I have bought a shop in Mumbai and the seller is not able to procure NOC from society as it is with administrator.Can I enter into the agreement with seller without NOC. Their are no maintenace dues of society on seller and documents are title clear.The administrator of society has held election of committee in society and shall take time to handover and then new committee can iisue NOC. Should I wait, cancel deal or do it without NOC.Whom to apply for NOC in such case .
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  • complete the deal, with the clause that if the society prevents you from carrying your normal course of business in the shop then you will withhold rent for those months.
    the getting of noc is not a big thing and if the owner's relationship is good with the society members and there are no dues, then there should not be an issue.

    PS: forum members can help you better if you provide more specifics like, where in mumbai, which housing society. many members here are quite knowledgeable in terms of localities and specific laws.