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Last updated: May 21 2013
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    Hello, Everybody.
    Alike every other CP of, I am also chasing them for my CP (Channel Partner) payout for nearly 1 year now. They claim on their site that "Become a Channel Partner and earn over 10 lacs every month"*. Don't you even fall into these trap methods as they won't even pay you a single rupee until you shout their name out in Media.

    I wonder if they are not paying Channel Partner - who gives regular business to them then how do they behave with their clients-who are single time buyers? Do they ever honor credit notes? the answer is-No. You can find many clients complaining about their unprofessional behavior. They lure home buyers by the dramatically designed website which shows the projects in golden words- but beware, these are not the projects preferred by the buyers but are the projects in which they get the highest % of commission by developers for marketing the downmarket projects

    My CP code is: MHTHN0057 (Peyment pending for 2 bookings in Virar, Mumbai).

    The entire staff is corrupt and is well trained to gain faith of people and cheat them later on. The management is well trained to train the staff

    I'm planning to call on the NDTV show and speak the truth on national television so that they release my hard earned money, If needed we will also file a RTI. Other forum members facing problem with this sadak chaap broker.
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