Karam Exotica has launched Bungalow Plot in Nere, Panvel. Price 1196 - 1235 Rs / sq ft.

It is 100 meters away from Panvel - Matheran highway.
Just 7-8 km from Proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport.
5 km From Panvel Railway Station -6 km From Upcoming Wakadi Railway Junction.

Anyone who has bought plot or bungalow, thought would be good idea to connect.

& How good is the investment option in Panvel - Matheran road, Nere.

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  • Karan exotica


    I am also interested in plots please share your experience and if u are doing booking I can also buy 2000 or 4000 size, plot
  • I am in discussion with CIDCO to check if Karam Corp has applied for NA approval. Will have information in 2-3 days. Post that will do the booking.

    Has any one made the booking and at wht rate.

  • Ashky,
    Let us know the developments accordingly we can form a group to negotiate , this will also help if we face any wrong situation incase we go ahead and book.

    Other than the required approvals , My another concern is , the Karam office is in a business centre not a physical registered office , not sure if they are fly by night operators .

    Need to think thru well before we go into next steps well....
  • True, i had visited the office and its a rented, there are several offices of that kind out there.
    Moreover the lady Ms/Mrs Jass , if you ask her to meet in person, she kind of try to avoid it.There by increasing the speculation in our mind.
  • Karam Exotica

    I had just called jass at 2265619231 to ask about the current owner of her said land, she kept saying to visit the place and kept ignoring my quest. im trying to find Doc details on:
    CaseA:Where the Party outrightly purchases Flat /Home from CIDCO in buildings made by CIDCO eg.Millenium tower,Spaghetti,NRI complex.Allotment Letter from CIDCONOC from CIDCO .Receipt of payments made to CIDCO.No Valuation Report required.(Plus point)No Title Clearance/Search Report needed (Plus point)Sale agreement and sale deed between the owner and CIDCO.Case B : Where CIDCO has given Land to individuals and the individual constructs the House.This is applicable only to a house on an independent plot.The house should already be constructed.Agreement to lease (with blank copy of lease deed format) between CIDCO & applicant.Blue print of building plan approved by CIDCO or NMMC (depending on who is in charge of that area)NOC from CIDCO for taking loan for purchase of the property.Architect’s detailed estimate for Construction of house.Development Agreement.(In case the plot is owned by one person and the building is made by another/builder)In case of Construction of Common Walls : Proof of allotment of Plots to adjoining Plot holders and their NOCs for construction of common walls by the applicant.Affidavit of not letting the House partially or wholly.CIDCO or NMMC commencement Certificate for construction.Case C : Where CIDCO has given Land on lease to builders (TENDER PLOTS)(This is the most common scenario,when you purchase from Builder who has got the plot via tender.This can be verified by checking the documents with the builder)Agreement to lease (with blank form of lease deed attached) between CIDCO and builders.Commencement letter for construction i.e. Sanction letter from NMMC town planning/building proposal dept.NOC from CIDCO & Builders for mortgaging property to a bank (when you take loan for purchasing a property/flat)…since all land in Navi Mumbai belongs to CIDCO.They only give land on long lease.Registered agreement for sale between builders and flat purchaser alongwith Registration receipt of the agreement.Receipts of payments made to builders.He has to provide you this for every payment made to him before,during and after purchase.NOC from builders in prescribed format.Blue print of architect’s plan with sanction/approval from NMMC building proposal dept.The stamp is on the blueprint itself.Normall on top right corner.transactions of purchase and sale of land after developmentCase D : Where CIDCO has given directly to Society(This is what the Wadhwa scam on Palm beach was all about.)He had taken land sanctioned for Mathadi workers and converted adjacent plots into one big plot.The case had gone to the supreme court and construction is on now.It happens only in India)Agreement to lease between CIDCO & Society (alongwith blank form of lease deed).Blue Print of building Plan approved by CIDCO authorities.Commencement certificate issued by NMMC(building proposal dept) or CIDCO,depending on whose jurisdiction the area falls under.Normally,areas after belapur i.e.Kharghar,Ulwe,Kamothe,khandeshwar etc,fall under CIDCO jurisdiction.Areas from Vashi to Belapur fall under NMMC now.Earlier these areas also fell under CIDCO jurisdiction.Society’s registration certificate.List of Society members approved by CIDCO.NOC from CIDCO & Society for mortgaging property to any bank.This happens if you take a loan for purchasing property.Allotment letter issued by Society to the flat purchaser.Share Certificate.Additional Requirement if Society assigns development rights to developers / builder.Development agreement between Society and BuilderPower of attorney from Society and Builder.Partnership deed of builder’s firm (If its a partnership firm)NOC from builder for mortgaging property to any bank.Registered agreement for sale between builders & applicant with Registration Receipt thereof.Case E : Resale of CIDCO flat (Flat purchased directly from CIDCO) by one person to anotherOriginal deed of apartment between CIDCO & vendor.Registered agreement for sale between seller and buyer with Registration Receipt.NOC from CIDCO for transfer of vendor’s rights in favour of applicant and for mortgaging property to any bank.NOC from Association of Apartment Owners.Original Allotment Letter of Vendor.Case F : Where Flat/House constructed on freehold landLatest 7/12 Extract with N.A. permission/City Survey extract.Agreement for purchases of land, if any.Title Certificate & Search Report for 15 years.Development agreement between Land owners & developers.Partnership deed of developers wherever necessary.Agreement for sale between Developers/Land owners and applicant duly registered with Registration from Receipt thereof.NOC from builders.Blue print of building plan approved by competent authoritySanction Letter.transactions of purchase and sale of land after development

