I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • sagi7


    Guess the family just got bigger, i too have booked a flat in Tower T just a couple of days back Base price 2600/-
  • Overview

    Just as an overview and for information to new visitors to this thread:

    1) Paramesh {2BHK, Wing:F, Phase 1}
    2) Ashky {2BHK, Wing:N, 3rd floor, Phase 2}
    3) sonu007 (3 flats)
    4) Tower P {2BHK, Wing:P, Phase 2}
    5) Raash {2BHK, Wing:N, Phase 2}
    6) Chachu {2BHK, Wing:P, Phase 2, 2BHK, Wing:N, Phase 2}
    7) Bhushan K {3BHK, Wing:H,Phase 1 }
    8) cust_indiabulls_panvel {3BHK, Phase 1}
    9) peeya
    10) appu54321
    11) Jia {3BHK, Wing:E, Phase 1}
    12) German {}
    13) Atul {3 BHK, Wing:C, Phase 1} (Atul lives in Panvel:-))
    14) Narendra {3 BHK, Wing:C, phase 1}
    15) Sonu7778 {2BHK, Wing:L, Phase 1}
    16) sagi7 {2BHK, Wing:T, Phase 2}
    17) Ria2011 {2BHK, Wing:T, Phase 2}
    18) allaboutme {2BHK, Phase 1}
    19) nivara07 {3BHK, Wing:Q, Phase 2}

    Booking Agreement Expected: Sometime soon
    Bank Approval Expected: Sometime soon
    New Master plan: Mid Feb. 2010
    2nd Installment (Commencement of ground work): Sometime soon for phase 1 and about 3 months later for phase 2.
    Clearance: Received something that is penultimate to commencement certificate for phase 1.
    Expected Possession Dates: Phase 1: Aug 2011. Phase 2: March 2012.

    Other Comments:
    1) According to IB they now have about 70 acres of land. But this has not yet been reflected in the masterplan.
    2) Phase 2 is now being sold at base rate of Rs. 2900 per square feet. 30 Rs. floor rise from 2nd floor onwards. Garden/Swimming pool facing flats may attract a preferential location charge. The uppermost floors in towers are not being sold yet and seem reserved for penthouses.
    3) More than 1200 flats been sold since its launch in September '09
  • Bookings

    For the record i have 2 bookings there in the Phase 2 .
    2 BHK , one in each Tower P and Tower N.

    So far have only paid the booking amount for each.

    The 2nd installment to be paid in 30 days.....haent done this yet.

    Hope I am in line with you guys on the Phase 2 regarding the payment.
  • hi chachu

    I have also booked in wing P 13th floor my second installment is due on 16th feb,
  • Hey Guys

    I have booked in tower Q, 3BHK.

    The work has not started even now, anything behind this?

  • INDIABULLS PANVEL Has not even started work

    I have been following the various newspaper ads of India Bulls Panvel Greens and called them today as am looking to purchase a flat in mumbai.

    From what their guys told 1st phase was launched in sep 2009 at 2200psf(completely sold out) and now phase 2 within six months at 2900psf-but the catch is their construction work is yet to start and no bank has approved their project for home loan financing-

    So can someone advise me if this is a genuine project or just a manner of collecting money from bookings and then delaying the project as per their on pace.

    Please advise
  • Hi Fauji,

    We have the same information as you have.

    As per our understanding, the bank-approval/construction commencement are subject to clearances from civic authorities, which have not yet been obtained.

    You could either jump in and take the risk or you can wait for approvals but then risk a higher price later.

    As the clearances are not in place, I think the construction schedule is tentative. You can expect a better estimation only when the construction starts.
  • hi chachu & tower P,

    Initial payment of Rs.1 lac and subsequent payment of 10% less Rs.1 lac are together considered as 1st installment. This is what all have paid as yet.

    Second installment for phase 1 should be due soon, on commencement of work. For 2nd phase, it would take at least a couple of months more.
  • Hi guies
    Any one can update the current status on Phase I:D
  • Update

    Have not heard anything on the start of the Phase I and status of the "Final" approval yet.

    The latest news is that Phase III and PHase IV of the project are being planned and IB is in process of announcing these.
  • Hi every1....

    Hi guys...just talkd with indiabulls manager he told approvals will be in the end of this month..and we all should be happy who have booked property in 2200 and 2400..currently rates is revised by 2900..and i think it will definately grow above 3500 or more if we r lucky...:)
  • Didn't they say 'next month' in Dec 2009 and then 'end of this month' or something similar in Jan as well? Basically, until they get approval, they will keep mentioning 'bas hone wala hai'
  • kya hone wala hai?;)

    According to chennai metro blogs:
    In chennai they started selling in sept 2008 and expected the clearances by Feb 2009. I think they got clearance last month. (ohh its 2010 not 2009, I am a year older:()

    I am sure the panvel panchayat samiti/raigad zilla parishad are more efficient than the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. So they can save us a year.
  • Hi every1....

    wat does it mean?r we in problem? I dont think so..coz i knw someone from indiabulls who is working as manager and he is good friend of mine..as per discussion with him he mentiond me that aproval is geting bit delay coz they r taking approval for whole project...and he told dnt worry about the investment u will get vry good returns..so i completely trust him coz, even he hav invested in this project.and he hav studied a lot regarding this project and then he hav invested so trust me guys not to worry..yeh but expect aproval wil take some more time..as soon as they will get the work will start with full swing..so be positive hope for the best..:)
  • site progress..

    well i guess it dosent matter in this context coz u guys know the approvals rnt done as yet,, had a site visit today & things r the same ,, no signs of work begining any sooner,Also if all of us have taken this as an investment oppurtunity .... who is gonna stay there ...(*_*)

    & wots with the toll naka there .... is it always gonna stay there