I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • depends - india bulls better location. crappy customer service.
    hiranandani - ok location and better customer service.
  • Building 18E

    Originally Posted by pns_ibulls
    Buildings 17-20:

    Does anyone have an update on Sales Agreement signing for Buildings 17, 18, 19, 20? I hold a flat in Bldg 17 and my friend in Bldg 20. We booked in 2010 and so far have paid 10% down-payment. Indiabulls has delayed signing of agreements for these buildings stating that certain clearances are awaited. Is anyone else in the same situation?

    I visited the site last month. Buildings 1-16 are under construction and are around 30+ storeys already, however Buildings 17-20 are still stuck in foundation stage. Appreciate your comments/ responses. Thanks.


    I have an apartment in building #18E & was promised delivery in mid 2013. I visited the site once in July & construction of the foundation was on & the driver of the vehicle that took us to the site said that the tower would be up in 9 months. I again visited in first week of Jan 2013 only to see that the situation is the same. The registration too has been delayed for over a year & half saying there is a huge backlog at the Panvel registration office.

    Some of the excuses I got for the delay:

    - Contractor of this building was not good hence they are giving the job to the contractor who is making the other buildings (Jul 2012)

    - There is a permission for only 21 storeys & not for the proposed 36 storey towers. Wonder what took 2 years to say that the permission has not come while all the higher floors (above 21) were being sold. This is in Jan 2013 as told by Maulik Patel, sales manager

    - Possession will now by 2014 (which, in builder parlance, is assumed to be Dec 2014 & not anytime before)

    - The sales manager had no satisfactory response on the lack of communication to the customer. Just a straight face, slightly apologetic reply saying this is the way it is - I can't do nothing.

    - Most of the corporate team at IB has apparently been changed. No one has a clue (or rather has chosen to not have a clue) about the actual status/issue.

    If there are more similarly affected parties, we can together push for some sort of a time-line.
  • 18e

    Originally Posted by indiabulls
    Many thanks for the details. Can you pls elaborate the dimension changes??? Is it not 1690 still???

    How is the outlay now???

    Have you REGISTERED your flat??

    I have also booked in 18E. Went last week (Jan 5 2013) & no work has happened since July 2012. Sales executive (Maulik Patel) said they don't have approvals for 32 storeys (only for 21), hence no work has happened. Registration has also been dragging on since over 12 months & still no date.
  • We need to get together and initiate some action

    I have an apartment in 6G. I was initially promised possession in 2012. Now it is supposedly going to be given in end 2013-2014. Our registration is done. There are so many clauses in the agreement that are completely one sided and totally unfair. Why can't we all get together and initiate some action?
  • 6G

    Originally Posted by chiragn
    I have an apartment in 6G. I was initially promised possession in 2012. Now it is supposedly going to be given in end 2013-2014. Our registration is done. There are so many clauses in the agreement that are completely one sided and totally unfair. Why can't we all get together and initiate some action?

    Dear Chirag N
    I also have a flat in building 6G. booked in 2010. Already registered and payment done. What is your status? However what is in your mind about the action when you have already signed and registered the agreement (Although one sided). Building is constructed up to 32nd Floor. What action are you thinking about?
  • Dear SKS12345,
    A very heartening thing(at least on the face of it) is the recent CCI order against DLF. Maybe we should get as many people who hv invested together to meet up and then try to arrive at some kind of consensus on what the next course of action should be..
  • Highlights of cci ruling on dlf
    Fri, Jan 04, 2013 at 18:09

    CCI ruling on DLF: Changing the builder-buyer equation?

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) passed a landmark order against DLF Ltd, and modified several clauses in residential property agreements. It has fined the company Rs. 630 Cr for violation of the Competition Act 2002. DLF filed a petition with COMPAT contesting the ruling.

    Highlights of the ruling:

    • The CCI has disallowed any additional construction beyond the approved building plan given to the buyers

    • The builder will no longer have sole ownership of open spaces within the residential project area not sold. The CCI has instead suggested a joint ownership mechanism among the owners of the project

    • The “time of essence clause”, which was typically in contracts to enable one party liable in the event that the other party defaults in their contractual obligation, will now be applicable to both builder and allottee. Till date the agreements are skewed in favour of the builder - with only the buyer being liable for any defaults

    • The CCI has dropped the indemnification clause from the agreement. This clause was used to hedge owners from legal issues due to the builder’s contractual obligations

    • The new agreement also stipulates that all payments made by the buyers must be based on construction milestones and not ‘on demand’ as is the current practice with most builders

    • The CCI has also removed the clause stating that the builder will form the ‘owner’s association’ on the behalf of the owners

    Traditionally, builders have prepared residential property agreements in their favour, and the buyer has borne most of the risk - be it costs overrun due to additional construction beyond what was disclosed, legal issues pertaining to building approvals, or payments being made without any milestone commitments. This ruling will lay the foundation for the buyers to assert their rights and will lead to demand for more transparency from builders.

