I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • Re : Amazing facts

    may be the 5km is the measurement of railway tracks from somthane to panvel. :) :)

  • Originally Posted by ashkharoo
    may be the 5km is the measurement of railway tracks from somthane to panvel. :) :)


    I love your thinking Ashky. You should apply for the post of Sales Director with some builder:D
    I presume the 7 km to the airport is by air travel.
  • jia

    google maps is not a very accurate measurement. i have often found the distances measured on google map differ from the ordnance survey maps. having said that you might be right in the sense that the distance actually is 7 km but from a selling point of view the builders have given a more rounded figure of 5 km.
  • Originally Posted by ria2011

    you might be right in the sense that the distance actually is 7 km but from a selling point of view the builders have given a more rounded figure of 5 km.

    Good to know that the aam janata is learning builders/brokers vocabulary!

    Jai ho!
  • Tender in TOI

    Indiabulls have published an ad in TOI 4-5 days back for engaging Structural contractors for Phase-I.

    Looks like Phase I plans have been cleared and the applicants can get the documents required for Bank loan- Commencement certificate, approved plans, agreement for sale, etc.

    I don't know the fate of Phase II.
  • Update from customer service

    In reply to my e-mail to the customer service Indiabulls the following was the reply :

    "Thank you for writing to us.

    Reference to your query, we have floated our tender on 15th March (Times Of India Edition).We shall advice you soon regarding the commencement of work.

    The bank approvals are in process. Once we get the approvals we shall share the transaction code with you.
    Thanking You.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Customer Care Team."

  • hi everyone

    do read this article on navi mumbai international airport - http://www.nmtv.tv/newsite/shownews.php?id=7293. looks like the issue is still not resolved
  • Alternate route

    just needed one advice. I have been to the site a couple of time while buying the flat and taken the route of old mumbai pune highway through Pnavel ST stand , ONGC colony to the IB site.

    Can we also take the plam beach road and through URan road, NH4, - that way we con completely avoid the panvel city.

    though i am sure how the traffic is on uran road and how long is it distance wise.

    pl advise
  • Yeah, U can take the Ulwe route towards Uran, however at the junction where you find overhead reservoir u need to take a left i/o right and take a slight detour to touch the road whcih will take u straight to the Mumbai/Goa road. Its a good stretch and bypasses Panvel, though theres a toll of Rs.20/-.
  • As I said Mr. Jairam is the sticking Point. He studied at IIT Bombay but hardly cares for development of Mumbai.
    The delays in environmental clearance cost 100s of crores of tax payers money due to cost over-runs; money that could be spent on people starving in Bihar and Orissa.
    The impact of poor infrastructure on growth is huge. No wonder, India ranks 130th while China ranks 77th in terms of GDP(PPP) per capita. $1000 for Indians as compared to $3463 for chinese as compared to $47,000 for americans

    ‘Clearing mangroves for airport fine’
    Environment Study For Navi Mumbai Project Clears Rivers’ Diversion, Replanting Mangroves

