Is anyone aware of this new pre-launch in Powai, Bhagtani Group's Bhagtani Serenity? Where is the exact location and what are the pre-launch rates? Is it worth investing here?
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  • Originally Posted by prabhat198
    March 15 is what they have promised me as well. Neel can u pm me ur no ??

    We have a Whatsapp group which u might wanna join.

    I have also booked a flat in Serenity. I do not know how to PM. Could you PM me your number please so that I may join the WhatsApp group.


    Mid March is the date given to me as well.
  • Hey Prabhat,

    I would like to join however can not PM you as i have not posted that many pots. Today spoke their senior representative and he confirmed that he will email me on confirmation of Mar 15. This guy looked positive. Lets hope for the best. It has been more than 18 months so waiting for another two months will not be big challenge. :)
  • Originally Posted by jethwa25
    Alert: please don't invest in any project of Jaycee homes. Also create awareness in your group against this builder. I had invested in Riyo phase one 2 years back and the project is still where it was 2 years back. Request you to post or whatsapp in your group against this builder

    My favourite movie is Khosla ka Ghosla. Anyone else on the forum who also like it the most?
  • Originally Posted by investorRE
    My favourite movie is Khosla ka Ghosla. Anyone else on the forum who also like it the most?

    I too liked the movie but fact is...

    1st half of the movie is absolutely correct and true but second half is far from reality and just to make you feel good as 'Property Buyer' :)
  • @jethwa25: okay, will do. can you please enlighten us on which builder I should praise?
  • Whoa.. I was contacted by one broker regarding this project in 99acres..

    I was looking for a FB group, and didnt find any.. by luck i found this forum

    So far there is no news regarding IOD or CC..

    so its a dud project
  • Prabhat,

    I am planning to invest, and that is why I am contacting here.. I am selling a flat to buy this property..
  • I have gone through the entire 64 pages of this thread, to understand the situation.

    questions is

    1. have bhagtani got the ever eluding IOD
    2. some one mentioned that the 1st level intimation was obtained. Has anyone actually seen it.
    3. the house plans looks different from the original plans. it was intially 717 sq ft, and now builder is saying 2BHK is 750 sq ft

  • I need 10 msg to PM, so please bear with my rambling.. Is Gautam still invested.. he was the most active member here..
  • How to PM

    Stupid question, but I have now 10 posts, but doesnt see any option to PM.

    Any help on this is appreciated :bab (59):
  • Don't make the big mistake of investing your hard earned money here !!
    Pls Go thru the forum posts and opinions of fellow investors that are stuck here,
    Then u will realize the blunder you will commit by investing here ..
    Rate is just a marketing gimmick.. No work happening on ground.
  • I am in total agreement with contactbrij... however if Gautam ... who was the most active on this discussion could confirm otherwise
  • Gautam has backed out... If you look at the thread you can find his post

    Originally Posted by propertywise
    I am in total agreement with contactbrij... however if Gautam ... who was the most active on this discussion could confirm otherwise
  • Dear Sharpj,
    Could not locate Gautam's post.... could you tell me on which page it is
  • Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and not much into social networking or blogging. After reading through the entire thread I understand that IOD has still not arrived. I was an investor with serenity from Jan 2013 till Jan 2015 and decided to take refund due to some personal reasons. I did get my 15 % interest even if the allotment letter stated land clearance and/or IOD. I wanted to stay in the project for min of 5 years as we all knew at the time of booking that it was a high risk project but due to certain circumstances I had to withdraw. Builder is happy to return you 15 % now because I believe they have all the approvals in place and IOD will arrive in july. I got my money within a month with Interest and they did not ask me any further questions. Now they've stopped selling phase 1 but recently I learned that my neighbor bought in phase 2 for 11500 incl floor rise.

    Also, I moved the money from serenity to the adjacent Paradise Apartment with ready possession for a rate of 23000 incl floor rise. I had to take this step as I had no other option after looking through entire powai and adjacent areas. Every building constructed nearby has cc but no OC even after 2 years of possession and Paradise Apartment is the only one.