I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • Originally Posted by Tower_P
    Tenders for the proposed Navi Mumbai airport are likely to be floated in the next six month and the project is "very much on track", Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said today.

    "The airport project is very much on track. The tendering process will be initiated over the next six months and I hope it to be completed by the end of this year," Patel told reporters at a function here.

    "The airport is already delayed by three years. We expect the first phase to be operational by 2013," he said.

    We'll count ourselves lucky if the tendering process is complete by 2013.
  • Originally Posted by s_parmesh
    Hi Neighbours,

    I went thru' the discussions and found a lot of useful information. I too have booked a 2 BHK flat way back in Oct'09 Rs. 2200 psf. Although it's been a long wait since then to know when the project will actually start, it seems to be a valuable proposition with all the ameneties expected to get developed in and around the location. Hope that the project gets initiated sooner. It is a pleasure to have all of you as neighbours in the complex. I plan to call the builder either today or tomorrow and shall post updates if any.

    hello mr. parmesh
    nice to see your post, as i was looking for someone who has booked in phase-1.... my name is Bhushan K and I had also booked a 3BHK in H block in Oct'09... would be nice to be in touch with you.
  • Hi update on airport project

    Dear All

    Lot of people on this forum will find it hard to believe that it is almost unlikely that this airport project will come at Panvel. This is the FACT shared by all at the Ministry and high-level CIDCO officers.

    This is one of the rarest project in the whole WORLD where one new airport location is declared before doing any ground work or what we call a feasibility study.

    There are two-three govt lobbies who are trying to get this project through SOMEHOW... But since things are delayed to such an extent that they have all lost interest in this project (they've already milked their share of luck or fortunes...).

    They will definitely go for some other site in next 5-10 years to make their hay while sun still shines.

    With all the RE rates going North after a dull period, it is a sign of 1995 crash of the real estate.

    Buyers, please watch your buys. Only buy at right price which you can afford. Avoid Middleman or Agents who are threatening you everyday that prices will increase by 10% next week or so.

    Best of luck:)
  • Latest update on airport

    Airports are important magnets of growth. The area in which it is set up begins to attract additional infrastructural developments, businesses, residential structures. Collectively, this makes the area a much sought after destination for real estate developers.

    The current international airport at Mumbai will soon reach saturation point. Mindful of this, the government identified land in Navi Mumbai to set up Mumbai's second international airport. The Steering Committee, which was set up as per the new greenfield airport policy, recently gave "In Principle" approval for setting up the Navi Mumbai International airport.

    As per the current schedule, the first phase of the Navi Mumbai airport can become operational by 2014. But Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, while chairing a review meeting recently, asked government officials to speed up the work of regeneration of mangroves and resettlement of 3,000 families, so that the much awaited airport will be a reality by December 31, 2013 instead of 2014.

    While granting the environmental clearance, Union Ministry of Environment & Forests has directed to neutralize the impact of loss of mangroves by regenerating them. CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) will regenerate the mangroves on 300 acres of land, which is double the size of the existing 150 acres covered by the mangroves. For the task, the CIDCO has appointed M/S. Lewis Environmental Services Inc, a USA based firm as expert review consultant, said a senior official.

    The total land earmarked for the project is 2053 hectares, of which 1153 hectares is in possession of CIDCO. About 443 hectares which was with the State Government, has been transferred to CIDCO. The remaining 457 hectares is private land and officials are negotiating a deal with the owners.

    ...... Ashky
  • Airport update

    Date: Dec 6, 2009;


    Chief minister asks officials to work out a plan to make the new international airport functional by 2013 instead of 2014

    With the next general elections, scheduled for 2014, in mind, the Congress-NCP government has asked officials to advance the date for the Navi Mumbai International Airport to become operational by a year.

    As per the current schedule, the first phase of the Navi Mumbai airport can become operational by 2014. But Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, while chairing a review meeting recently, asked government officials to speed up the work of regeneration of mangroves and resettlement of 3,000 families, so that the much awaited airport will be a reality by December 31, 2013 instead of 2014.

    “CIDCO has prepared a draft Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy for airport project affected persons,” T C Benjamin, principal secretary of the state Urban Development Department said.

    At least two rivers, Ulve and Ghadi, have to be diverted. A Denmark-based firm, DHI, has been appointed as the consultant for the mathematical model study being conducted by Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune, for the diversion of the rivers.

  • i have booked 3 flats in Greens Panvel. The CC for the project is in process and would be received soon and construction to be begin there after. Personally i feel this is a better proposition to invest in as compared to some other projects in the vicinity.
  • phase 1

    Has anyone from phase-1 received the agreement docs. and does anyone knows abt the status of approvals - Master plan + bank approval.

  • Hi

    As per my discussion with the sales rep yesterday over , the excavation works has started. Once the foundations are laid, only then will the agreement process start. This is what I understand.

    Someone needs to visit the construction site to validate this. Has anyone visited the site in the last couple of days ? Please do share your first hand view with us.

