I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • I will edit this post as and when I get information from the forum members.

    1) Paramesh {2BHK, Wing:F, Phase 1}
    2) Ashky {2BHK, Wing:N, 3rd floor, Phase 2}
    3) sonu007 (3 flats)
    4) Tower P {2BHK, Wing:P, Phase 2}
    5) Raash {2BHK, Wing:N, Phase 2}
    6) Chachu
    7) Bhushan K {3BHK, Wing:H,Phase 1 }
    8) cust_indiabulls_panvel {3BHK, Phase 1}
    9) peeya
    10) appu54321
    11) Jia {3BHK, Wing:E, Phase 1}
    12) German {}
    13) Atul {3 BHK, Wing:C, Phase 1} (Atul lives in Panvel:-))
    14) Narendra {3 BHK, Wing:C, phase 1}
    15) Sonu7778 {2BHK, Wing:L, Phase 1}

    Booking Agreement Expected: 1st week Feb 2010
    Bank Approval Expected: 1st week Feb 2010
    New Master plan: Mid Feb. 2010
    2nd Installment (Commencement of ground work): 1st week of Feb. 2010
    Expected Posession Dates: Phase 1: Aug 2011. Phase 2: March 2012.

    Other Comments:
    According to IB they now have about 70 acres of land. But this has not yet been reflected in the masterplan.
    Phase 2 is now being sold at 2600 per square feet.
  • hi

    hi jia,
    i hv booked in tower N - 2bhk 1203 sq ft 3rd floor phase 2.
  • hi german

    i checked the 3d model in 99acres. as per the floor plan it doesn't looks like they will provide french windows in kitchen....

    I think we should re-check with indiabulls.

    also abt service area. no doors are provided there. it would be open.
  • hi Ashky

    Even I have booked a 1203 sq ft 2bhk in N wing.

    I agree with German, they will provide french window in kitchen to access dry area. To access service area, we will have a door in bathroom. Basically both these places would be similar to the balconies provided in the living/bed rooms. Hence would be counted in the carpet area.

    Btw this layout is being used my most of the builders in the city. Rest assured, they won't expect all mumbaikars to be gymnasts:D
  • Indiabulls Greens Chennai

    Latest on IB Greens Chennai project:

    here's what I gathered from a forum:

    Bhoomi Pooja performed on 22nd Jan '10.

    Saw good participation.

    Model flat ready, but looked too small.

    Progress of const. activity and registration yet to be seen.

    see more details on
  • Query


    IB highlights the importance of being near somathane railway station. Anyone has any info on plans of trains plying further from panvel towards somathane.
    Any information is appreciated.

    Also, there is a toll very close to the project site? Is there an alternative route to avoid it?
  • Guys,

    I am also exploring to buy a property in this complex - Phase II. I have been quoted a price of 2600psf + 20 per floor rise + 100psf for Garden facing (Tower T&S). After a PLC for 6-9 floor garden facing, it comes to around 2950psf.

    I heard its available for 2450psf base through builders / bulk buyers. Any thoughts / feedback ?
  • I think Somathane will be useful only when the local gets extended to Pen.

    Going by old mumbai, just a funny thought:
    Vashi -> Colaba
    Belapur -> Nariman Point
    Kharghar -> Bandra
    Panvel -> Andheri
    Somathane -> Jogeshwari
    Rasayani -> Goregaon
    Pen -> Borivali

    Pune Expressway will become W.E. Highway. :-).

    Where did Worli & Dadar go and what about Airoli and Dombivali, do they form central line?? :-)

    But past does not always reflect the future so who knows.
  • Hi

    I have booked in Phase 1 - Tower F - 2 BHK - 1062 sq.ft (now 1144 sq.ft). Not sure if the change in sp blt. up area is applicable to all or is just specific to phase 2.

  • Did anyone notice, IB real estate shares fell 10% today. I think the market is expecting a rate hike on Friday :-(. Bad for builders. If IB has more money they will stick to their plans and probably deliver good quality. When builder has problem getting loans, they use cheaper quality material :-(
  • Update : approval & master plan


    i had a chat with IB sales person. he said approvals will be received by 1st week of Feb.

    & as per the new master plan, this will be now 80acre township project. master plan to be released by mid feb. probably this might be the reason for why approvals are getting delayed.

  • dry yard

    HI Raash & German,

    Thanks. I spoke to indiabulls sales person and they confirmed that they will be providing french windows in kitchen.

  • Approvals!

    Well ....., 1st week of Feb then.
  • hi guys

    thanks to all of you for ur input right now I am abroad and I cannot speak to IB guys or go to the site but it is reassuring after reading inputs from u guys, I will try to input as much as I can but it is difficult when I am away.

    hope good work goes on thank u once again
  • Originally Posted by peeya
    HI GUYS any latest progess in panvel india bulls project???till mine information i want to share that phase 1 is totally sold out...and phase2 booking is started..and the rates r 2500 and floor rise Rs 20/-...and if u want garden view then 2600 and floor rise Rs 20/-...other then this any information what one can share plz tell me....:):):)

    The latest is tht, they hv acquired more land and the total land is now 70 acres towards highway. Phase 2 booking is almost 25 to 30 %.
    At site they hv started soil testing, the work seems to be slow, let us see