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Navi Mumbai RE Developments

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Navi Mumbai RE Developments

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  • Navi Mumbai RE Developments

    2 decades on, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation yet to get own development plan

    NAVI MUMBAI: Twenty-one years on, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is yet to have a development plan (DP) of its own. Instead, the satellite city follows City and Industrial Development Corporation's (CIDCO) plan.

    "The civic body is the city's implementing authority. It should have its own DP. It is unfortunate that the NMMC does not have its own DP even after two decades," said a senior urban development (UD) official. He added that for any local body, DP is important as it helps in providing better facilities and controlling use of open plots for public welfare.

    Navi Mumbai was formed to control and ease the growing pressure of population on Mumbai. The satellite city, spread across 162.5 sq km, has been planned and developed by Cidco. In 1992, the NMMC was established and today, though the city has massive residential complexes, commercial establishments and educational institutes, but the corporation continues to follows Cidco's DP.

    According to UD official, a plan to formulate its own DP was mooted by the NNMC in 2007, but due to some technical glitches the plan never materialised.

    A senior NMMC official confirmed the development and said that plans are on to have its own DP. "If everything goes according to the plans, within a year, the civic body will have its DP plan," the NMMC official added. In fact, the civic body is thinking about roping in private consultants to draft the DP.

    "The work for framing DP is going on. Once the draft is ready, suggestion and objections from the citizens will be invited. After completing the administrative procedure, the plan will be forwarded to the UD department for its approval,"said Prakash Thakur, assistant director, town planning.

    NMMC commissioner Abasaheb Jarhad and mayor Sagar Naik were not available for comment.

    However, assistant director, town planning, Prakash Thakur said, "The work for framing the DP is going on. Once the draft is ready, suggestion and objections from the citizens will be invited. After completing the administrative procedure, the plan will be forwarded to the UD department for its approval."

    Meanwhile, experts have welcomed the NMMC decision to involve citizens in drafting the city's DP.

    "The civic body has already delayed the plan by two decades. Most of the plots have already been utilized. NMMC should expedite the process to formulate the DP without any further delay," said Ashok Korgaonkar, an urban development expert.

    Korgaonkar also said that having a DP will empower the civic body to mark open plots as recreation ground, playground or plots to be used for for any other activity that is in public interest.

    The difference:

    One Time Development Plan: It is long term planning for infrastructure projects and other major issues.

    DP: It is plan that is designed especially to cater services (open ground, recreation ground, auditoriums) to citizens.

    2 decades on, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation yet to get own development plan - The Times of India
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    Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

    Quite Surprised

    This is a surprise considering that many, including me, were under the impression that Navi Mumbai was a planned city- on the lines of Bangalore- unlike Mumbai. Accept that CIDCO has done great work until now but not to have a comprehensive plan for the entire city is unthinkable. City planning is a vision meant for decades of development and hence it is essential to it's survival. We only hope these guys mean what they say(one year timeline). Congrats Manoja for starting this thread exclusively focusing on Navi Mumbai developments. Hope contributors will stick to the topic and not mix it with other threads and duplicate posts....


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      Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

      NMMC lists around 750 buildings as 'dangerous'

      NAVI MUMBAI: The NMMC has listed around 750 buildings - 200 constructed by the City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco), and 550 non-Cidco buildings-that are 30 years old and more which require structural audit for ascertaining their safety. The list has been forwarded to the heads of the two civic divisions who have passed it on to the eight respective ward officers. The residents of these buildings will have to get the audit done at their own cost. "We have also provided the list of engineers who can do the audit,'' the civic body said.

      The audit is required as per the amendment of the BPMC Act in 2010 that makes it mandatory for buildings that are 30 years old and more for their audit to be done, the civic body pointed out.

      The state government has also put pressure on the civic bodies by sending a letter asking them to undertake the audit of this category of buildings.

      The letter, in the wake of Mumbra collapses and the recent crashing of an old building in Mazgaon, has assumed significance as there are at least 70 buildings on the NMMC list that are categorised as old and dilapidated.

      Left in a lurch?

      * While the one-time settlement scheme of Cidco more than a decade ago helped 112 families to shift to a transit home in Juinagar, others continue to reside under risky circumstances.

      * NMMC did not consider any alternative accommodation for residents who stay in buildings categorised as dangerous because the municipal laws did not provide for transit homes.

      * But the civic body does serve yearly notices to the listed dilapidated buildings under section 264 of BPMC Act stating that any loss of life and wealth was solely the responsibility of the residents.

      * Advertisements were placed in media during the onset of monsoon and the residents were intimated about the hazard.

      * The civic body said that section 268 of BPMC Act provides for police help for eviction of the residents of the dangerous and dilapidated buildings, but it did not invoke the provision on 'humanitarian grounds'.

      NMMC lists around 750 buildings as 'dangerous' - The Times of India
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        Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

        Revise property regularization dates: PAPs

        NAVI MUMBAI: Around eighteen months after City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) voted to regularize commercial structures built around gaothans before May 2007, the state is yet to give its nod to the proposal. This stalemate has led to PAPs calling for a revision in the cut-off date for commercial and even residential properties.

