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Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai


Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai

Last updated: April 22 2016
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  • Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai


    Just wanted a feedback on the VBHC projects in Bangalore. They are expected to launch in Vasind soon in the budget of 15-20L and am interested in having a look at it. However, before proceeding ahead would like a feedback on their Bangalore properties from people in the forum.

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    Re : Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai

    Why I bought in VBHC and if you're an end-user, why you should also buy in VBHC? (Thought I could help some end-users like me make a better decision)

    First, let's get some facts straight. VBHC is not meant for investors. Why you ask?
    Investors require opaque companies to invest with. They require black money launderers. They require hyped prices of projects (with no basis in reality or actual sales). They require flexibility in payment (elongated construction peiods where the project is MAYBE/NEVER completed) so they can exit the project prior to all payments being made (max. appreciation with little investment).

    VBHC is sadly, none of these. VBHC is completely transparent with IT origins (Jerry Rao of Mphasis) and takes ONLY white money. They have escrows for each project (so no diversion of funds) - each project WILL get completed within defined time periods (accounting for grace - but no multi-year delays). They don't escalate prices like a roller-coaster so early investors may exit with appreciation (they only peg the price to cost of construction and overall profitable proposition on the project). They DON'T do pre-launches. Most launches ONLY after all approvals.

    VBHC also discourages investors by not allowing hoarding of properties by a single individual and no super-luxury specs and thus sticking to their core value of serving the housing needs of the middle/lower-middle-class.

    Fortunately for end-users, VBHC happens to be the best real estate company ever. Why you ask?
    VBHC is one of the most affordable developers in India. Does that mean houses are reasonably priced? Yes. But are they poor quality - Definitely NOT. What VBHC gives is - Unbelievable value for money - Quality at a decent price is their motto (or that's what I think it should be). The specifications are decent (not super luxury) and the price to quality ratio is probably the best in India. If you buy a home in VBHC, you are pretty much guaranteed delivery. They also provide complete home loan assistance
    - no running around to 10 places for getting your home loan done.

    Now what makes VBHC special -
    They provide among the best carpet ratios in all the markets in which they are present at a given time. They have transparent pricing - so no extra/surplus charges after/during project completion. They first create the infrastructure and amenities and THEN they create your home. So unlike other developers, you'll have the basics ready when you move into a VBHC home. They provide among the best open space ratios of any developer in the mid to affordable segment.

    They provide children's play area, park/green space as a mandate in all their projects. They have awesome infrastructure in every project - right from the roads to the fire prevention systems. They provide solar panels for lighting and geysers (top floors) in all their projects. No deviations in their projects - all according to government approvals - so please don't expect extra floor area where the same isn't approved.

    What is extra special about VBHC?
    Their execution is superb. Their development is holistic - no concrete jungles. They use MIVAN/formwork technology in almost all their projects - if you think this isn't good - this is the technology used to cut costs and build rapidly in all developed nations (brickwork is third-world technology). They provide monthly project updates (with photo evidence) on all their projects on their website (check it for yourself - no fake updates).

    Issues with VBHC - Are they perfect?
    No. Nobody is perfect :-). They don't generally bribe - so approvals take extra long in a VBHC project - so if you're fine with the ethics of this developer in servicing your home requirement, you should also be willing to tolerate their ethics in other aspects. Some homes did have leakage issues - how many - less than 15 (now the whole project is more than 1800 homes, so less than 15 accounts for less than 1%. All these issues were personally addressed by the founder senior management - Mt. Jayakumar (ex-Citibank India head). Can you show me how many developers - even premium have issues with less than 1% of their homes and in how many does the founder management care to address customer issues? Extremely few - that's the quality hallmark of a VBHC project.

    Floor plates are smaller and projects developed slightly far from city centres - BUT then how do you expect them to afford giving good quality with large open areas and superb amenities/infrastructure at the reasonable price at which they provide homes.

    BOTTOMLINE - Now if you're an end-user looking for an affordable good quality home and still have doubts about VBHC, nobody can help you :-) You should probably go for some "big brand" builder's pre-launch and see how your home gets built over a decade (if at all)...Else go and check VBHC's Vaibhava project in Bangalore and see for yourself for what is value...

    Disclaimer - I have a 3BHK home (no investment) in a VBHC project and am extremely happy that I chose VBHC. Have a great day.


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      Re : Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai

      I would like to know the property poddar navjeevan and golden city in atgaon.


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        Re : Vaibhav Vasind Hills, VBHC, Vasind, Mumbai

        commonner; - very informative post about VBHC group, its project, group's ethics etc. Its surprising that there are no posts on this thread for last almost 2.5 yrs. It sounds to be a good project. But by now it must be completed and occupied.

        Is this group having another projects in this area or other area near Mumbai?
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          yes its ready to move in project
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