft which doesn't looks like one.

    Royal Palms always sounds like a posh place but when you go there it is no where posh as they advertise.
    Yet, I am still tempted by the lush greenery around. I want to know what precautions should one take on buying a flat there.

  • Royal palms

    I accompanied a friend of mine who went to buy a flat in Royal palms. The building is a new building, at the enterance. It is a high rise building.

    I found this place very deserted and not many people have occupied the building. The place is quite dead. What I like about the place is the greenery around.

    I think there are flats available for sale and wonder if Royal Palms is a good buy. Is the builder reliable will they be good to maintain the area well? What should one person be careful about when buying the flat in royal palms. Am I being too cautious?

    The electricity is provided by MSEB and not BSES... does that mean the electricity will not be regular. I thought it was part of Mumbai and would get all the facility of mumbai. They have a few hundred flats in the building and I was surprised to see about 100 parking space for residents... wonder where the rest of the people will park their cars.

    Please share your views.

  • royal palms

    did you get to check the royal palms? whts your view?
    most of the flats around there are sold out but still not inhabited. Is it a good buy there, do you think builder will be able to deliver amenities in the buildings which are ready for occupation?

  • I have gone to two banks (HDFC and IDBI) asking if they would grant me loan to buy in Royal palms and they have refused me loans. They say there are some legal hassles...

    Is it that bad?
  • stay away from Royal Palms.. Not worth getting into even if you get it for FREE !!!!!

    I am not kidding...
    Stay clear from that project even if it comes less than 2,000 per sq.ft
    Scores of problems all over the place
    Talk to any owner there and you would find all kinda horror stories..
  • NO

    The entry is through aarey colony- it is deserted at night and it is scarry even for men to travel alone at night because of theft scare, so forget abt women.

    Also there is some legal hassle related to forest land, so loan etc may be a problem
  • Pinnacle:- "Horror Stories"... I am scared of Bhoots.!!!!

    And yes if the Bank is not giving loan.... it is best to not buy anything there... it means the Banks have done their checks and there indeed are some legal hassles

    Trust the Banks.. if not anyone else.

  • Anyone have more insights?

    I went to the site and they had SBI folks sitting there for loans? Is it worth it and legal? any help is appreciated
  • Desidude,

    vyerth has posted in the same thread that..."I have gone to two banks (HDFC and IDBI) asking if they would grant me loan to buy in Royal palms and they have refused me loans. They say there are some legal hassles... "
    If you are indeed serious Why don't you go and ask for home loan from HDFC or IDBI and then ask for what are the legal get a better idea.

  • did u ask for loan with sbi?

    Hi Desidude,

    Did you do any query with SBI guys. If they are there then its great. It ensures that everything is well. Things may have changed in last few weeks. Royal palms has gone out of my mind but I really like the view from one of the highrises.

    Go for it if SBI gives you loan. But I must say that the electiricity is from MSEB rather than Reliance or Best. What does it mean? well I think it means more powercuts which is unlike Mumbai where we have consistent power. Water is still a problem. One of the buildings... 'summit' they said have just started with 24hrs water.. god knows if that is true.

    Many of the people i have talked about Royal Palms say the construction quality is not good. I really liked the lake view flats which were good quality though.

    Hope you have a good buy.
  • Royal palms is completey legal!!!!

    Hi there,
    I m not here to criticize anyone, but loans are possible on these flats and this area is not forest land at all!!!
    This is a private piece of land, surrounded by Aarey Milk Colony on one side, Film City on other and National Park (forest land) on the rest side.
    We recently bought 3 flats there (2BHK & two 1BHK) and a friend of mine got a 1BHK. 3 flats out of these were on loans, 2 from Central Bank of India and one from Bank f Baroda. All these loans were cleared within a month of applying.
    The current rates there are around 4500 psf...if u see in Mumbai suburbs, there is no other place with such low rates, Kandivli Lokhanwala is more than 3 kms form the station and people are asking 6500 there. I know the construction is good there, but the rate is high too.

    There are private buses to Royal Palms from Goregaon (E) as well as BEST 452 every 2 mins. and it is around 2 to 3 kms from the station. It is a zero pollution area and the surrounding greenery will never be destroyed.

    Yes, the construction is not at all up to the mark. Thats a big drawback, but where can u buy a flat in Mumbai in a 20 storey tower under 50 lakhs.

    Also if you haven't heard......RAHEJA is planning to take over Royal Palms from Nensey, this shud be over within about 2-3 yrs. Just imagine what wud be the value of this property after the take over???

    Its only 3 kms from station, 2 kms from Western Express Hwy, on the other end is Powai (easy access to new mumbai and going out of mumbai).
    I like this place maybe bcoz I have been living outside India since the last 12 yrs n I find it calm n soothing there. Also the view from my flat is awesome, I can see lush green aarey property, film city, towers near express hwy and also the sea. So its a great buy for me and my family & friend. The water is now 24 hrs and the electricity is also pretty good. Sometimes they do load shedding coz there are new constructions in the surrounding area and they use the power there for some time.

    Sorry for bugging u guys with such a big post...but I just felt I shud let u guys know that theres no harm in buying a ready possession flat in Royal Palms. Plz dont go for booking of future towers, U will have to wait double the time mentioned by the builder...that I can guarantee.
  • Impressive post ppad77!

    I recently invested in Ruby Isle project. I am thinking of forming a e-group or maintain contact list of those who have recently invested in Royal Palms as of year 2009. The rationale for having this group is for a common cause and ensuring we as a group will surpass the following hurdles while investing in newly build apartments:

    1. Accessibility of Builder documents while applying loan (documents like encumburance, approved plan documents etc).

    2. Potential delays in Flat Possession/Building Construction

    3. Delays in transfer of ownership or Society Formation

    4. Water, Electricity cut off related issues etc.

    Please share your thoughts on this thread.

  • Royal palm again.

    You are spot on the problems in the royal palms.

    I somehow getting back to royal palms again and again, guess its destiny.
    I have been told, Bank Of Baroda is giving loan and SBI as well.

    I feel the main issue with living in Royal palms is non existence of society.

    MSEB electricity
    WATER shortage

    Building with Society like Palms1, has reliance energy and water is 24 hours. (That is what I have been told) and I am attracted to it. But why don't the developers get the reliance energy in from begining and sort out water.

    My other issue is the size of the bedroom is so small. Guess its my problem, most of the flats have so much of loading in bombay that there is not much of carpet area. And there is so much of wastage of real space and resources... None of the buildings in Royal palm have a corridors with natural light. Bad architecture and planing I would say.

    Hope things change with the new ones.