    Barely a week after the Union environment minister Jairam Ramesh raised serious questions on ‘shifting’ of mangroves and diverting two rivers for the Navi Mumbai airport, a recent environment impact assessment study by a group of national and international institutions says the measures would not affect the environment adversely as feared.
    The report, a copy of which is with the TOI, says diverting the two rivers will not have a negative impact on ground water and the flood situation. It also suggests planting mangroves on 350 hectares in Dahanu to compensate for the 161 hectares of mangroves that will be lost to the project besides being optimistic on controlling air, water and noise pollution. It adds there are no endangered species of animals, birds or plants in the area.
    The environment impact assessment study for the Navi Mumbai airport project, prepared by the Centre of Environment Science & Engineering of IIT-Powai alongwith the Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune, and 12 national and international consultants, was submitted to the City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) on Monday. Incidentally, the Union minister had voiced his reservations on the sidelines of a conference on climate change at IIT-Powai itself. The IIT study suggests implementation of a Rs 400.25-crore environment management plan while constructing the airport. The report will be submitted to the Centre following which a public hearing will be held. If the Union ministry of environment and forests gives the nod, the project will have to get the high court’s permission. In a recent meeting with Ramesh, chief minister Ashok Chavan promised to complete the public hearing by April 15 and other formalities by September 30, adding a special team will be set up for the purpose. The state aims to begin work by January 2011.
    Two years in the making, the report was drawn up after site inspections and model studies.In fact after studying a model of the Waghvali island village —occupied by 10 families—which falls in the middle of the proposed site, it concluded there was no change in its shape, status or coastline in the last 50 years.The island will have to be reclaimed and its inhabitants resettled. Senior Cidco officials said they will assure both the ministry and the judiciary that they will follow all environmental norms.
    But Rishi Agarwal of the Mangrove Society of India said institutions like the IIT and CWPRS have become rubber stamps. “I think there should be independent analysts. Almost all their reports have a similar format— giving green signals to projects and demanding strict implementation of environment norms, which are never followed,” he stated. Environmentalist Sumaira Abdul Ali said she had not gone through the report and so would not comment. But she added such projects should be implemented only with proper environment management plan in place.
    Salient Features Of The Report
    Diverting the Ulve and Gadhi rivers is cost effective, and environmentally less damaging. The project does not adversely affect the ground water regime
    Re-orienting the runway to avoid damage to mangroves is not feasible due to the presence of the Matheran hills in the approach area of the runway
    Dimensional studies of the project area showed flood levels marginally increase in Ulve river and Panvel creek along north boundary of airport. An elevation of the area to a certain level is proposed
    Mangroves of 161.50 hectares will be affected, so 350 hectares of mangroves can be planted in Dahanu
    People in 7 villages will be resettled in Thane district DURING CONSTRUCTION
    Suggested Environment Management Plan Provision of sanitation
    at construction site Rs 1 cr Plantation around
    parking area Rs 50 L Plantation and replantation around boundary wall
    Rs 5 cr Compensatory
    mangrove plantation Rs 5 cr Procurement of monitoring and laboratory equipment
    Rs 5 cr Rehabilitation and
    resettlement Rs 369.85 cr
    Total cost 400.25 (Rs Crore) Effluent treatment
    plant and disposal Rs 4 cr Barrier around construction yard
    Rs 50 L Firefighting
    machinery Rs 5 cr Landscaping Rs 3 cr Air/noise pollution
    safety gadgets Rs 25 L Water quality
    monitoring Rs 25 L Solid waste
    management Rs 20 L
    health unit Rs 25 L Anti-accident or
    safety measures Rs 20 L AFTER CONSTRUCTION
    Air pollution monitoring & control at 4 locations: Rs 6 L Monitoring and control at three locations: Noise level—Rs 2 L; Water quality— Rs 1.50 L Meteorological monitoring at one location: Rs 1.50 L Miscellaneous: Rs 9 L Disaster Management Plan (DMP)
    The DMP has been evolved to meet technical and non-technical emergencies at the airport according to rules specified by the DGCA, International Civil Aviation Organisation, Canada, & Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
    Legal Fight Ahead
    Mangrove cutting/destruction, diversion and training of rivers, etc are permissible in the area based on the CRZ 1991 notification as amended up to May 15, 2009. But it is mandatory to obtain leave of the Bombay HC before implementation About The Project Cost Over Rs 9,625 crore Location: Close to Kharghar and Khandeshwar railway stations Area: 2,054 hectares Implementation In 4 Phases: 2013, 2017, 2021 & 2026
    About The Study
    A topographical model of Navi Mumbai and Panvel including the proposed airport area was created with water, sand and soil from the area and its patterns observed. Besides, the site was monitored for around two years
    What’s Next?
    After the MPCB hearing the report will go to the environment ministry that will take a minimum of two months. If it accords environmental clearance, Cidco will have to get final clearance from the High Court. Once the HC clears it, Cidco will require 6 months to appoint the developer, who will need three to six months for financial closure. If all goes well, Cidco officials say construction on the airport project will start by September 2011
  • Jia

    Need to compliment ur research, kudos
  • Originally Posted by sagi7
    Yeah, U can take the Ulwe route towards Uran, however at the junction where you find overhead reservoir u need to take a left i/o right and take a slight detour to touch the road whcih will take u straight to the Mumbai/Goa road. Its a good stretch and bypasses Panvel, though theres a toll of Rs.20/-.

    Hi Sagi7. I checked on the google map and found that the URan road would be 4 km less than the conventional route through Panvel

    Have u ever taken this route? how is the road and Traffic? this week I had to return from before ST stand at Panvel becasue of a traffic jam.
  • Hi Jia

    Thanks for all that info. its great to have some one so resourceful as you on this group.
  • Hey Cust I P,

    I have taken the route on a couple of occassions and its a sail, only keep a check for the detour from one route to another of say 50/100 mtrs of kaccha road which u will notice vehicles taking, mostly heavy vehicles. Its the shift from one route to another. Happy journey
  • Commonfloor.com

    Guys why don't we get registered on commonfloor.com for Indiabulls greens? I am already in.