Hey Friends, please stay away from the RNA EXOTICA project, it has been issued STOP WORK NOTICE and its future looks BLEAK! it has been in the controversy because of illegally acquired FSI from other sites for the same project, few weeks back some activist and local people demonstrated against them and their projects nearby which are full of scams, and some of the projects have been stalled and now when RNA got the hint that this project also has dark future now they are trying to sell it as soon as possible via Pre-booking, so that you all get trapped in the agreement!! Please Beware and stay away from them!! for further information contact me, im one of the victim of RNA's illegality, we're fighting against them in the court and we dont see any positive news for RNA in near future, im just making people aware so that they dont get trapped!!spread the word!!
Note: Just ask the builder about 'Stop work notice' and see what he says.
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  • Originally Posted by sanjeev1008
    Sorry no offence, but the kind of language this guy is using itself proves from where he is from

    While I am totally against builder fraternity. I have not asked his strategy. But he has not provided any counter proof where is the "STOP NOTICE".I have very good connections in MMRDA, BMC and got checked there has been no such thing. Its just they have filed for CC

    So its a personal grudge as he mentioned that he used to stay there and got a flat in SRA building.

    He claims are not credible because when i just mentioned the fact that his clearance can be checked at MMRDA site, he isn't mentioning the source of "STOP NOTICE"

    LOL!! when did i say i got a flat in a SRA building?? and you stop jumping to your own blah blah conclusion, what i dont understand here is why are you justifying RNA so much? i mean who are you?? arathi no.2? when you have no connection with this topic why are you so bloody much talking in favor of RNA??, i can give you in written on a stamp paper worth Rs.100 that no person is happy who has bought a flat in any building made by RNA, people whether Middle-class, lower-middle class or lower class everyone is fed up with RNA, Builder lobby themselves don't have respect for RNA and their people. MMRDA, MHADA & SRA and their officials consider RNA people as chors like them as they do the same thing of Looting people. And here i wonder which class you belong to Mr. Sanjeev????
  • Wonderful, your language proves. And you clearly said that you used to stay where the Exotica project is built now

    You don't have anything other than personal grudge, if you are not one of those SRA flat owner, than why do you bother??

    Mind your language, words speaks a lot
  • Ankit you are only negating the good work you have done by informing others about RNA.... I agree with you
    completely that he is one of the worst of the lot.... but please do not be so agressive...
  • Originally Posted by sanjeev1008
    Wonderful, your language proves. And you clearly said that you used to stay where the Exotica project is built now

    You don't have anything other than personal grudge, if you are not one of those SRA flat owner, than why do you bother??

    Mind your language, words speaks a lot

    hahahaha so you have proved you work for them :-)
  • Originally Posted by propertywise
    Ankit you are only negating the good work you have done by informing others about RNA.... I agree with you
    completely that he is one of the worst of the lot.... but please do not be so agressive...

    Sir, i respect your views on my initiative and i agree that im being aggresive, but Sir i know what we have gone through these 10 years, i know how 100+ families have suffered because of them, and we have done everything we could do, met every person an Aam Aadmi can meet, people like sanjeev1008 (RNA sympathizer) who probably haven't seen his & family's life being ruined by builders like RNA which we have been through already , people like sanjeev1008 just know how to bark in exchange of the money they get to do the same. Now even after reading he will continue to bark, as people like him do not listen to Aam Aadmi's but for surely they will justify RNA's act. Hats off to him!!
  • Ankit,

    You can keep the details of your strategy to yourself, however you can share what the issue with the current project is?

    You say the land belongs to you people. What does that mean that the builder does have signed agreement from the residents to build the tower or did he forcibily got the agreement from all the residents? Like Sanjeev said, I believe the builder needs 70% approval in SRA and the rest 30% have to go with him.

    Since the builder has got the signed agreement and has started the tower, there is no way anybody could live there unless the tower construction is completed? So, whats the deal there? Is the builder not providing you flats in the new tower?

