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Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai


Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

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    Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

    Originally posted by sharpinvestor View Post
    Hi ,

    Lodha's casa univis was also discussed in assembly, you have hiranandani powai also discussed in assembly and court, even it was said that some part of hiranandani estate is under forest area , you have kalpataru kandivali... also discussed in papers .... so no big deal... these things happen

    I had seen the papers before buying the flat .... they bought the land from a private party which is Asiatic Gases.. not the govt. Then MMRDA gave them permission for rental housing .... everything was in order.... they already got other approvals based on which they are constructing a swimming pool and water tank for TMC... all of these have been cleared by the muncipal commissioner itself ....

    The commercial was for the area in front of greenwoods where ackruti siddhi stands ... they got permission to convert the same from commercial to residential too.

    Neither I am not worried about my money nor about notional profits since i am sure about getting a good flat for me and my family to stay

    Suggest you go and talk to some bankers who have approved the project ... you will see that all their papers are in order .

    As I said earlier, we all are here in this forum ... lets see who will have the last laugh

    As you mentioned above, it is kindly inform you that all that paper attached with agreement for sale, but that is only permission not for construction work. have you any idea about provisions of rental housing?, how they release FSI? why TMC not issued C.C.?. As you told you seen all the papers, and your Friend holding document relating C, D and E wing then are you seen CC issued for wing D after 2009 beyond 12 floors?
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      Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

      Originally posted by monkatheart1 View Post
      Further, please understand that there are 100s of people who invested in it. Not just you.

      Also none of us here is a legal expert or expert in these matters.

      As you said, every builder has some thing to hide. But we do not know what is the extent that is allowed by law.

      I only posted that info from a newsline cos I saw it this morning. Nothing more. It is not to push the panic button and scare people.

      It could just be a misrepresentation of facts for all you know. If that is the case, you will hear clarifications from the builder soon. Or since the story appeared in newsline, it will be followed up.

      So, as I said, we are sitting and speculating. So , relax.
      another newsline regarding ackruti greenwoods (year 2009) that reflect now in maharashtra Assembly

      Realty reality: booking first, sanction later

      With investor interest in the realty market down, developers are calling for bookings from buyers even before their projects have got approval. On Friday, HDIL opened bookings for Premier Residences in Kurla. Against the prevailing rate of Rs 6,000 to 8,000 per sq ft, the project offers flats at Rs 5,251 per sq ft for the first 100 bookings. The response was overwhelming.
      The Slum Rehabilitation Authority confirmed that plans for Premier Residences had still not been approved yet. The land where the project is coming up is part of the 53-acre plot acquired for rehabilitation of 20,000 families as Phase I of the Mumbai Airport Slum Rehabilitation project.
      “Of the total 2.1 lakh sq m plot (52 acres), about 50,000 sq m is HDIL’s share that can be sold in the open market. We are aware that they have opened bookings but we have not approved the plans so far,” said a SRA official. The project can be regularised later once the developer pays a penalty.
      Sarang Wadhawan, HDIL managing director, said, “We have got approval from the government.”
      Another listed player, Akruti City, opened bookings at relatively lower rates for their project at Akruti Greenwood at Pokhran road in Thane.
      At the time of opening bookings on January 1, 2009, the company had not received permission to convert their project into a residential one. According to an official from the city engineering department of the Thane Municipal Corporation, the developer had received permission for building an IT park; approvals for converting it into a residential project was granted only on February 13. Vimal Shah, managing director of Akruti, said permission was routine and hence the company decided to go ahead with bookings.

      According to real estate sources, another developer known for his signature projects has also opened bookings at a Thane project before getting permission. “This is illegal. Under the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, unless a commencement certificate is granted, any agreement with the buyer is invalid,” said Yashwant , president of Estate Agents Association of India.
      “One obvious reason for developers following such unfair practices is a severe cash crunch. With investors out of the market, they are forced to market their projects by calling for bookings even before a single brick is laid or the necessary permissions are in place,” said a real estate consultant who did not wish to be named.
      He added that with the financial year coming to a close, listed companies are especially under pressure to show healthy balance sheets. “Most of the listed companies have not shown a very good performance over the last year. Hence, when the financial year end results are out, they need to show some sales,” he said.

