4BHK Available for sell.
The One at Pali Hill, a fine residential space that oozes luxury through every pore, be in the sprawling 4 bedroom apartments, the elegant location, and last but not the least , the to-die-for sea views.
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  • Originally Posted by dubyaskin

    Ok. How old are you again ? lol.

    Mumbai, during 1990s was known as 'sleaze capital of India'. Underworld, mafioso, political criminals, communal problems. if you can get hold of magazines from those times, read em .
    Front page articles. Major atrocities on women happened that time. Ladies bars, brothels, dance bars, flesh trade, kidnaps.

    Every single area in Mumbai was criminal infested until encounters were made legal. Only in mid 2000s things gotten better.

    It was unsafe even for men to step out in certain pockets. Mugging was very common. Huge huge drug addicts and drug trafficking. Massive crime.

    At that time Madras ( Chennai ) was considered the best place ( minus weather) for women. Then Bangalore and then Delhi.

    This is an exaggerated version of mumbai perpetrated by the movie industry.

    Even in 90's delhi was worse than mumbai, no matter what.
  • These days Mumbai is no doubt the safest metro city for women...
  • It’s not that COPS are doing some overtime in Mumbai and reason why we have fewer crimes here.
    Believe in me they are busier in making fast money than maintain law & order in the city.
    It’s just that Mumbai is very dense and stretched out city more or less in one direction (North – South), and possibilities of criminals getting caught is much higher by Nakabandi and all whereas Delhi is much more spread out in all direction and escape routes are there in plenty for criminals.
    Mumbai is also heading Delhi way slowly.o
    My POV.

    Read below article.
  • Originally Posted by humble_guy
    This is an exaggerated version of mumbai perpetrated by the movie industry.

    Even in 90's delhi was worse than mumbai, no matter what.


    So the TV news, Magazines, news papers, radio

    Every one exaggerated it . Right ?
  • No point talking about the 90's .. Everyone know Delhi is the rape capital of India currently (and by a long stretch) .. Ask a single woman what she thinks about Delhi as a place to live in.
  • re:

    check with people who live in mumabi and delhi then find...

    mumbai is way ahead among all cities in india and hence we are called the (business captial of india)!!!
  • Two project coming in Pali hill, Bandra.
    As usual bandra is scoring more for its neighborhood..
    Luxury apartments coming in prime location..
    both projects have everybody's favorite...

    SEA VIEW :)