Has anyone seen/booked at the upcoming property of Ackruti Grp in Thane? Their rates seem to be pretty low for Pokhran 1? Any catch in that? Also I was reading on the net that the company had a bad year 08-09...
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  • I would not recommend the group as the location was not good and the fact that there will be shops in the ground floor (not sure if you prefer that but usually tends to be very messy in the long run) and the sample flat they showed was not as good for the money charged.
  • yes , its good

    yes , i have booked a flat there . These flats are affordable and the builder is also reliable . Though the open space is less , but nowadays "within budget" flats are important . They are currently selling at 4150 per sqft , where as a new building coming nearby has given an indicative opening of 4750
  • Akruti flats are small and if you have low budget and want buy 2 BHK flats then it is OK. Otherwise Dosti Vihar is better option in that area.
  • ackruti has a big nullah running behind it
  • Ackruti city greenwoods

    Is it a good deal to buy Ackruti City Greenwoods, Thane at 5300 psf. What is the reputation of this builder.
  • Ackruti Grrenwoods Delay

    Hello Friends,

    I came across this thread while looking for any discussion on Ackruti/Hubtown Greenwoods Project Pokhrane Road Thane.
    I have book flat in D-wing in 2010, however there is soo much delay and progress is very slow. I am really frustrated and just wanted to check out with people who have booked in this project.I am continuously harassing ackruti team for their slow progress ....

    so just wanted to know anyone who is sailing in the same boat!
  • yes the progress seems to be very slow

    Hi ,

    Me too have booked the flat in C wing . Intial date was dec 11 now they have mentioned handover of flat in March 13 . But yes the progress is very slow , they have to do a lot in terms of completetion of building . Not sure wether they would be able to complete by march 13 too.
  • Hi

    Yes they have indicated March 2013 , which i am sure they are going to miss it.

    They had some meeting with few flat buyers of D wing after which they sent MOM with revised deadlines in Sept2010 , however they are still not able to meet those deadlines.

    Its really frustrating for a genuine buyer who is looking to move into his house . and not as investment.

    It seems Dosti was on track looking at their pace of work.
  • All the builders are behind schedule . Dosti , Lodha etc . With high interest rate and the rental renewal coming this has been a double whammy for the genuine buyer....Moreover , ackruti is also not doing any construction at night time ... hence i am also apprehensive about their abilty to give the flats on time.
  • ackruti thane

    a group meeting held with ackruti management on 23/01/2012 to discuss about delay in possession and slow work. Meeting ended without any conclusions. Ackruti agreed to arrange a fresh meeting in comming weekend and they also agreed that they will inform all the buyers about schedule of meeting and agenda by emails but till no communication received from ackruti
  • Ackruti Meeting


    Thank you very much for the update.

    I would request you to keep posted about the meeting. Last time also they did not inform anyone ...only 10-15 ppl were informed for D wing meeting held in Nov 2011.

    I had expressed my diasppointment to Ackruti team for such behaviour and not informing the buyers by open invitation for meeting.

    It is really sad to know they are doing this again...could you pls confirm the meeting is for specific wing or in general.

    Also if you know the confirmed date pls let us know. I will also personally check with Ackruti on the same.
  • Hello Friends,

    Here is the email received from Ackruti.

    Respected Clients,
    This email is in regard to meeting with some of the clients held at Hubtown greenwoods site at 23/01/2012. Hubtown assures you of committed and trustworthy services and real estate solutions. We apologies deep down from our heart regarding the delay in construction at Hubtown Greenwoods site.
    The delay is due to some pending approvals from Government agencies, which we assure, will be tackled at the earliest. In the meanwhile, we assure you that quality internal finishing work is going on with full pace so that your desired home can start taking shape as per your aspirations.
    We take privilege to convey minutes of meeting with some of the clients of Hubtown Greenwoods for your information and records. We have also noted ht that our esteemed clients have insisted on meeting, which has been organized on for D wing 11th-Feb-2012 at 05:30 pm at Hubtown Greenwoods site. The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Ajay Pawar (Senior Vice President) Hubtown Limited. In the same meeting, we will share with you the following:
    1) Detailed information on all the approvals received.
    2) Detailed information on all the approvals pending
    3) Status as on date of the internal finishing work.
    4) Clearance on formalities for permission to transfer/sale of property in open market.
    5) Discussion on overall project plan and handing over details.
    Hubtown limited, once again, thank you for your support and continued co-operation. We assure you that we are trying our best to sort out the issue of pending approvals for Hubtown Greenwoods.

    REALLY DISAPPOINTING!! Inspite of 3years since booking these guys are still struggling with approvals and other reasons for delay.

    Anyways looking forward for the meeting.Going to screw them up.
  • Has anyone booked flat in F-wing of Ackruti greenwood

    It has been 2 years and they have just upto the plinth level.... unbelievably they are still waiting for authorities to give approval.
    Has Anyone booked flat in F-wing Ackruti Greenwoods / Hubtown greenwoods ? Please share your thoughts.

    It looks like a 5 year plan as of now but they say it would be done by Aug 2013... This is height
  • What was the news on Ackruti builders?

    What was the news? They changed from Ackruti to Hubtown that was the last news I heard? Please let us know
  • It's the same group for some Bandra rehab project....
    These days u can't trust anyone for that matter....
    It's a huge risk to the buyer....overall i thot the builder to be better amongst his peers.....anyways what next... the thane project seems to be marred by TMC approvals.....they haven't been able to get since 2009 when it started.....damnnn