The news of fire in a Mumbai high rise caused me a lot of anxiety and doubts about the preparedness of these buildings.

I have been in various countries in the West - Europe/ America for the last 8 years or so and I feel that we do take fire very lightly in India. Here in the UK, they dont have many high rises here but they take fire very very very seriously. Fire awareness training is mandatory in all major organisations and schools/colleges. All buildings you visit will show signs for fire exits. All places have fire and smoke alarms which are checked each week. Its checked 10 am every tuesdays at my place of work. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do if they spot or suspect a fire. Everyone knows the dos and donts in case of fire. People are aware of (systematic horizontal compartment wise) evacuation procedures. In some places they also hold regular fire drills. Fire doors, fire resistant electrical wiring etc are basic norms. You will always find fire fighting equipment in place and their functionality is checked each week. Also they invest a lot in fire fighting.

I wonder what fire fighting equipment are used in our high rises. Even if they are in place, do people know what to do in case of fire ??? Are all the equipment checked to see if they really work. Dont think we can rely a lot on our fire brigade to do much especially if you are on higher floors. Only if people gave more weightage to such life saving amenities rather than other never used amenities. Hope the builders have learned their lessons from the fire in south mumbai.

Cuffe Parade blaze a fire alarm for Mumbai - The Times of India
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