      The Indian Express :

      But relax the land converted from Commercial to Residential
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        Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

        CC for B&C wing

        Hey dont spread rumours . Yes , I have the latest CC for B&C wing which they mailed me. Attaching the same . Please get in touch with them for D&E wing ... you will get it

        As I said earlier, we all are here in this forum ... lets see who will have the last laugh
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          Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

          Originally posted by sharpinvestor View Post
          Hey dont spread rumours . Yes , I have the latest CC for B&C wing which they mailed me. Attaching the same . Please get in touch with them for D&E wing ... you will get it

          As I said earlier, we all are here in this forum ... lets see who will have the last laugh
          I earlier posted that they have CC for B & C. that copy is also with me. but earlier you posted about C, D and E wing about your friends booking so beside wing B & C all other wings slab work stopped. (this also i posted earlier)

          So this is not rumours this is fact.

          Beside that that CC, permission for wing B reduced from 30 floors to 29 floors, that communication yet to be received from builder - Please check that CC / permission
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            Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

            You can get in touch with the builder to get the CC of D,E&F . Ackruti never booked any one for the 30th floor since they thought that this would be contested ... which tells you about the transparancy about the builder .
            If you see the copy clearly it mention the drawing approval for the entire complex it clearly demonstrates that that there is no so called "illegal" construction... and the demolition talk.... that you were conconcting...hence I said dont spread rumours in the forum


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              Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

              Dear Friends,

              I have been following this thread and good to see that it has been active for past few days.

              I am genuine buyer at D-wing and looking forward to stay with my family. Unfortunately it has been disappointing that there is tremendous delay in the project.

              Further to below discussion on the forum i have just asked Ackruti team to send me updated status of construction and further CC above 12floors. I will get back to you once i get reply from them on the same.

              As of now the work is stopped and we hope things gets sorted out.

              But i can say that the builder has been pretty much transparent and open to hold meetings with investors to update on the project status. Also most of the investors are genuine buyers who are keen to move in.



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                Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

                I have booked flat at ackruti greenwoods only due to name of Ackurti in the real estate market. respected Mr. Hemant M Shah and Mr. Vyomesh M Shah the Chairman and MD are having very good respect in the real estate world because of their sinceraty, timely execution of project, their commitment towards the work. I am very much i.e. more than 100% sure that constructions of greenwoods will complete with all legal formality because i have full faith on Mr. Hemant Shah and Mr. Vimal Shah.

                The fear, worry, anger among the buyer came due to mis-statement issued by ackruti greenwoods management and sale team time to time. The ackruti management should learn from their boss i.e. from shah brothers about how to behave, how to interact with customer. The Management giving silly excuses for stoped work. i will pointed out their 4 silly statements.
                1. first statement - The work is stoped due to delay in sanctioning amenities within tmc reserve plot
                ** they get permission (CC) on 20.07.2011 for that amenities. they just dig a part of plot near f wing in 5 days and stoped further work in that issue. Even The Construction of buildings are stopped till date no progress in that matter also** so we think ackruti sale team need not share this information with customer beacuse this issue is not directly link with actual construction of buildings. This is one of the condition of the layout of the project.

                2. Second statement - NA requirement
                ** According to Sale team ackruti required to get residential N.A. to start the construction work of the buildings. In the month June 2011 they inform buyers that NA requirement also met, so their is no pending issue and work will start soon & their is no issue to stop the work.***
                From June 2011 i.e. about 9 month they are struglling to start the construction work.

                3. Third statement - Shedule of completion
                ** management are submitting schedule of completion time to time to customer on paper, but execution was not done as per shedule. Their work remain on the paper itself *** - So they should issue realistic schedule without any conditions and execute them as per shedule.

                4. their latest statement - Approvals
                delay in construction is due to reasons beyond the control of Hubtown. That is in receiving some of the approvals from local government authorities.
                ** approvals are responsility of Ackruti Management not the buyers. The buyers told the management if it is out of your control then we all approach to TMC and if needed commissioner of the TMC also. Ackruti Management decline that offer, so all buyers became helpless ***
                Government sanctioned any project with some terms and conditions. and further CC will issued on those terms and conditions are met or not. TMC officers are aloso human not monster or not against the ackruti. If ackruti met all the conditions they will issue CC (let corruption point set aside).

                We think they will come with anather excuse in future for stop work. We are waiting for that also.

                So we think Mr. Shah brothers come forword and fire the sale team for not issue such type of statement that create fear, worry, angar in the mind of buyers. we think delay is acceptable in certain limit. but their should be proper and correct communication from the management of the ackruti. we think management are watching this forum since is started. So we think they should properly communicate with buyers with real fact. we will accept all that think if it is reasonable and justify. We slso accept the reasonable delay.

                So I pointed out some issue here and In future i will not post anything here, lets see year 2013.


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                  Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

                  Ackruti - Game over?

                  It seem that ackruti not able to restart construction works. it may close the project in middle. They now start blame game to Urban Department, TMC, MMRDA, Local Politician, Ministers, Government Officers etc.