        Cidco had decided in December 2011 that commercial constructions should be regularized but for only those that were built before May 2007 and within 200 meters of gaothan areas. The proposal was approved by PAPs back then but with lack of response from the state and increase in demolition of structures, residents are up in arms. PAPs have demanded that the cut-off date be revised to 2013 for residential and commercial structures and are also demanding a stay on demolitions. Previously in 2010, the state had regularized residential structures within a 200- meter radius built before May 1, 2007.

        Sources at Cidco said the government would do well to take a decision and not delay it any further to stomp out any demands from cropping up.

        Revise property regularization dates: PAPs - The Times of India
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          Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

          Cidco yet to raze five illegal structures near Glass House

          NAVI MUMBAI: Nearly a month after the City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) assured the Bombay high court that notices served on five illegal structures around the dismantled Glass House in Belapur will be taken to their logical conclusion, it is is yet to initiate any further action on the issue.

          Cidco officials cited the festive rush and lack of police cover as reasons for their inability to demolish the structures built on the no-development zone.

          The city planning body, in its affidavit filed in the Bombay high court on September 6, admitted that there are five illegal structures around the Glass House. The body even assured the court that it will take the issue to itslogical conclusion. But as on October 2, there has been no action by Cidco.

          This information was revealed by the Cidco under the RTI Act, said activist Sandeep Thakur. He had earlier filed a PIL in the court alleging that illegal encroachment on the 62-acre land belonging to the Cidco was a violation of rules as the structures were built on the no development zone.

          Following the Bombay high court order, Glass House, a palatial structure built by state excise minister Ganesh Naik's nephew Santosh Tandel in Belapur was recently dismantled.

          Cidco officials said the planning body had no intention to protect any illegal structures. " Due to Ganpati festival, the corporation did not receive the necessary police protection for carrying demolition of illegal structures around the Glass House. Within the next few days, the corporation will demolish the five illegal structures," said a senior Cidco official.

          "Cidco is part of the Urban Development (UD) department, which is headed by chief minister Prithviraj Chavan. It is unfortunate that a department headed by the CM is dragging its feet against the illegal constructions," said Thakur .

          Cidco's delay in demolishing the structures has given the BJP-Shiv Sena opposition combine an opportunity to embarrass the ruling DF government for dithering on action on illegal constructions.

          Cidco yet to raze five illegal structures near Glass House - The Times of India
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            Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

            Damage control: Cidco to raze structures

            NAVI MUMBAI: The City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), which was allegedly dragging its feet to take action on the five illegal structures around the controversial Glass House in Belapur, has finally swung into action. TOI, in its Thursday's edition, reported that the government agency is yet to take action on the illegal structures around the Glass House.

            Immediately after the report, the Cidco dashed a letter to Navi Mumbai police commissioner asking for police bandobast to undertake demolition drive of these five illegal structures next week.

            According to the corporation officials, Cidco's chief controller of unauthorised constructions (CCUC), Anil Patil has written a letter to police for protection. "Next week, the corporation plans to pull down five illegal structures. To demolish these structures around the Glass House, Patil has asked for police protection. But, if police fails to provide manpower then the corporation will have to postpone its drive," said a senior Cidco official.

            The demolition drive to bring down the illegal structures was not on the Cidco schedule. "The corporation usually plans the demolition drive nearly a month in advance. The letter sent to the law enforcement agency seeking protection to carry out demolition drive always includes a detailed list of the areas with date and time mentioned for undertaking the drives. But in this case, the letter mentioned only the illegal structures around the Glass House. It is like a special drive," added the Cidco official.

            Meanwhile, lower rank police officials are skeptical whether the administration would be able to provide security personnel at such a short notice. "Navratri festival is commencing from Saturday. Most of the staff would be deployed for security during the festive period. Hence it would be difficult to provide police personnel for demolition drive for at least a week. However, since the case is sensitive, the city police chief might make arrangements to undertake the drive," said a middle ranked police official.

            Cidco, in its affidavit filed in the Bombay high court on September 6, admitted that there are five illegal structures around the Glass House and had assured to take the issue to its logical conclusion. However, 28 days later, the structures still exist, according to Cidco's own admission to a RTI query filed by Sandeep Thakur.

            Navi Mumbai resident Thakur had filed a PIL against the illegal encroachment on a 62-acre land belonging to Cidco. Following a PIL, on the directives of the Bombay high court, the agency was asked to remove a palatial structure built by state excise minister Ganesh Naik's nephew Santosh Tandel in Belapur. Though the Glass House was dismantled, the other five structures continue to sit on the plot .

            Thakur has already asked for the inspection of the plot to find out whether all structures on the plot have been removed and HC directives are being implemented. The RTI activist has even threatened to move court and file contempt petition if the agency fails to honor its commitment made to the court.

            Meanwhile, sources in the NCP claimed that party heavyweight from the region, Ganesh Naik's clan have connection with these five structures and it is a mere coincidence that these structures have come up near the Glass house which has been dismantled after the court orders.

