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Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai


Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

Last updated: June 5 2016
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    Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

    Problems in Royal Palms

    Originally posted by kkotwani View Post
    Hello Folks,

    I have booked an apartment in Royal Palms in October 09 so i keep visiting this place every month to check on the status of construction.

    Just to give you guys some info on the rates, Royal Palms was selling residential apartments Rs. 3,999 psf (base rate, + Rs. 40 every floor rise) until December 09. Now they have increased the rate to Rs. 4,999 psf since they have managed to sell off almost all the apartments.

    Yes it is a little in the interiors and lonely in the nights post 10 pm. That is because there is not much civilaisation as of now.
    However, 2 years down the line i see this place getting occupied since Royal Palms have itself sold approx 1,000 apartments (and people are buying like crazy, apartments, bunglow plots, commercial space).

    There is no problem of water (having powai lake so close to estate). Electricity is also 24/7. No power cuts.

    Transport problem.. Not at all... there is BEST bus service every 10-12 minutes from Station to RP.

    Guys, those who have already invested in RP and if are interested in forming an e group please let reply on this one. I think that would be really cool..


    Yes, there are problems in Royal Palms. We need to address each problem and find out solutions. Let us form flatowners' group and start working on solutions. some problems are easy to resolve with support from the builders and follow up by the Group. Individually, employees of Royal Palm are not finding any solutions and try to buy time and nothing happens. My number is 098259 19584 to start group right away.


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      Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

      Royal Palms in Goregaon - should I buy ?

      I have been researching on Royal Palms property in Goregaon (Aarey Milk Colony) for quite some time and I am getting mixed feedback.

      On one hand, the property seems to be at a good location and the price is extremely attractive. On the other hand, I hear a lot of angry / unhappy investors who seems to be ready to file a case against the builder.

      My questions are:

      1. Looking at the current / recent situation in 2010, has things improved?
      2. Is it OK to invest in a flat that could be ready in next 2 years?
      3. Will it be wise to buy a ready flat?
      4. Are there electricity / water issues still prevailing?

      You can email me directly at pgheewal at

      Thanking you all in advance and wishing that all issues, if any, get resolved ASAP.

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        Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

        has anyone purchased a bungalow plot at royal palms ?? someone told me that the entire royal palms land is leased .. is that true ??


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          Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

          Originally posted by devroop.dhar View Post
          Anyone has news of Royal Palms, Goregaon? Has anyone bought an apartment there or seen the place? Is it worth purchasing an apartment there? How is the location and reputation of the builder?

          Don't even take a second look at that place, they've got too many legal issues, very poor construction as the contractor apparently cheated them in a big way. Practically no takers, location is too desolate, prices were hiked by speculative buying. Plus no banks are willing to bear the loan for the property there. A friend of mine was even offered 4125psf as the rate in Jan2010 for a residential apartment. Only venture if you have excess cash ..... to lose.


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            Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

            I am following this post since last few months and hence I visited Royal Palm in Jan 1st week. As far as I could analyse.

            >Completed constructing around 12 -13 building
            >12 - 13 construction are in the pipeline

            To check their potential I went for agents out there for resale flats. I found only 1 or 2 building so far had proper water connection. Imagine 2 out of 12 have water connection and the rest are getting water being arranged by either the builder or society probably.

            All the future "Under Construction" building will take not less then 3 years. These people have arranged for BEST marketing resource all appear so good. You get to enter a 5 or 7 star hotel to talk about sale. BUT a prudent person will focus on its delivery and not the glamorous promise. It would be foolish to invest in such a place where existing completed project are suffering from the most important and basic needs "Water".

            I didnt even bother to check on legal issues and I am sure there would be loads.

            I must add I personally liked the lush green surrounding but there is no facility close by yet. I think its at least 10 years away when people who would like all the facility without Water will start moving in...


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              Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

              need some inputs of Raheja takeover of Royalpalms

              I appreciate your response.It is really amazing to know that Raheja is going to takeover this project.

              can you please give some more inputs on this?

              What is the source of information fromwhere you got this piece of info?

              Bikash Nag

              Originally posted by ppad77 View Post
              Hi there,
              I m not here to criticize anyone, but loans are possible on these flats and this area is not forest land at all!!!
              This is a private piece of land, surrounded by Aarey Milk Colony on one side, Film City on other and National Park (forest land) on the rest side.
              We recently bought 3 flats there (2BHK & two 1BHK) and a friend of mine got a 1BHK. 3 flats out of these were on loans, 2 from Central Bank of India and one from Bank f Baroda. All these loans were cleared within a month of applying.
              The current rates there are around 4500 psf...if u see in Mumbai suburbs, there is no other place with such low rates, Kandivli Lokhanwala is more than 3 kms form the station and people are asking 6500 there. I know the construction is good there, but the rate is high too.

