Can any one pls tel about acme ozone thane
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  • acme ozone

    Acme Ozone is just start up project, with 50% investment by HDFC property fund....they are about to launch a new tower and also opening up the booking on higher floors of existing towers. HOwever, the rates are expected to increse from current 3500 psf to 3800-4000 before diwali.

    Location: Near Manpada Bus stop, Union Bank. Walking distance from the stop. Off Gladys Alware road. Walking distance from Hiranandani Meadows and Vasant Vihar.

    Amenities: swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc.

    PS: I have bought a flat there and this is to the best of my knowledge. Later on if the builder changes something, I dont know. If you need further info, you may contact me
  • About Acme Ozone


    I went there some time back and I can tell you the foll things.

    1. The good news first...rate of 3000 psf is quite reasonable for that area.
    2. Acme has a nice sample flat which would run into crores which is what the original project was meant to be...crore plus homes which got down to the 2 and 3 bhk version thanks to recession
    3. They had some long pending issues with some partner in the land property which was resolved hence they are giving it at this rate. However I also heard there are some forest land issues. The brokers are also wary of this property as I realised.
    4. Lastly the reason I myself did not go for it was simply because I did not want to be making a decision on a 2 or 3 BHK home seeing a sample flat which was twice as big.

    I am more comfortable seeing a sample flat for my configuration so that I know what I am getting into.
  • does anybody have more info about this project, & whats the rate gng on now??
  • Update on Acme Ozone

    hey folks as some of you would know the rates for this project has been hiked to 3950 or something as of today (24th Oct 09)...and yes HDFC is a Venture Capitalist in this project as per my info..
  • i've just visited the site recently and the rate they are quoting now is 3999 psf. however as a previous member has noted its very difficult to take decision based on a sample flat that is much bigger in size and also does not have a representative layout. immediate surrounding was somewhat deserted, however hiranandani meadows is a quick drive away.
  • rs 4000/sqft on super area at the project location (that too in thane) is quite exorbitant!

    + add to it the monthly maintenance charges which should be above Rs5/sqft due to the nature of amenities!
    + stamp duty, payments for parking, etc

  • does anybone knows how much would it cost including all for 2bhk..
  • Lohandwala kandivali east

    hi all,

    yesterday i happen to check Lokhandwala Sapphire heights Under construction project ( Soft launch ) in Kandivali east .

    Quoting 5800 psft ie 2bhk cost 65 laksh .

    any idea of this lokahndwala project.

    i have heard of many cancellations also.

    please guide
  • hi i just called them today and was told now the project will be 30 stories high they were quoting 49 lakhs all inclusive (including car park society chgs etc) for a 2 bhk on 18th floor
  • More Details

    Hi All,

    More details are available now. I saw some of the queries and thought better to reply to them.
    1. Rates have increased. They are now planning to increase it to 4300, when they launch the new tower.
    2. For already sold flats, they have now initiated the registration process. I am getting it checked by a lawyer. However, the first feel is the documents are in place. They have indicated 2 areas under dispute (on the side of the plot where sample flat is). However, the dispute has nothing to do with this side and they have shown commencement permission in the registration document.
    3. Monthly maintenance charges are expected to be Rs 4.5 per sqft.
    4. They have permission for 17 floors till now and were expected to get it till 24th. I am not sure if they have already gotten it.
    5. They are using "pre-fabricated" technology to build the tower. Basically, most of the parts of the apartment shall be built elsewhere and kind of assembled at actual location. This is used primarily in US and other such countries. Its a new concept in India.

    Disclaimer: I have bought a flat there, and hence my view might b a bit biased, though not intentionally.
  • Acme ozone updates

    I have recently requested a quote for Acme ozone ,a 3 bhk is costing around 68 lakh , all inclusive .
    rates are the same so far 3950 per sq ft ,but flats are sold from 20th fllor so the actual rates are around 4450 per sq ft .
    so far a good option in thane ,but lets see and wait the market for soem time ,before i put my life into it .
  • could some one pls clarify if thane ghodbunder area has no forest land issues, as i'm seriously considering this area,

    would deeply appreciate any pointers from members who have booked or have visited the site/area.
  • spmohan

    Ghodbunder road is a big area. You can ask for specific projects. The process to find out is that you should ask your builder to provide survey no and then it should be verified at the registration office in thane.

    Generally the registration office ppl are aware of which all projects are OK and tell upfront if it comes under forest area.

    Acme Ozone is not in forest area, that is checked by some of our frnds who booked flats there.

  • Yes , rajesh is mentioned it correctly. We have also checked in same way. In currrently new projects it is rare chance for reputed builder to sell forest land as case of forest land issue is still open. Houseing finance cos are cautious about G.B. rd. specifically.

    Ghodbunder rd is good buying opportunity and provide value for money. Most of the areas in Mumbai only rates have gone up, But in Ghodbunder Rd, in past 3-4 years infrastructure is also improving. 15 % of flats sold in Mumbai vicinity are from G.B. Rd in year 2009. But currently supply is ample so you can negotiate and get better deal.