            Damage control: Cidco to raze structures - The Times of India
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              Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

              was held from 11 October 2013 to 14 October 2013 .

              Here is the link to the brochure


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                Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

                Loan defaults stall two mega townships

                Mumbai:Real estate firm Hirco has defaulted on payments to lenders for its two large Rs 1,000 crore-plus townships in Panvel and Chennai, casting a shadow on the future of the projects.

                Work on the firm’s project in Panvel, Raigad district, has been stalled for the past few months. The project has a mix of commercial and residential properties and is spread over 300 acres. More than 1,000 apartments are believed to have been sold in Panvel.
                Hirco claims to have more than 66 million sq ft of development in the two township projects being built by its subsidiary, Hiranandani Palace Gardens.

                Following the default, the residential township outside Chennai, the Hiranandani Palace Gardens, is under threat of a takeover by the lenders, TOI has learned. HDFC may sell off Hirco’s Chennai property

                Mumbai: Two mega township projects undertaken by Hirco have run into trouble following loan defaults by the developer. HDFChad advanced aroundRs 500 crore in two tranches to the Chennai projectjointly promoted by Niranjan Hiranandani and his daughter Priya. Both have since stepped down from theHircoboard.Itisbeing built in three phases on an over-200 acresprawl.

                The lender has already classified the first tranche as an NPA (non-performing asset) and will classify the second tranche similarly. It plans to send a notice to the firm for repayment under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act(SARFAESI).

                If Hirco fails to pay up, HDFC will attach the Chennai property estimated to be worth several times the loan. The property would then be auctioned.Marketsourcessaidone of the Hiranandanis may bid for it. “Because of a family dispute, neither family member is willing to bring in fresh capital for the project. With RBI norms becoming stricter on project lending, there cannot be any progress unless promoters bring in money,’’ said a source familiar with the development.

                Early this year, Tata FinanceCapital Servicesdragged thecompany tocourtfor a term loan default of Rs 76 crore, and demanded the company’s liquidation for non-payment.
                Hirco’s chief financial officer, Samir Shroff,wasunavailable for comment and did not respond to text message and phonecallsseeking comment.

                A Hiranandani Constructions spokesperson said, “Niranjan Hiranandani resigned from Hirco Plc around 22nd December 2010. This knowledge is in public domain. Hence the details of the companies, which you areseeking now,is not available with us.” It is learned that Hiranandani has made an offer tobuy out the company.

                “It’s a mismanaged company,” said a former executive. “A 1.75 million sq ft commercial building in thePanveltownship is 75% complete. It could easily fetchRs500crore.”
                Hirco, listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market, was set up in 2006 to invest in residential and commercial complexes.

                On June27,chairman David Burton said in the company’s half-yearly statement that progress on the developments appearedsomewhatsubduedwith only moderate progress in the last six months. The company had said in its annual financial statement in September 2012 that the completion of both the Chennai andPanvel projects remained atleast a decade away.

                “While information flow on the projects remainsunsatisfactory and we have no real clarity over who is really in control of the projects, what does seem clear is that completion will needsubstantialfurther investmentof bothequity andlongertermdebt,” Burton hadsaid.

                1,000 flats have been sold in the 1,000cr Hirco township in Panvel

                Hirco’s 2012 financial statement said the Panvel and Chennai projects will take at least 10 years

                Source:Article Window


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                  Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

                  Cidco hopeful of sorting Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area land issue soon

                  The City & Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) is hopeful that the airport land acquisition issue will be sorted by this month end or next month. While talking to the media on Thursday, Cidco joint MD V Radha touched upon the various aspects of the upcoming infra projects in Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA), the airport and land acquisition issues. She said the issue of finalizing the land for airport was top priority.

                  The Cidco offer of 22.5 per cent compensation of developed land was better than the provision of 12.5 per cent developed land offered in the new land acquisition legislation. Besides, Cidco was also looking at a comprehensive rehabilitation of PAPs apart from giving them land in the upcoming Pushpak Nagar, close to the airport site.

                  According to Cidco, the Rs4,000-5,000 crore investment for the airport project should enable the youth to get jobs in hospitality and other industries.

                  The planning body is expected to ink a deal in a few days with the Taj group for providing quality training to the youth.

                  Cidco is also contemplating more such tie-ups with companies in the telecommunication sector for providing value-added training in the future and also ensuring that most of the big contracts for the airport project were given to the locals. Cidco is planning to develop the 600 sq km NAINA township on a participatory model with the people who own the land. The state government was contemplating on acquiring the land only for major infra projects. The actual development would be done with the participation of the people.

                  There have already been several rounds of talks with Cidco officials and the Prithivraj Chavan-led Congress-NCP coalition government has been pushing for an early solution.


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                    Re : Navi Mumbai RE Developments

                    there are many residential projects are running in Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai is the fast growing city in Maharashtra. there are some big residential projects are running by Neelkanth Infracon builders in Ulwe and Kalamboli Roadpali.


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