    I am trying to understand what happened and what is being asked from the builder now?
  • I never said I supported RNA, in fact go and check my posts earlier I was the one who reported first on this forum about their price reduction
    You have contradicted your statement ,You clearly mentioned you used to stay here and they have provided them SRA flats

    I have seen the videos and know that the buildings are very close and not of good quality. But the unhygienic condition shown on those video is also because of the lapse of the people who leave there

    Infant I know that not only RNA many other builders do that and I never support

    By using foul language you have proved from where you come from and what kind of mentality you have

    You could have used this forum to create awareness however by false information you have misled everyone over here
  • surprised that most members focussed on just the approval aspect without focusing much on the merits of this project: to be frank its a horrible location to stay between a tabela and industrial units... slums on one side and a c-grade theater on the other side ...
  • Right said...no not Fred... but Grande.... because of the highly inflated property prices in Mumbai .... the buyers have become more like the builders... grab/steal a deal( like Mr Sameer) and not bothered about locations
  • I still feel the location has its own advantages in coming years. Though if ppl are buying for actual use then it is a big problem till the time the area gets developed. Nearby industries have been taken up by sunteck there is a railway station and and a upcoming flyover.. Also i feel gradually the whole area will turn up to be a good residential zone.
  • So seems that Ankit threw a baseless claim as he is mostly a SRA flat owner who is suffering

    Further this guy Sameer came and started promoting RNA

    Both this guy joined and started their campaign and have to do nothing with RE

    I think this project has be gaining too much attention

    I don't buy the idea that it is 70 percent sold. I think more like 50 percent after they started this scheme

    What I don't understand us why have they started the scheme with this project only whereas they have several others

    Also RNA is promoting this project as their flagship project

    Sameer: Ankit is not insane to disclose his identity,why don't you disclose yours

    I am neither with nor against the project, point is that baseless claims should be proven
  • I received offer from my broker for Rs 9950 psqft +Rs 50 psqft floor rise. Possession in 2.5 years. Is it worth taking? Will price go down further? I heard that location is not so good for living presently..... Request views.
  • Sunil,

    From just pricing perspective, its an attractive offer at 9950 also all other builders have 100rs floor rise at this price point

    But be very cautious as many over here hav brought up points which may and may not be true.

    Yes seems this area is surrounded by SRA buildings and Industrials units. But big turning point would be 23 acres sunteck dveleopment. Oshiwara station and Flyover would be a huge positive.

    Once the above things are fixed which may take a while especially Sunteck Development this would be a good place.

    Also on possession side I don't think it will be ready before Dec 2016 considering the scale of the project

    Kalpaturu and Ekta Tripolis similar in terms of amenities , not construction quality and Plot size are quoting 12700-13000 base price and 100 Rs floor rise

    So they are at 30% premium over RNA Exotica. Sunteck is quoting 15% premium over RNA exotica with 100rs floor rise, however they are asking only 20% payment

    So do your homework before any decision
  • Wow, you are away on the long weekend and so much crap is written! Ankit, watch your tongue dude. You are clearly showing your roots in your language.

    You claim that I am an RNA agent because all my posts have been on RNA threads. Well as I mentioned earlier, few of my friends have bought units in the exotica project and hence I am aware of the project. Also, I was looking at it for myself as well that's why I have the knowledge about the project.

    Besides unlike you I only talk about things that I know of and not spread rumors with no evidence!

    To me you are a nobody and one who has been forced out of his ILLEGAL home. People like me are interested in buying a property in a legal fashion with our hard earned money. So stop disrespecting AAM AADMI, by calling yourself one.

    Regarding your fatass remark...really..is that the best you can come up with? I guess that shows your IQ level as well! So not only were you an illegal resident who now got a free home thanks to the SRA project, you also are dumb!
  • Sunil thats the rate they have been quoting since january stating that its only a limited time offer. I am guessing they want to get rid of inventory but are not able to do so.