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Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai


Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

Last updated: September 7 2014
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  • Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

    Hello All,
    I am planning to buy 1 BHK in Bhandup, but cost comes around 60-75 Lacs, that too for a smaller carpet area. That put me in two minds whether should i pay 0-75 Lacs for 1 BHK or should i go to Navi Mumbai for 2 BHK for the same cost.
    Which locations and projects in Navi Mumbai are good (Preferably Airoli, Ghansoli)
    Please advise.
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    Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

    In your budget you will not get 2BHK in Airoli or Ghansoli in good projects.

    2 BHK in Airoli & Ghansoli are going around 85-95 L

    In your budget you can try stand alone buildings with 6-7 Floors & around 12-25 Flats -

    - Soham Puja in Airoli sector 19
    - Green Abode in Airoli Sector 19 (minimum 77 Lac)
    - Sainath galaxy Ghansoli Sector 6
    - Couple of buildings in Airoli Sector 8, 8A
    - Some other projects in Sector 8,9 in Ghansoli (under construction possesion in 3 years)

    - You might find Ads promising 2 BHK at your budget in Ghasoli Sector 16-21. This area is behind rabale Village and not suitable for staying currently.

    If you find anything else do post on this thread as I am also looking for a 2 BHK in similar budget and area.


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      Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

      1BHK in Bhandup or 2BHK in Navi Mumbai is purely your personal call - depends on what u or family needs are etc - on the face of it - i wud still prefer Bhandup as the price appreciation and Mumbai tag matters in the long run.

      Also, the social infra is in Bhandup is better than Navi Mumbai - anyday!!


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        Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

        Navi Mumbai has 3 main sections..
        1) CBD to Vashi
        2) Vashi to Thane
        3) CBD to Beyond panvel

        Let me give brief of each area, pros and cons of every area.

        CBD to Vashi - Well connected to everywhere, NMMT/ST/BEST/Local trains/Metered Auto. Its Mall city with everything available, APMC market in the neighborhood. But nowdays lot of traffic has increased. Rates are Higher in the vashi and it drops as you go to Airoli. Good place to live and save lot of time in travelling.

        Vashi to Thane - It takes half an hr to reach. The belt can be chosen to live only if someone working thane side or anywhere, where Airoli, kopar khairane, rabale is convenient. Though its good connected but air quality is biggest problem, one side is industrial area makes this place not so great livable. Smoggy atmosphere sometimes, chemical smell. Myself i have lived in Kopar Khairane for 2 years. Rates are depends on the location, like in rabale you can get 2bhk for 65 lac (new construction) but if you prefer to live beside NALA. BUt connectivity is excellent to Vashi and Thane side. Big problem if some one working Harbour side, he has to either first go to Vashi or Thane to catch another train.

        CBD to Beyond panvel - This area is good for living, good quality of air, breathable space, lot of greenery. Kharghar is the highlight where central park, golf course, tata hospital, iskon temple are there. But again Kharghar to beyond panvel very big issue is of connectivity and public transport. Still even after so many real state development, there is no Metered Auto beyond CBD, If one consider Kharghar then On need own vehicle, same story goes with Kamothe, Khandeshwar, Panvel etc. Beyond panvel what to say..

        So overall depend on the individual priorities.

        Its my purely my observations not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments


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          Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

          First of all, thanks Exclusive, simsagar, pratikpr for ur thoughts.
          I stay in Bhandup since my childhood (almost 24 years), hence my first preference is Bhandup and current rates put up by builders are horrible considering amenities and other facilities/infrastructure. Hence thought I will move to Navi mumbai.

          I am planning to visit Project 'Eco Vistas' in Ghansoli (as per ad.)(Bharat Infrastructure)this weekend. Eco vista is located at Kalyan-Shil Road, Thane,
          Will let u guys know details about the same.


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            Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

            Yesterday i have visited the ecovistas project, sample flats are ready. Its in initial stage and seems like it will get good appreciation near future looking at location, amenities. They have quoted 4699(negotiable).
            More info you can get here.

            Bharat Infrastructure Ecovista | Flats in Bharat Infrastructure Ecovista | Bharat Infrastructure Ecovista Thane Mumbai

            Need your thoughts on this project.


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              Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

              Its too far from any Station. I have heard from the Casa Rio Residents it takes around 20-25 min to reach to Dombivali station from main road.
              If you travel daily by your own vehicle then I think its a good Project.

              If you are going to shil phata then why not have a look at Lodha Casa Rio. You might find something at similar rates in ready possession or atleast 5-6 months timeline rather than waiting till 2015 (as per builders site)


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                Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

                I am getting frustrated after looking at the price put on by the builders in Bhandup. Being an end user, how can i arrange my finances to cope with their higher rates?
                Seems like they have decided they will sell those flats to only to investors who have black money or crores of ready cash rather end user who is salaried person struggling with inflation and other hikes(not salary hikes ).


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                  Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

                  Hi ,

                  Recently i had visited one of the project by Mayuresh Group in Bhandup (W) LBS Marg the price quoted by the builder is breath taking they have quoted around 85lakhs for 1bhk..Pls suggest weather its advisible to buy a property around 85lakhs in Bhandup ,weather the same would have apprieceation in near future.


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                    Re : Bhandup Vs Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

                    Hi s.bobhate,

                    were you able to finalize on ecovista? Please let me know!


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?