It clearly shows that HNI & big wings have forecast-ed weak ruppee going forward, high budgetary deficit( uncontrolled subsidy financing ) with higher gap in CAD when Rupee already depreciated by 10%.Commodity also going weak, gold is globally weak, Now jhunjunwala have left with little option but to invest in RE of Iconic units ( which seldom seen lower rates in the past).Investors ans end users must understand that continuation of the present Italians dictated, spineless reptiles in Delhi will only bring high inflation, pain, joblessness and agony to people of the nation.Rupee will rapidly loose its value sooner than later. Hence there is very little room available for investment. Real estate is one of them but some precaution should be take before going for any blanket investment. Gone are the days when any property bought and sold. Here is require the brainstorming-

a. Reputed places will quickly come up compare to the regular ones.
b. Avoid fresh launch projects. Consecrate on projects which are 70-90% ready.
c. Basic infrastructure in place than future planning.
d. Few location of any project always command good premium/ easy to resale. Go for it if it might be little costly.
e. Loading on project & possibility of increased FAR use by builder must be in mind.
f. Always keep in mind that why people buy your unit than others.
g. Area of Job opportunity.
g Take benefit of Section 24b for IT relief after getting early possession.

This downfall in Indian economy and lack of confidence will continue till new govt. form, but one thing I want to assure you that once these thing will start improving and when we will look back today's investment in RE will reward in handsome way. Always remember, bad time is always a good time for investment.
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