              There are private buses to Royal Palms from Goregaon (E) as well as BEST 452 every 2 mins. and it is around 2 to 3 kms from the station. It is a zero pollution area and the surrounding greenery will never be destroyed.

              Yes, the construction is not at all up to the mark. Thats a big drawback, but where can u buy a flat in Mumbai in a 20 storey tower under 50 lakhs.

              Also if you haven't heard......RAHEJA is planning to take over Royal Palms from Nensey, this shud be over within about 2-3 yrs. Just imagine what wud be the value of this property after the take over???

              Its only 3 kms from station, 2 kms from Western Express Hwy, on the other end is Powai (easy access to new mumbai and going out of mumbai).
              I like this place maybe bcoz I have been living outside India since the last 12 yrs n I find it calm n soothing there. Also the view from my flat is awesome, I can see lush green aarey property, film city, towers near express hwy and also the sea. So its a great buy for me and my family & friend. The water is now 24 hrs and the electricity is also pretty good. Sometimes they do load shedding coz there are new constructions in the surrounding area and they use the power there for some time.

              Sorry for bugging u guys with such a big post...but I just felt I shud let u guys know that theres no harm in buying a ready possession flat in Royal Palms. Plz dont go for booking of future towers, U will have to wait double the time mentioned by the builder...that I can guarantee.


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                Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

                Hi PPad77
                Your post has speculation speculation and rumour written all over it. Raheja has no plans to take over this property. My best friend works for Raheja pretty high up in the management and clearly dispels this Rumour. 'Raheja has NO plans to take on this property'. Please do not feed rumours on this site.



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                  Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai


                  I have purchased a flat(Condo) in Picadilly-3. Has anyone got the papers from the builder to get the home loan? What about the possession of that building?


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                    Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

                    Originally posted by ravi_bza View Post
                    I have purchased a flat(Condo) in Picadilly-3. Has anyone got the papers from the builder to get the home loan? What about the possession of that building?
                    Remember you cannot get loan from ANY bank YOU wish. Only Banks they have tied up with... I don't get good feeling about this....

                    Please avoid this location for another 10 years.....


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                      Re : Royal Palms, Royal Palms India, Goregaon East, Mumbai

                      Royal Palms livability

                      I checked out a 3BHK resale flat at Royal Palms just yesterday. The flat had a beautiful view and the seller was quoting 55 lakhs. Seemed like a dream come true... until I spoke to the residents.

                      Guys, there is something very shady about this whole place. Full of mysterious people. Long dingy hostel-like corridors.

                      The builder had seemingly promised 4 lifts per building, but just one has been made. None of the original residents live here. Almost every flat has been rented out to whistling wood students and shady people.

                      The buildings are ill-maintained, have a rundown deserted look. Some are left incomplete. Here are some of the truths I discovered from the people living there:

                      1. No water supply. You get tanker water and you have to buy bisleri to drink.

                      2. Ill maintained interiors of EVERY building. Plaster falling off, dark dingy corridors, just one lift functional out of the promised four. The rest three have been covered with wooden planks.

                      3. You get absolutely nothing at your doorstep. For veggies and milk and even medicines you have to go all the way up to the Aarey main road.

                      4. The club house is spic and span from outside, but the pool has dried up, there is no other activity, the gym is deserted and lying in dust for ages.

                      5. Now the worst fact of them all: Prostitution is rampant in most of the vacant flats. I myself witnessed 2 high class call-girls getting into a fight with the watchman for letting in 'men' into their houses in the middle of the night. They were warning him to not give out their flat numbers to just anybody. Apparently they have shifted 3 apartments within Royal Palms in the last one month. Which says enough about what goes on at Royal Palms behind closed doors.

                      6. You pay a whopping maintenance of 4.5 rupees per sq ft. Which comes to 5000 per month for a 3 bhk!!! Even more expensive than living in a Raheja or a DB project! And what you get is one lift and dingy run down building exteriors and interiors.

                      All that said, I'd say it's definitely NOT a place where you can live with your family and kids. Also there seems to be very little hope of development in the near future, as most of the near-completion buildings seem to be abandoned for a long time now. Wonder why the possession isn't still given.

                      If you are a bachelor looking at purchasing a cheap flat, then you could buy a 1bhk resale flat for 20, 2bhk for 30 and 3bhk for 40. It might give you good appreciation in the future. But the wait might not be worth it, given most of the current owners are desperate to dispose of their flats!


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?