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                    Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

                    I dont know what common man should do... all mmrda linked projects have been halted and there is a mega rally on 3rd May in Azaad maidan where builders are gathering...... projects wont get scrapped for sure.... they had tied up with banks and are paying hefty Pre-EMIs for the lumpsum amount already disbursed.... projects wud get delayed for sure but I would be surprised if these projects dont get completed...


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                      Re : Hubtown Greenwoods by Ackruti Group in Thane West, Mumbai

                      Letter to Hubtown Greenwood Thane Management

                      Hello All affected buyers of Hubtown Greenwood Thane.

                      Enough is heard about delays and problems from Hubtown management. This is a time to demand answers from mishandleres of this project.

                      A letter is being drafted by members of this project asking answers to Hubtown's ignorent management. Please see the draft at the end of this post.

                      Please support by signing the letter if you are really concern about your hard earn money invested in this project. You must tell them that it is not your post retirement planned house.

                      Venue is : Gadkari Rangayatan, Talav Pali, Thane. Meet near the gate of Rangayatan
                      Time : 11:00 am
                      Date : 20 May 2012, Sunday.

                      Somewhere you have to begin this. So why not now?

                      Draft of letter: Your suggessions to improve the draft are welcome.

                      May 22, 2012


                      M/s. Hubtown Ltd.
                      Ackruti Solaris, N.S. Phadke Marg,
                      Near regency Hotel, Andheri (E),
                      Opp. Teli Gali, Mumbai-400093.

                      Subject: - Extension of possession date for handing over flats in Ackruti Greenwoods, Thane

                      Dear Sir / Madam,

                      Please refer to your e-mail dated April 21, 2012 regarding extension of possession date for handing over flats in Ackruti Greenwoods, Thane.

                      We are totally shocked and surprised with the information provided in your said e-mail. It is extremely sad and painful to know that you are going to revise the possession date once again, this being the second extension.

                      You have disclosed in your e-mail that Hubtown Greenwoods project is linked with the Rental Housing Scheme of MMRDA. You had hidden these facts in your advertisements and also did not disclose the same when we signed the Agreements with you for our flats. You even failed inform the same in your letter for delay sent to us earlier (received by us in October / November 2011). We came to know the delay of the project just prior to its completion date of possession only when inquired by us. This is totally misleading and deficient of services rendered by you as a builder.

                      You claim that Hubtown Limited is a committed and professionally managed company is totally false and based less as you are cheating innocent customers like us by totally giving false promises and hopes. From the correspondence received by us and general information and news published in various news papers about your company, it is very clear that you are taking all of us for a ride.

                      You have provided commencement certificate to us for B and C wing in February 2012 and informed that no further approvals are awaited from any statutory authority to complete the said wings as per the scheduled date. Now you are informing us about new approval requirements, which is totally unacceptable. It is apparent that you may have provided us false documents or incomplete information of your project. We feel that we have been taken us for granted and thus you are giving us frivolous reasons for delay which is totally unacceptable to us at the fag end of completion date.

                      We have already highlighted other examples of your non-commitment and non-professional work methods in our reply dated January 21, 2012 to your reasons for delay in possession. Unfortunately, we still are facing the same problems regarding improper updates and feedback etc. from your end especially your site representatives.

                      You had informed vide your e-mail dated April 28, 2012 you cannot arrange a meeting with your MD for Greenwoods project, from this communication it is apparent that your MD does not want to face us as he does not have a face to show us and has directed the lower staff to mislead us indefinitely.
                      It is unfortunate to highlight that we have no trust in your so called “brand name” because of various reasons mentioned above.

                      We completely reject delay in completion of Greenwoods project. If we do not get a proper schedule of plan slab wise completion from your end by 31st May 2012, we will have no choice but to initiate legal action against you and your brand name will be highlighted in all the leading news papers so that other customers do not suffer like us. Please note that we will not accept any compromise on any aspect of quality of construction. We are extremely concerned with the delay in construction as the building structure is remaining exposed to extreme weather conditions which in turn will affect quality and life of the building.
                      We would again like to mention that any additional financial charges (taxes or any other) due to changes in Govt. policies which may be effective from 01 December 2011 (i.e. after original possession date of November 2011) shall be paid by you as the same become effective due to your incompetency because of delayed possession.

                      Please be informed that the project has been delayed due to your gross incompetency and negligence for which you have to compensate all of us by paying rent / 18% interest for the moneys paid by us from the original date of possession till the new date of possession.

                      This letter has been signed by so many affected customers of Hub Town Green woods.

                      In view of above it is requested to intimate the required information without further delay.

                      Thanking You,
                      Yours truly
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                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?