I had bought a flat in Tharwani Rosa Bella in 2010. It was expected to be completed by Dec 2012 but got delayed by 3-4 months. Last what I heard is that its due in June. I am currently in US so am not were much aware of the ground reality. Is anyone aware of the current status?

Thanks in advance
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  • any one in the same boat? if there is any common group created for rosabella residents, do let me know
  • try searching on yahoo groups. If not, there is a group for Tharwani Rosewood Heights. Same builder different property. Or you can ask your builder contact person to provide couple of email addresses of owners. Good luck..

    PS: I am an owner of Tharwani Riviera. We got possession couple months back.
  • Thanks Prabhakar. Will try yahoo groups. Is the new metro station close by? How are the rental prospects around?