Is anyone aware of this new pre-launch in Powai, Bhagtani Group's Bhagtani Serenity? Where is the exact location and what are the pre-launch rates? Is it worth investing here?
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  • Originally Posted by rockypaul
    Hi all,

    I've been living in powai my whole life. I have also booked a flat in bhagtani serenity. Am also very optimistic about the project like gautam and also sold to the fact that it might be delayed but still a good option to pick it up.
    I keep visiting this place to see the developments. The area is now sealed off and builders bouncers guarding the place. As already mentioned had jaycee name all over.

    I had written earlier also that a lot of us are stuck for the last 7 yrs in his other powai Kishang project we have almost paid the full money and he still has not got the clearances so only god knows what is going to happen so please be careful while dealing with him . All the best to u guys
  • Hi Prabhat,

    Please also add me to the whatsapp group, I have messaged you my number, kindly see your Inbox and let me know if you have not received my message.

  • It would be nice if you guys could share some insight on this forum instead of Whatsapp or other closed communities. Remember you got in touch through this forum so do a bit of justice.
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  • Latest updates

    Hello All,

    Please share if anyone of you have latest updates on this project.
    What I have heard from bhagtani office is that it is going to take another 4 months for IOD.

    Please let me know your feedbacks if any.

  • Iod

    Hi, I have also heard the same from their sales office. They assure that IOD for towers A to D will be received in next 3 to 4 months.

    Also has anyone conducted legal diligence on this property?
  • Originally Posted by Housebuild
    Hi, I have also heard the same from their sales office. They assure that IOD for towers A to D will be received in next 3 to 4 months.

    Also has anyone conducted legal diligence on this property?

    Due Diligence for what?
    They do not have any papers or any permissions even after 2 years.
  • Thanks

    Thanks humble_guy & Housebuild for the update.
    Can we please have some more suggestions and updates from remaining people.
    I am sure there are many more to come.
    It will only help us all to be on same page rather then having secluded individual thoughts & assumptions.
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  • It is trying to copy Lodha. However going by their track record, Bhagtanis seem to like building castles in the air rather than on ground !
  • Thanks guys,

    If we wait for one year then too it would be difficult for even a established developer to start 4 to 5 new projects at different location and that too parallely.
  • is there any option of voting or conducting a poll on this site.
  • Visited their sales office recently. They propose to launch the project in coming December at INR 14500/- psf. But still no sign of IOD. Not sure whats happening.
  • Also, now they are offering 9% interest in case IOD is not in place within stipulated time.

    Is it a good sign or just more risk.
  • Hi guys,

    Came to know about this project just recently while looking for a 1BHK. In my opinion it is a very good investment opportunity as the brokers are offering rates as low as 9500-10000 psf for this project as on today. However i want to understand all the risks before taking a decision to invest in the project. Other than the project getting delayed (delay in obtaining IOD, CC) and delay in construction are there any other risks associated? Incase the project permissions do not come, what are the exit options available for the investors? Does the builder have enough financial strength to refund the money to all the investors?