Anybody having details on the project? I am interested however heard that project was stalled for some time. Also there is some dipsute over land and pending court case.
Anybody having details or booked an apartment pl share information.
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  • About land dispute I am not aware. I heard that project was hold as it was launched as premium destination in Panvel. NO TAKERS. Rates were high more than 4000 PSF.
    They have reworked entire thing and re-launched at Rs. 3176/- on reverside and 3376 /- on garden side flats. Subsequently they have increased rate by Rs. 99 PSF on both sides. FR is Rs. 25/-
    Area for 2 BHK is 1082 SF.

    Value buy from very reputed builder Kalpataru. In Panvel local builders are charging around 3000 PSF.

    You enquire about land dispute as I don't know anything about it. If you get it give me input too ( if it is credible source ) so far as I know Kalpataru will not involve in such issues as there stakes are high. But still if are going for booking look out properly.
  • Thanks for the inputs. Infact rates are further increased by Rs 50 PSF. Regarding land I will definitely share if I get some information. I have visted the site and work is in progress. Seems to be good barring diputes.
  • Guys, what I feel is the rate is too high as it is not even in the city limits, the site is on the border of the city, on the old mumbai-pune highway, towards pune. I visited the sample flat and the rooms seems to be small. As far as the riverview is concerned, I know the river just active during the rainy seson and not far whole year.
    Railway Station is accessible in 15-20 mins, but the road is lonely and unsafe during the night. The Plus poin is that the site is located to highway and one can go to Bus depot and then to the railway just behind the Bus depot.
    Another major plus is, reputed builder and architeture. This is really important thing. Some thing I would suggest is that project is good go for it, life wouldbe peacefull but wil have to strugle initially as comutation would be a problem.
  • Also, Can anybody update me with the rates that they are offering. I would like to hear the buying rates and not asking rate.:D
  • Rates are not that high if you consider against rates of local builders in Panvel. You can get unmatched quality in panvel if you are willing to pay Rs. 300-400 PSF higher. Although kalpataru builder gives quality construction, build up to carpet ratio is not good, you get carpet around 68.50 % of build up area. However this is absolutely fine as other builders in Panvel also gives same ratio. So you may found rooms smaller if you are from Mumbai or Thane.

    In Mumbai/ Thane, you get carpet roughly 70.50 % of build up area. If you decides to buy in Panvel you don't have option of this kind of reputed builder. If same flat is available in Thane then effective rate is much higher due to bad carpet ratio and you again have more options like Hiranandani, Lodha, Akruti, Dosti and many more.

    Just opinion you may or may not agree but I would have gone for if I was interested in Panvel as other similar big complex of Indiabulls is 5 KM away from station quoting 2450 PSF and that is also outside city limit.
  • Hi guys, I visited the site last week,,,,, the work seems to be going in full swing as well as the booking.
    I fond that the lowest flat was costing me around 44L(2BHK, 1080sf) on the 1st floor and the flat on the 10th floor was costing me 48L(2BHK, 1080sf). Now the interesting part ... the base cost of the flat was 35L to 38L !! so are you wondering what made the cost to be 44 and 48L.
    I was offered a basement parking for 2.5L that was mandatory...Can you imagine a basement parking next to riverside ...does that really make sense.
    Being on the first floor next to river side is bit risky i jst had an option of 10th floor. I think that flat worth 48L in panvel with such a small size is not worth it. I scrapped the plan.
    Well...but still the site is peaceful... but i did not had that big budget.
    And another important thing they are NOT offering any discounts or bargains on any prices..Its a FIXED RATE luck guys...
    Yes an I have decided to go for a resale flat in the city limits which is again going to be expensive...but will ease my daily traveling for job in central mumbai.
  • Rs. 48 lacs in Panvel is not worth at all. Even if builder builds heaven inside you know what is outside the complex.

    I am wondering when you said booking and work is in full swing. Construction work is in full swing is OK to me as builder is big name but booking at this price that too in Panvel ?

    What these people know which we don't know ?
  • At 48L it is still cheaper than 80L for Borivali or Mulund. But again 48L is huge amount. I think the prices are expensive everywhere. At 25 years loan though they now that the EMI is still feasible for many.
  • Expensive ?

    Though it appears to be expensive, how do you compare this with Indiabull Greens now at 2900 and 05 Kms from station. Moreover Hiranandani complex around 09 Kms from Panvel is going on at 3600 ( I understand on Soft Lauch) Other charges in the projetcts are similar.
  • On a comparitive basis, it is good value.
    Townships do charge a premium because of the amenities provided.
    Hiranandani will probably provide school, hospital, mall, parks, SEZ, etc.
    Indiabulls plans show school, hospital.

    I think Kalpataru is good value on a comparitive basis but then the absolute pricing may be skewed by speculators.

    48L for Panvel, is it justified? You may be able to buy in mumbai for this price. I do not follow much, but Royal Palms is quoting similar price.
  • Good project


    I have booked a flat in India Bulls Panvel. I still feel Kalaptru is a very good option if you are looking for a home in Panvel. If for investment then maybe Indiabulls might be a better option simply because it is priced lower. However we have to remember that IB does not have all approvals in place. I have visited both sites and I would suggest Kalpatru to anyone who is wanting to shift base to Panvel. Its a good locality and easily accessible.

  • I too shortlisted this project.

    What is the current price psf for this project?
  • 4000 the last I heard.
  • Originally Posted by donkeykong
    4000 the last I heard.

    In the present scenerio, I don't think Panel deserves 4k. Therefore, I will stay away from this.
  • Dear Chikkoo,

    In ur esteeemed opinion could you kindly advise us which is the most appropriate property