    Although DLF will dispute the order, and it is likely that the quantum of the fine will be finally be a much smaller figure, in our view this is a landmark ruling and will benefit property owners across the country. Most builders will be put on notice by this ruling, with increasing regulatory approvals required prior to launching a residential project.

    The clause which is likely to cause most distress to the builders is regarding the ownership of open spaces, as this will result in a direct financial implication. This is an area of high profitability for the builder and we expect DLF / builders to strongly contest this clause.

    We believe that with the legal precedent being set, the foundation is laid for property owners to get a better deal from builders in terms of transparency, fairness, and equal rights in the agreement. In the coming days, there are also likely to be a number of cases wherein existing property owners take their builders to court over one-sided agreements.

    CCI ruling on DLF: Changing the builder-buyer equation? - Moneycontrol.com
  • Originally Posted by vandan007
    The Pricing For Phase 2 Is 4999++
    Completion Will Be 2016 End
    Contact on 8082150726
    Mail Id :- mehta.vandan@indiabulls.com

    Hello there, will you provide this deal with other member on this forum has got...
    Finally booked a 2 BHK 1246 sqft unit in Phase-2

    BSP - 4999/

    Car Park - 4l ( Free car park no Charges)

    Club House - 2L ( Free club house no charges)

    Floor Risise - 30 pqft/floor ( Booked on 27th floor and Floor rise charges are not applicable)

    PLC - Corner flat facing garden/club house ( No extra charges for PLC as well)

    Transfer Charges - 5% instead of 15% for phase -1.
  • Phase I - 3 BHK - 1690

    Originally Posted by vandan007
    To Bolara
    Sirt I Am An Employee From Indiabulls Itself Will Provide You The Same Deal
    Contact No 8082150726
    Mail Id:- mehta.vandan@indiabulls.com
    And In Phase 2 2 BHK Area Is 1268 Sqft

    What is the current rate for Phase I - 3 BHK - 1690 sq. ft??
    Are flats available??
  • 6200 i think
  • Originally Posted by vandan007
    To All The Club Moss IS In Phase 2 Itself
    Also All Approvals Are in Place of Phase 2
    Towers Will Be 32 Floors (Can Go To 45 After The Approval For The same)
    CC Has Been Recived
    Pre-Launch Rate Is 5000++
    If Any1 Intrested Contact On 8082150726

    Dear Vandan, Are you 100% sure that the CC for phase-II buildings are with Indiabulls now ? Environment clearance was received last week. Did Indiabulls get the CC so fast ?? When can we do agreement registration for Phase-II buildings ?
  • Dear Vandan,
    Thank you for playing an active role on this forum.Greatly appreciate it.
    I am sure that all IB Panvel owners would like to know -
    1.Why does the ownership of the terrace remains with Indiabulls after the formation of the society?
    2.Why does the ownership of the Club remain with Indiabulls and the flat owners remain only members?
  • Vandan thank you for the clarification . I believe that Indiabulls is charging a sum of Rs 1.5-2.5 lakhs from each flat owner towards club charges. Considering the no of flat owners don't you think the amount collected(IN EXCESS OF 40 crores considering 2000 flat owners and 2 lakhs as club charges) sufficient to maintain the Club? So is your justification that that you have kept the ownership of the club in order to maintain it still valid?
    Also is the ownership of the TERRACE also kept with Indiabulls in order to maintains it?
  • Vandan let's say that you collect Rs 40 crores towards club charges and put that money in a F.D. The interest earned on the F.D should take care of the maintenance!
    Will await your response to the terrace issue!
  • Originally Posted by vandan007
    The Agreement Registration Can Be Only Done When You make 20% Payment Of Ur Agreement Value....

    It is already paid through ADF. In fact 90% is already paid. When can the registration of agreement be done for phase-II flats? Building# 38.