Guys, this is a new thread for the buyers who have invested in Jaycee Homes' Bhagtani Riyo. You can discuss here if you have been facing any problems by the builder Jaycee Homes or with real estate agents who have been selling the project.
Welcome to share in and update each others knowledge.
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  • Originally Posted by Vineet7589
    it is not any single investor but a broker who had taken selling rights for wing A.Generally they pay lumpsum for lets say a 80 flats and get selling rights for the flats,so builder will say its all sold out.i bought from the broker @3800 for 50% dp in wing 5 in dec 12.

    That's very I know there are big real estate brokerage companies who have bought it in bulk,as many a 150 flats together..(got to know from the same brokerage company from whom
    I got booked for myself)....also employes from ongc have booked about 22 flats for themselves(I got to know from my same broker)...also in my office there are as many as 6 people have booked...I am going to book one more 1bhk in phase2 if things go as planned...
  • Hi folks

    I am sure you will agree that the real appreciation may be more visible & investors in this project will get more confidence only when the construction starts and there is some activity on the ground.

    The price movement till then is bound to remain volatile and highly speculative, depending on the projected IOD/CC dates, approval status, launch date, etc..etc, as I believe there is a limit to which prices will continue to rise, without corresponding construction activity.

    For the sake of the existing & proposed investors, looking to invest, appreciate if someone can throw light on the following :-

    1. Has anybody seen the Bhagtani Riyo board been put up on the sites i.e. Phase 1 & 2 ?
    This is a common practice followed by all builders when they start booking or pre-launch..Example :- Man Opus, Hubtown etc in mira road. It does give some comfort level on land perspective, along with survey nos, etc. Also, somewhere I was reading on Bhgatani serenity board..that they have also put up board there..
    2. By when would the Sample flat be ready ? This would give comfort mainly to the end users, looking to stay there.. No doubt builder seems reputed, but still this is a standard feature, I feel.
    3. Builder site office on site for booking, etc ?
    4. Also, the Phase 1 plot at Kashimira junction seems to be on a hillock..beside a church..not sure, does this mean additional permissions or special approvals ?
    5. Any idea about the school on site ?
    6. Also, given the plans for 20 storey building, I feel the approvals for such tower could be a challenge in Mira fact, as a best practice, some builders even after formally launching their projects..don't sell higher floors..till they receive all approvals. The concern is it delays the overall project delivery and therefore returns as well. Also, for people who have booked at higher floors, need to wait to get property registered..

    Just sharing my opinions...I don't want to be a spoilsport guys ! May be I am wrong or expecting too much, given the pre-launch and attractive price on offer.

    I hope you are able to make stellar returns from this project, as being anticipated.

    Cheers !
  • Really appreciate your post with a sense of concern for the fellow investors and prospective buyers,Agreed !! However there cant be explainations to wverything u wana know at this stage.But I guess,people who have put money in this project are very well aware of pros and cons including the timelines of deliverables.Worst come worst if the construction doesn't start,the builder returns the amount with interest(this being the bottom line). All in all,Jaycee wouldn't play such tricks with the investors.If Ravi group can deliver,then jaycee will definetely.Btw man opus too had Pre launch without any approvals....last but not the least,in such early stages,asking for a sample flat will b too the time sample flat is ready,u won't get it in this price.Jaycee is putting up an office near the site soon(ask the security at the gate there and he will guide u to their 'to be' office at site).School remains in the same place as it is now.

    This is what I know..pls post if anyone else have more info here..?
  • Somebody mentioned the fact in this thread that Jaycee has already taken over the land. If that holds good they should have put a Board as they did for Bhagtani Serenity project to gain investors confidence.
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    If anyone interested in joining... Below is the link...

  • Or search Bhagtani Riyo facebook
  • Guys any update anybody ?
  • Originally Posted by Krishna_m
    Actually I was also trying for Wing "A" in September, but they said, not a single flat available in wing A. As per them whole wing "A" is booked by single investor.....I think they were lying indeed........ Then finally I booked in Wing B 18th floor

    I guess in my scene, an investor who has booked 4 flats cancelled the booking for 2 flats in October due to payment issues and that's when I got the flat in A wing. By the way wht price u got for the B wing 18th fl. How much u paid in advance and what about parking ??
  • Originally Posted by Krishna_m
    I booked in 3900 including floor rise and Car parking..........

    So was that a 50% down payment ?
  • Bhagtani Rio Phase 2

    Hello Guys,

    I want to book 1 BHK flat with area of 660 on Bhagtani Rio 2 , Builder is offering me 4300psft can you guys please help me its worth or not??
  • @ashishpatna--My friend tried booking a 1bhk in phase 1 last month and he was told by the builder that ph1 bookings are closed.Can you pls shed some light on the availability of 1bhk in ph1 please.
  • any updates...
  • Cellphone Towers near boundary

    Hi friends

    Those thinking of investing, please visit the site as well.

    I noticed there are 10+ huge cellphone towers/equipment installed near the boundary wall. This is in the vicinity of the adjoining church, and at a very low level.

    If these towers stay, then need to think about the radiation effects on residents..

    What's the builder take on the same..
  • Hi Friends.............
    Collect the Tax Receipts from Builders office, if you have paid the Tax amount. I have collected same. In that receipt he is providing all the details of payment which you have made the builder.
    Also try to find the current status of the project.
  • Dear All, I am new to this forum, Request you to inform, how much % booking remaining in soft launch of PH 2.?

    Can someone elaborates adv and disadv of this scheme?