Can any one pls tel about acme ozone thane
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  • :-)
    I am simply replying to queries by others!
    I have already bought a flat there and in all my earlier responses on this thread, I have clarified that as a disclaimer :-)

    BTW, I am owner of a flat, but I dont have any car/bike :-)
  • Originally Posted by rajeshhimself
    I am owner of a flat, but I dont have any car/bike :-)

    I had almost guessed it :D
    It seems all saving going into buying house.
  • really 4500+ in thane? Its insane there has to be a correction in this market.
  • I agree! I think its way beyond the reach of actual buyers! however, till politicians+investors are there, creating virtual unavailability, and corruption so rampant here, chances are low that it will correct severely!

    I think almost all politicians here have got realty business..narayan rane, sharad pawar, manohar joshi, lodha, ...the list is long who have direct or indirect ownership of the realty firms in mumbai!

    I just wish, even if it would be not good for me personally, that prices correct and come to levels which are really affordable to common middle class man!
  • Originally Posted by hitmady
    Hi Friend, if you're thinking of buying this property then you must be having few cars. In that case you won't bother about nearby bus-stop & shopping by walking 10 min :D

    Frankly, I would not pay such high price in city-outskirts.

    Sir, it is reality now. 5km from Panvel stn outside municipal limit Arihant Builder is quoting 2350 PSF. Rs.4500PSF in Thane outskirt ( within Municipal limit ) is OK with respect to current market condition.

    Looking at rate of developments in Ghodbunder Road, Manpada Junction where this ACME Ozone is will be centre of Thane in next 5-10 years
  • Originally Posted by Alim09
    I am given to understand that acme will have to build 7 bldgs for MMRDA along with the current project before these 2 bldgs could be handedover, this is the principal agreement for them to get additional FSI. Also this is still being worked upon and they are yet to get the get a go ahead from MMRDA. However they will get this approval shortly is what i learnt.

    Well, this is something which I want to know...I am aware that acme got higher FSI in return of giving part of land to MMRDA where 7 bldgs of max 7 floors each shall be built. However, what I do not know is:
    1. If it will be built by acme or someone else. Also, if Acme, will it be getting payment from MMRDA or not.
    2. Possession of the two buildings - is it dependent on building of 7 MMRDA buildings or is it like once plan is approved, as and when buildings get completed, occupation cert will be given?

    If someone has any authentic info on this - pls let us all know.
  • Originally Posted by Alim09
    Acme will be developing those 7 bldgs for MMRDA. I am not sure if they will be paid for that but looks like they will not be, because the entire transaction with MMRDA is to get additional FSI for the entire project inclusive of their new proposed towers on the opposite side. Also i understand that these 7 bldgs (not sure of how many storeys) will have to be built within the time frame ashwood & oak wood are delivered to customers. I also understand that these will be basic bldgs and should will take relatively lesser duration to build.

    Thanks Alim. Well we are aware of the 7 building & FSI part (were told so at the time we bought it and is there in the agreement also). What is not clear is will the occupation certificate not be given till these 7 are built? This is still not clear.
  • Acme has now launched another tower on the other side of the road. Rate is 4950+flr rise. There are additional features on this side - like ozonised bacteri free water, air cleaners etc.

    Work on Oakwood and Ashwood is going very slow.

    Anyone having information on occupation related question in my post above - pls respond. TIA.
  • Reason for slow pace:

    as per acme: the sand issue. Sand is not available. Now they are planning to get it from Gujarat.

    Other Murmers: A lot of labourers left. Some payment issue. They say Acme paid to NCCCL, NCCCL paid to their vendor....and probably vendor didnt pay to they left. Now they are trying to bring them back.

    I am not sure if there is any other reason too!
  • first you pay through your nose...then u wonder every minute when will my project see the light of the day..and just when things seem to be going in the right direction everything stops because of some bolt from the blue! The govt is the first to extract service tax from hss buyers who already are exploited by builders but what is it doing to protect us?
  • Hello all,

    Just joined this forum. Found so many guys with amazing knowledge bank. Just need some advise so that I can take a better decision.

    1) Looking for a 2 BHK
    2) Budget 40 to 45 Lks
    3) Prupose - For my own family
    4) Time frame looking to move in - By Nov 10

    Could anyone share their opinions/thots regd wat could be the best option in Thane where I can get a good deal.

    Please let me know if you need any further information in order to suggest me a good option.

    Thanks a ton in advance.

  • guruji start a new thread, no one's going to respond to your question on this unless you start a new thread ,it just gets confusing.
  • sure you would do some research yourself looking for property. Do the basic research get the shortlisted 4-5 projects then search existing posts and if you need further info ask in that post....thats the best way to get the info u need. Most projects in thane have already got existing posts with all the info u need.
  • Further information:
    Today, got to know that Acme has got the approval for higher floors now. So they shall be initiating registration of flats 17th flr or higher.
  • no...registration process is already started and some of the buyers may got flats registered before may end

    may 2013 would be the date for new tower launched i guess.

    we met the senior management ppl on sunday. they accepted that there was probably a bit of delay, but they have now taken actions to ensure no further such things. she seemed very sincere on this. so lets c how much acme does to meet the timeline.