  • Bare all or lose all, HC tells bldrs

    From TOI today:
    Bare all or lose all, HC tells bldrs
    Shibu Thomas | TNN

    Mumbai: Builders who fail to make “full and true disclosure’’ beware. In an important judgment, the Bombay high court has held that a builder loses the right to engage in further construction on a plot if he fails to inform the flat buyer of the complete details of the housing project on the plot, including any future available building rights on the property.
    “If the entire scheme, including the information about Transfer of Development Rights/Floor Space Index, is not disclosed, then the promoter loses his right to use the residual FSI,’’ said Justice C L Pangarkar. The HC dismissed an application by Noopur Developers seeking a stay on a civil court’s injunction against their building project on a plot in Borivli (W).
    “Had the original layout shown the proposed construction in a phased manner, then the promoter did have a right to make construction of an additional building without permission of flat purchasers,’’ said the judge. In such circumstances, the new project can go ahead only if the flat owners give their permission.
    More importantly, striking a blow for flat owners who wait for years for the builder to form a housing society, the HC has held that the builder also loses his right over any additional building rights on the property if he fails to register a society within four months of handing over the flats or the time stipulated in the agreement. According to provisions in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA), the developer has to see that a society is registered within four months of handing over flats. It is the builder’s duty to convey the flats to the owners within a further four months, the law also says. “The legislature intended that conveying the title and formation of society must be completed within the time as stipulated’’ to safeguard against an “unscrupulous promoter’’, said the judge.
    The case in which the judgment came concerned a plot spread over 2,642 sq m at the junction of Factory Lane, S V Road, Borivli (W). Noopur Developers had constructed a building, Megh, of groundplus-seven storeys with two wings on the plot in 1997. According to the flat purchasers, the original layout shown to them comprised Megh, another existing old building on the plot, a pump room and underground water tank. Recently, the developer demolished the old building and proposed to construct a new one. Around 43 flat owners in Megh opposed the project, claiming that their permission was necessary. When the civil court granted an injunction, the builders moved the HC.
    Senior advocate V A Thorat, counsel for the builder, pointed to the changes in MOFA (Section 7) which said that flat owners have no right to object to any additional construction sought to be put up
    on a property if it is approved by the municipal corporation. The demolition of the old building and its redevelopment was approved by the BMC, the advocate said.
    The judge did not agree and cited sections 3 and 4 of MOFA as well as Supreme Court judgments, which make it mandatory for the builder to give complete details of a project and whether additional building rights can be utilised on the property. The judges said the SC had clarified that, “If the promoter places these things before the flat purchasers, then their permission would not be necessary.’’
    The HC said in the present case that was not complied with. “(The original plan) did not disclose that as and when the tenants in the old building would vacate it, the same would be pulled down and a new one would be constructed. The plan did not show proposed development of this area in a phased manner,’’ said the judge.
  • Hi,
    As there has been many posts in this thread, I have compiled a list of people who have booked flats and are regular contributors to this thread:

    1) Paramesh
    2) Ashky
    3) sonu007 (3 flats)
    4) Tower P {2BHK, Tower P, Phase 2}
    5) Raash
    6) Chachu
    7) Bhushan K
    8) cust_indiabulls_panvel (Special thanks for starting this thread)
    9) peeya
    10) appu54321
    11) German
    12) S Bhagtani

    If I have missed someone, I apologize. Do reply to amend the mistake.

    If people can send me a private message indicating:
    a) Size of their flat (1/2/3/4 BHK)
    b) Appartment Wing (A, B, P, S,....), Phase 1/2
    c) Current Status (Paid booking, Paid booking+1st installment, awaiting booking agreement, paid 2nd/3rd/... installment, registered property, waiting for bank loan, etc)
    d) Notes about their interaction with Indiabulls or visit to the site

    then I will compile a post combining the data from all these private messages.
    If you hesitate to divulge this information, no worries.

    Anways please do keep contributing :-)
  • Right Jia, thanks to cust_indiabulls_panvel for starting this thread.
  • Thanks Jia for taking up this work! Looks like our virtual co-op society is under formation.:)

    You have missed out your own name from the list of "people who have booked flats and are regular contributors to this thread".

    Besides, I think S Bhagtani had posted his views/queries but not made any bookings.

    Keep it up!
  • yes raash you are right,i have not made any bookings, the builders everywhere are now a days are charging 50% more on the carpet area and saying that there is only 33% loading. better to buy resale flats.also i am expecting a big crash in stocks,commodities and property prices.
  • Concern - 1203 sq ft

    HI Everyone,

    For those who have booked flat in 3/4 1203 sq ft. Has any one noticed that the dry yard has got no access. probably you have to jump out from ur kitchen window to reach there.

    So this should not be counted in the carpet area.

    Plus from the floor map it looks like they are not providing any close structure / doors for service area. It will be open.

    What other members think ???

  • hi,

    it is accessiblr from the kitchen. this was a specific concern i had raised before booking. its a french window for 1203 sq ft & a door for 1144sq ft into the dry area!!