Is anyone aware of this new pre-launch in Powai, Bhagtani Group's Bhagtani Serenity? Where is the exact location and what are the pre-launch rates? Is it worth investing here?
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  • Location is not very clear. Does anyone know where is the exact location.

    Also i googled and somewhere i got the rate of 9500 per sqft i dont know if this is the same project (near IIT Powai)
  • It cannot be compared with Hiranandani Gardens as the rates are touching 25-30 k there. Also the quite old buildings closeby have 14-15k as the price today. Rentals are around 20k/ month for 1BHK. Location is good enough and has a direct road to JVLR/ IIT Gate around 500 mtrs.
  • isn't 30% downpayment for a prelaunch project too much. also what is IOD? and does anyone know about the builder reputation, are they trustworthy?
  • IOD (Intimation Of Disapproval) and CC (Commencement Certificate) makes it clear that the property you are purchasing is built on undisputed land and is BMC approved. Generally pre-launch is for typical investors or risk takers hence builders expect good %ge of down payment to give better price.
  • This builder already has a project by the name Bhagtani Krishaang going on in Powai. This project is under construction since the last 6 yrs and is not even half complete since then. Doesn't seem to be a good builder.
  • But thats the case with most of the builders be it Lodha, Nirmal etc. What matters for intial investors is whether it would give us good returns within 2-3 years. Also I would need more understanding/ information for moving ahead. I am also bit confused for this project. To me pluses are:
    - Good Location
    - Good Price (negotiable)
    - 30% at least for 6-7 months
    - Exit option in a year or so

    Negatives are:
    - Builder reputation (at least not at par with Lodha, Hiranandani etc)
    - Pre-Launch without all the approvals

    Need more info and advice.
  • Bhagtani as a builder usually goes for re-development projects so the gestation period is huge for projects to get completed however he is reputed builder with good track record in terms of final product etc.
  • Thank you for the detailed report Gautam ..
  • Don't see this on their website. In their upcoming projects, I see B14. What is the current price of Bhagtani krishang? Also whats the proposed price of B14?
  • @Gautam is Serenity worth considering for an investment ?
  • What is the project cost being quoted to you guys. 9500 to 11000 psf is what I am getting for carpet area or is it for super area?
  • gbs quote will be on super area ...
  • Originally Posted by gautam620
    Guys, checked out the site today. It is within 500 meters from Hiranandani Hospital and also that road carries on further to meet JVLR.

    Its a very narrow site and so they are going for mostly 1 BHK apartments and few 2 BHKs.

    It is not a redevelopment project and the site is empty. Layout approval has been received and IOD has been applied for. IOD + CC expected in 6-7 months after which the project will be formally launched.

    I also checked out Bhagtani Krishang due to comment made by AyaanD. That project was delayed as Bhagtani got additional FSI approved - due to this they had to bring down 4 floors which were already constructed and rebuild the entire tower. I saw the model flat and the finishes and fitouts are excellent - Italian marble flooring, imported toilet fittings, etc - Serenity will have the same fitouts. The lobby is also completed and is high quality and tastefully done. Bhagtani Krishang possession will be given in another 6-8 months.

    Hope that helps..

    If this place is 500 metres from Hiranandani Hospital and quotign 11500 psft ? whats the catch here? is it only 1BHK the only catch and Hiranandani complex doesn't have anythign in that configuration so far...

    need to do some more ground work before latching to the offer...if there are no issues and ppl are interested in 1BHK in Powai then the project seems excellent!!
  • Usually IOD & CC together takes about 9-10 months - i think it's a good opportunity to get in the project at this pre-launch stage if u can muster to pay 30% upfront.

    I think one can work out a deal to pay 30% over a period of say 3-4 months (extend to 6 months) - once IOD etc and some construction happens say plinth level somes thru than one can exit at "plinth level" ...u can make some good monies - think like investor and not like buyer at this stage..

    this project is for investors...make monies here and invest the same at some other Ghatkoper or Mulund etc