Does this building fall in forest zone? Builder says as usual that the title is clear.He has increased prices from 4850 to 6100 now.Plinth work not yet started.
He says that 60 % bookings are complete and prices are bound to go up.He promises to deliver building by 2012 December.Then he also says that there is 6 month grace period.

Is this price justified?Heard that this builder Nirmal Lifestyles has being delaying projects? Heard that his quality is awful?Is that true? Could any one throw some light on this developer?
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  • Hi Arnav.. Glad to say that zircon is out of forest issue... Its a safe bet to invest... Prices have already shooted up from Rs 4850 in April'09 last year to 6350 in March'10. They have finished plinth & the management is positive on completing the project by dec'12...latest by June'13... Nirmal is popular in producing state-of-the art complexes. Zircon is one of them. Nirmals' reputation will be at stake if it doesn't keep up to the expectation.... Lets hope for the best.. Their sample flat is just awesome.... Cheers...
  • Quote: “He has increased prices from 4850 to 6100 now. He says that 60 % bookings are complete and prices are bound to go up.”

    For prices higher than these, Mumbai salaries will have to match US salaries. The appreciation would only be gradual here on.
    If you are thinking from investment point of view there are better asset classes like land in tier-2 cities or stocks.
    If you are an end-user, I do not expect the prices to fall soon so you may as well jump in.
  • yes...despite the big name the fact is nirmal is does what is truly a shoddy job. He certainly has the dubious distinction of delaying projects and there will be a minimum of 8-10 lakhs before you can make ur home liveable. Unless you are really keen u must not go ahead. One of my friends bought a house in front of what was a so called proposed garden...no sight of the garden what stands there today is a parking lot for the mall and a DG set causing pollution.
  • agree mulund west 6400 + is not bad, but I dont think the prices are going to go up any further, just dont jump on it because it's 60 % full.
  • Originally Posted by manojk
    Nirmals' reputation will be at stake if it doesn't keep up to the expectation.... Lets hope for the best.. Their sample flat is just awesome.... Cheers...

    From my experience, builders & reputation are poles apart :D
    They will create wrong picture to sell projects at higher rates.

    Go for ready-possession flats only unless builder is giving more than 20% discount upon current market rates.
  • why not spend a bit more and buy in oberoi splendor or in chandivali
  • Zircon owners

    Guys... Is there anyone who has booked flat in Nirmal life style - ZIRCON Project... If yes, plz mail me at manojkoua.co.om
  • Manoj u seem to be from the builders side since u are saying so many good things about this project.But u cannot close your eyes to the actual reality.
    Proof of Nirmal projects being delayed are City of Joy- 3 years delay, Nirmal Galaxy-delay period not known,Blue Diamond -5 years delay due to forest issue.
    Nirmal does not have a clue about construction but is only only good in mall management & putting big ads in newspapers.He spents a lot of money in giving a brand name to the project.
    But in project execution he gives work to all shoddy contractors.Take my word Zircon will only finish in 2015.
    • youngboy24241 years ago
      I just visited today in June 2018 and project is still not complete !!!! They told me it will be complete by dec 2018 which is impossible !
  • i agree with u aamir!
  • Hi

    Hi Aamit & Wadia,

    I wish I was from builders end... Atleast I could have known their project priorities & plans.. I am just an optimistic investor...
  • nirmal is high on marketing/publicity/hype and low on delivery/timely possession.
    Some builders just collect money to ward off their immediate loan obligations and then when it comes to building the project they look for additional loans. If in the meanwhile anything goes wrong (e.g. recession) then they are screwed.
    LBS marg in 2 years will be a mess. All big towers between jvlr and agra road and a big traffic mess. There is no place for any road expansion or flyovers. Instead buy somewhere on EEH.
  • Manoj,
    I hope you read the article where in City of Joy building one of the stray dogs went on a rampage and bit several people and one of the persons even lost their life. Same is the case with Nirmal Lifestyles. You cannot think of walking there with over 100 strays (not exaggerating) to give you company and jitters. He does not care about buyers and his construction quality is shoddy to say the least. I have pals who booked under both these projects and both were delayed or caused problems (OC not recd society formation issues etc) Guess its just better off being a dog :-))
  • I remember that day when I went to see Nirmal's city of joy. Glad I didn't waste my money!
  • Nirmal Lifestyle has suffered some losses due to the Forest Land issue.....they have also lost a lot of money.....Marathon is a better option in Mulund
  • hey guyz

    im new to Mulund.........dunno much about builders n location there......but by the first look of Zircon Air, I was impressed...........rate offered (7200psf,36FlrRse,170 hill view premium), sample flat (spacious) n project location (nxt to lifestyle mall, closer to the hills than others with no obstruction) luks superb comparing others (HDIL/Runwal)...........i know from reading reviews here that nirmal delays all itz projects........better late than never at a price which is pocket friendly :)