    Im trying to buy 1 gunta, plz add me too, also request you all to google fraud manhattan project of panvel. wnna make sure of legalities
    • Atifatiq3 years ago
      Pls let me connect also as they have cheated me also

      Pls send a mesh to share personal details

      Jass kauri don't answer the call and whatever commitment she make is a fraud

      She has also issued a cheque to me for a refund which also bounced.

      Several emails confirming to refund the money but all in vain

      Let me know how to deal with this fraud
  • Also, to add, she says she will give the land doc's after 4 months on even if I pay in full. I told her take this hand full & give this hand full she refused saying "areh mam app ko wait karna padega." I wonder why?
  • looking at developments , I think this a major fraud game going on ...
  • People i have a suggestion to this, i have just booked a 200 SQMTR PLOT with Bungalow for 70 Lakh, same road 1.5 km bfr this site. Its around 700 mtrs inside the main road.Even i was tempted by the offer when she told me 910/- psft rate.
  • Originally Posted by FirstClass
    People i have a suggestion to this, i have just booked a 200 SQMTR PLOT with Bungalow for 70 Lakh, same road 1.5 km bfr this site. Its around 700 mtrs inside the main road.Even i was tempted by the offer when she told me 910/- psft rate.

    Could you please share the site where you have purchased the land? And when did you speak to the person and who told you this rate?
  • The site i mentioned is Jupiter Infrastructure project by the name Commander Gateway, behind Shikara estate( located at Mainroad ).

    Jupiter Innovative Infrastructure.

    910 sqft rate was given by JASS for Karam Exotica.I think it was a month back.
  • Originally Posted by ashkharoo
    i have one more person with me. area total 4000sq ft. Interested pls drop private message along with ur no.
    As a group booking we will be able to negotiate a better deal with builder.

    Current rate quoted is 1150 psf.


    Did you guys book the same? Any idea about current progress? Interested too. Have sent PM about personal details. Forum members, any idea about other bungalow plots available in Panvel within 10 Lakhs budget?
  • Hi, we are a group of five friends having invested in Karam Corp Sun Valley project and already paid more than 75% amount to Karam Corp. but project was stopped and concerned person is not attending our calls. So we request you, anybody who knows about this company please inform us. Anybody who has book a plot in Sun Valley project in Pachad village, Riagad?
  • pls join me on yahoo group to discuss on karam corp
  • hi ashkharoo

    did you check with CIDCO AND what is your finding.
  • Karam Corp — Cheated me

    Karam corp different way harassing me and black mailing since 2013. I booked plot 1000 sqfeet and paid 260,000 , After paying no activity, I send email after email request to refund money. According to their time frame i gave more than 3 months, told need to do sale deed. they send sale deed papers i signed and done all sent them, but they not return my papers . But before they told within 10/ 30 days they resale said property and return with profit but nothing.. In January 2016 my cousin visited their quoted address in website at Techno park, Platinum, Level -13. But their peple s they shifted long time back, but till they posted same address. After continuous follow up and numerous telephone calls they had given post dated cheque in February 2016 for on 30 July 2016 amount 260,000.

    The cheque issued is already bounced and sine then I am following up but with no reply . This cheater Jass kaur she is a biggest lair on earth. Always keep on changing the commitments.

    Please let me know what is to be done in order to recover my hard earned money.