I have booked a flat in this property.
Anybody who has taken a flat in the same project? Might be good to connect.
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  • Originally Posted by ShuklaR

    Since you have the NewLayout, can you post a magnified view of Sector2 as building and Flat Nos are not visible after enlarging the Layout that you had posted earlier. Thanks a lot in advance....

    Pl find the attached Sector 2 Layout. Though 3BHK part is not very clear but still you can have your doubts cleared.
  • Agreement??

    Hi guys

    Have just been contacted wrt agreement.
    Had a original booking in Tower N, now shifted to Sector 2 , 2G as per the new plan. Did not have the PLC earlier and still remains the same in terms of direction / view.
    Guys, has anyone completed the formalities and signed the new agreemment?
    Anyone manage to get the new charges as quoted Legal + govt deposit etc removed?? or manage a discount??

    curious chachu
  • latest master plan (its a steal !!!)


    Attached is the latest master plan which India Bulls is giving to new bakras !!!

    comments please.
  • latest floor plan & rates breakup


    also attached is the latest floor plans & 4000 psf rate breakup. This is the plan on which construction is going on.
  • Great - Thanks for presenting complete layout.

    Any update on signig and changes in agreement. Most of us are delaying signing of the agreement.

    Originally Posted by ibrel_pan

    Attached is the latest master plan which India Bulls is giving to new bakras !!!

    comments please.

    Kudos to u man for this vital info. Great work

    The overall planning seems pathetic, looks more like a mhada layout.

    Dont know how such a small club house will handle so many people.
  • Parking Charges Gone

    Thanks for sharing current price sheet ! Intresting to see that Parking Charges have disappeared from the sheet. Hard to believe IB is going to let that go ....
  • Originally Posted by justtp
    Thanks for sharing current price sheet ! Intresting to see that Parking Charges have disappeared from the sheet. Hard to believe IB is going to let that go ....

    dear Justtp,
    i have signed on 250k for parking charges for my 3BHK in phase#1
    you are right about the absence of parking charges altogether from the new price list.............but wait!!
    as compared to phase#1:
    clubhouse charges have been quadrupled from 50k to 200k (rise of 150k)
    And electricity, water, infra and other charges are increased by 100k
    so a total rise of 250k
    that is how they will recover the same amount without parking charges! :)
    moreover the floor rise is now increased from Rs.20 to Rs.30/sq.ft.
  • If someone wants he/she can opt not to be clubhouse member and can save that money, but parking is something you really need.

    So at least there is an option to save money who so ever wants to do so.

    and if no one purchases the club house membership, it will automatically come down.

    Rememebr the parking spaces are limited and people want them even by paying high price, as they will not get it afterward; but club memberhip can be taken later after society is formed as no society can say NO to it's members
  • Hi IBrel_Pan,

    Can you upload 3 BHK layouts also, if you have. Thanks
  • trying to source

    Sorry friend. I do not have 1.5/3 bhk plans. I am trying to source.
    It will be safe to assume similar layout like 2bhk + additional room but with a balcony. I think if you look at the old layout and the above criteria, you can easily guess.
    Hafeez contractor has put one of his trainees on this job and the only thing he knows is whenever you provide any room always provide a balcony so that Incase of fire the owner can jump out or our fire fighters can get in. Fire safety is the most important criteria, you see. Let carpet area be damned! !!!!!?
  • Agreement Signing

    Hi friends...i have been following this forum for a while and have decide to contribute today.....i have booked a flat sometime in last december and today received a confirmation from IB regarding the agreement....they say they are willing to offer heavy discounts if the agreement is signed by 20-Mar-2011.....not sure whether thats practically possible with less that 48 hours left and as a matter of fact that I live on the other sider of the planet.....have sent a response to IB and am expecting a feedback early next week...shall keep u guys posted...take care....& have a nice weekend until then....:D
  • complaint letter to IB.

    IB is trying to fool the NRI investors and making them sign the agreement without informing the contents.
    We are in receipt of the full
    Agreement copy. Our group has already sent a complaint email/ letter to IB on the Agreement issue.
    If you are interested to know the contents of this complaint letter highlighting the objectionable points in the Agreement, email to


    a yahoo.in email id.

    Only you can save yourself from falling into the pit dug by IB. We have done our duty to highlight it to unsuspecting investors.
  • Ibrel_panvel2011

    Have sent u a mail to Ibrel_panvel2011yahoo.in.....hope we can all get together on this one....also spoke to IB today morning the attractive incentive is a 1K gift voucher.....if u sign the agreeement before 20-Mar-2011.....which is like making mockery of the whole process.....apart from that they still stand to the condition that they are willing to offer 10 % discount immediately on flat cost (excluding maintenance, club house and other charges like electricity etc) if we take a loan from IB finance immediately.....but that effectively means the full EMI starts immediately....any advice welcome......
  • Floor Plan

    Hi ibrel_pan,
    Based on the floor plan I have received from IB cust serv is diff than the one you have posted with rate sheet. It appears it could be the new phase. I have attached the floor plan given by IB for building 5C sector 3 2BHK and it appears to all are one size 1246 sq ft. They have alloted me 5C-2401 which they are claiming it is 1246 sq ft. They have not been able to provide any sector plan
    Not sure why they have asked me to mail a cheque for the stamp duty?
    Any clarification would be highly appreciated.