For investment in Hiranandani Panvel Township, (HIRCO), is it a good buy at the rate of Rs. 3600/- (rate is for superbuiltup area)?

How it compares with Indiabulls project at the same location in Panvel?
Are there any good option?
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  • Is it worth to pay Rs.51+ lakh for a 2 bed room home in Panvel?? I keep wondering...
  • Whats the use of buying something in Panvel? unless u are planning to go and stay there or it is ur hometown.

  • I think the amount is bit high!
  • The rush in panvel has again started.

    After sucess of Delhi & other new Airports/expansion in the country, all eyes are towards the announcement of the Navi Mumbai Panvel Airport.
    Expect anytime soon from Praful Patel. This Jairam R, is creating a bit problem but will have to weigh country development in the year 2010 over few mangroves/fish egglaying ponds, that he and his friends are concrned about.

    Bahrain Gulf Finace House has started the 'Mega City'. Awaiting the Panvel Airport & Reliance SEZ . Once this is announced, all builders will actually pump in cash to construct. Right now, they are only collecting cash on promised projects on paper, you go to the site, it's just barren land/slow development.

    Indians, push for development of the Panvel Airport in whatever sphere you can. Best of luck ...
  • see other posts on panvel, it's not a good investment. Also HIRCO increased rates to 3850
  • Hiranandani should actually be prosecuted for jacking up rates and making prices unaffordable for the common man !

    Rasayani is NOT Panvel...please look at google will be amazed at the distance between Panvel and Rasayani.

    Real estate brokers are trying to spin a story that real estate prices will shoot up on account of airport.

    Let me ask some basic questions:
    1.Do people need a rail connectivity/bus connectivity to go to work or they need a airport?
    2.Are there jobs around Rasayani...if no, then is it a pleasant place for a second home?
    3.Can you really expect to pay 7k for Hirco in 5 years time?If not, you are better off putting your money in a bank FD