Boom in Mumbai realty rates unsustainable: Study F - The Times of India

Its an unholy nexus of Builders, Brokers and Bankers .. supported by investors who have no intent to stay in the properties that has fuelled this either denying hardworking middle class people the ability to own their home or enslaving them to unreasonable EMIs for the rest of their lives. While the Builders, Brokers and Bankers drive around in their Audis, Mercs and BMWs.

How can real estate prices in India be more than those in New York, London? Looters .. investors .. see your money vanishing

I say boycott any real estate transaction till the prices come down to a reasonable level. Let the investors play passing the parcel and bleed.
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  • Very nice thought but it cannot be realistically done by way of any activism or idealism. It should be backed by law or market forces (let market crash a little and you will see correction). But none of these are imminent in present conditions due to politics and pent up demand at lower prices. Many builders are lowering prices if buyer is sitting on table with money.

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