Guys, this is a new thread for the buyers who have invested in Jaycee Homes' Bhagtani Riyo. You can discuss here if you have been facing any problems by the builder Jaycee Homes or with real estate agents who have been selling the project.
Welcome to share in and update each others knowledge.
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  • SS66
    Your information looks base less. Because you are the only one in this forum who has got SMS. No one else has received any SMS or Email.
    First you said SMS was about project in Goregaon and Now you are saying the SMS is about Bhagtani Riyo 1 & 2 also. Can you display the copy of your so called SMS in this Forum?
  • Yes sms I also got... Its says...Progress at Jaycee Homes: IOD Received for Bhagtani Horizon Goregoan. Expecting Good News for Bhagtani Riyo, Shappire and Serenity soon. Thank you for associating.
  • Hi Ken1020,

    I too received exactly the same SMS yesterday afternoon... even I am awaiting further updates.:)
  • I too received this sms yesterday. Sounds like things are progressing. Obviously, strategically, they'll clear off the projects with more profit first, and this seems reasonable to me.
  • Hi ssent99,

    I agree with you as I immediately replied back when saw even others are receiving... kshinde we are not misguiding
  • Guys, are they selling Phase 3 also ? I wonder where do they have land there ?
    Phase 1 has a Government's Talathi office and a Municipal School.
    Phase 2 has litigation and the owner has hanged warning with a Gun.
    Phase 3 probably has lots of houses and land is all occupied.
  • I have bought in Phase 1 4250 on 9th floor and it's disheartening to hear people buying 3600 on 13th floor (not sure phase 2 or 3).
    Should I stay back or change over to Phase 2/ 3 ? Will they entertain this ?
  • Originally Posted by ashishpatna
    I too got the SMS day before Yesterday from Jaycee , stating IOD received for Horizon Goregaon East, and going to get and good news for Serenity Powai, Riyo Mira & Sapphaire Dahisar.

    what jaycee want to show y iod not coming for other project we can c about horizon ther is no issue with this project in this forum no cumpaint from investor.
    now they konw all off this project more than 18 month and now investor going to ask they money back with intrest thats y thy r doing this sms trick.
  • Inv in Riyo, you are absolutely right.
  • Dear ss66,
    I am an investor as you are. May be I am not as big investor as you are because I have booked just 2 flats in phase 1 and 4 flats phase 2 in Bhagtani Riyo.
    Jaycee homes/Bhagtani group is not my enemy nor I am against them. I am against their policy, their fake premisses and against their lake of transparency.
    Their latest promise is to get IOD for phase 1 in June 2014 and phase 2 in December 2014 is not their first promise. In May they said, they already have NOC for phase 1 and IOD will be ready by September 2013. We are in end of December and there is no progress. Not only that, they removed fence from the site saying that they will put new fence with their name in 15 days but even after 2 months, no fence. When we call them they says work is in progress, when we ask them what is the progress, they have no answer.
    Dear ss66, I have learnt very important thing that you JUDGE PEOPLE BY THEIR ACT AND NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY (BOLBACHAN).
    Bhagtani's past record was reasonably good and that is why you, I and many others have invested so much money in this project. Bhagtani is now selling flats for $3600 at 30% down, removing fences, fake promises, no progress, lake of transparency is not a wake up call?
    I am not against you. Bhagtani is not my enemy. Bhagtani themselves are their enemy. If they are loosing their reputation, blame them.
    You have every right to say what you believe but believe in what you acutely see. And not fantasize. It's all up to you. You are my friend.
    Trust me I will be the first one to tell everyone in this Forum as soon as I get news from jaycee about IOD or CC. But $3600 with 30% down indicates us that they are going completely in opposite direction and I want every investor to know this reality.
  • Hi all investors in BHAGTANI RIYO PHASE 1 and 2,

    I visited website FICCI.COM. This site is very important for all real estate builders/developers and investors because this site explains the process of obtaining IOD and CC in detail. If you read this website, you will find out how difficult, complicated, time and money consuming this process is. Developer has to go through so many different departments to get approval from each and every department and then only developer get IOD and CC.
    As per my understanding, it takes at-least 18 to 24 months to get approvals from all different departments and then IOD AND CC.
    It is not easy, it requires huge efforts, experience, patients and lots of money specially for this kind of big project.
    Please visit this website. You will have better understanding of Jaycee Homes. I have changed my opinion for Bhagtani. Now I have more respect for them because now I understand their difficulty. They can not have an answer for every little step they are taking in the process of obtaining an IOD. At least I was not aware how difficult process is to obtain an IOD.
  • 3600 with 50%
    3900 with 30%

    check aditya Realtor.

    i dont what about thos who book above 4000 with 30% this is big loss for them. need to talk with jaycee regarding this issue of selling .
  • Originally Posted by alpha123
    this quote is for phase1 or 2?
    I saw ur same post/update on phase 2 thread as well. Please clarify. Thanks.

    for phace 2
  • Originally Posted by alpha123
    i have booked at 4500 psf in phase 1.

    When u booked
  • service tax which is mandatory paymnet for all buyers-